Vol. 24, #16 - April 22, 2019 - Issue #1228

WServerNews: Patch problems, blogs disappearing, upgrade or replace?

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Editor's Corner

This week we have a grab bag of mixed news and information that should be of interest to newsletter readers who spend most of their time down in the murky trenches of PC warfare. Enjoy, and feel free to send us questions or comments on anything by emailing us at [email protected]

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Mitch Tulloch, Senior Editor


Still more patch problems for Microsoft

One tech site I follow religiously is AskWoody which reports problems with Microsoft patches for Windows and Office. I make it a habit not to apply Windows Update patches to any of our systems unless a week has been passed since their release and Woody Leonhard has not reported any serious problems associated with the patches.

Last week the following post on AskWoody sharply caught my attention because of the title of the post:

MS-DEFCON 1: There's no reason to stick your finger in the pencil sharpener – DON'T UPDATE


DEFCON 1 is pretty serious--it means nuclear war is imminent:


Woody's advice concerning the April rollups is clear: "Don't patch"

The concerns are mostly around patches for Win7, 8.1 and Server 2008 R2 thru 2012 R2 but we still have one mission-critical Win7 PC in our business so we're taking a wait-and-see attitude before we try patching it.

If you're twitterphilic like I am then I highly recommend that you follow Woody here:


and tweet him if you experience any problems yourself after installing the latest monthly rollups or security-only patches on your systems.

P.S. I may be twitterphilic but I'm facebookphobic. How about you?


TechNet blogs are disappearing

Technophilic readers (there's that Greek suffix again) may have noticed that some popular TechNet blogs have disappeared lately or are in the process of being retired to neverneverland. For example, if you open the Ask Premier Field Engineering (PFE) Platforms blog you'll see the following announcement at the start of each post:


AskPFEPlat is in the process of a transformation to the new Core Infrastructure and Security TechCommunity, and will be moving by the end of March 2019 to our new home at https://aka.ms/CISTechComm (hosted at https://techcommunity.microsoft.com). Please bear with us while we are still under construction!

We will continue bringing you the same great content, from the same great contributors, on our new platform. Until then, you can access our new content on either https://aka.ms/askpfeplat as you do today, or at our new site https://aka.ms/CISTechComm. Please feel free to update your bookmarks accordingly!

Microsoft says that they're doing this "to provide you even more great content" but I've looked at the Microsoft TechCommunity site and find it difficult to find useful information there the way it's structured, so in my opinion this is another backwards move on Microsoft's part that makes it harder for IT pros like ourselves to implement, administer and support Microsoft products.

Fortunately someone who goes by the moniker Anonymous Coyote managed to archive a number of the TechNet blogs (and some MSDN ones) before they got erased from the Internet, and Woody Leonhard has a link to the Google Drive folder where these archived blogs can be downloaded for those interested in preserving this useful information:


What do our readers think about this move by Microsoft away from blogs and consolidating technical support information into the TechCommunity site? Email your comments to me at [email protected]


Should you upgrade or replace?

And final, Windows 7 EOL (End Of Life) is barreling towards us like a train out of control. After January 14th 2020 Microsoft will no longer provide Windows 7 security updates or support. So maybe it's finally time for you to get rid of those remaining Windows 7 PCs by either upgrading them to Windows 10 or replacing them with new Win10 PCs.

The question is, should you replace or upgrade?

If you're thinking of upgrading your Win7 machines to Win10 you should be aware that there's no official support for running Windows 7 on processors/chipsets of Intel's 7th generation or AMD's 1st or 2nd generation Ryzen or Threadripper architectures. Intel's 6th generation (Skylake) architecture does support Win7 but Intel's own end-of-life date for that architecture recently passed and Tier 1 OEMs won't be shipping systems with this architecture after March 2020. In addition, any PC you have that's older than about half a dozen years probably only supports 4 GB of RAM and has a video card that is likely no longer supported by the vendor. And the older a PC is the more likely it is that the power supply or fan will give out.

There are other reasons for not upgrading older Win7 machines to Win10 but that should probably convince you.


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Tip of the Week

Got any IT pro tips you'd like to share with other readers of our newsletter? Email us at [email protected]

Dealing with emails the Linus Torvalds way

The following except from a recent interview of Linux Torvalds by Robert Young is priceless:

Bob: I asked how you were going to catch up with all the emails you missed by the time you returned to Helsinki. Your answer surprised me, and I've been quoting you ever since. You simply said you would send the backlog of emails to /dev/null. I expressed shock and asked you, "but what if there were important emails in your inbox?" You shrugged and replied, "If it was important, the writer would just send it again." Possibly the most liberating piece of advice anyone had ever given me. Do you still follow that philosophy of email handling?

You can read Linus's reply to Bob's question about two-thirds of the way down the interview:


I think I'll make that our Tip of the Year and adopt Linus's approach right away! ;-)


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Factoid - What can replace Skype?

Last week's factoid and question was this:

Fact: It appears that social media like Facebook and Twitter are starting to lose ground to an earlier one-to-many form of electronic communication, namely the good old-fashioned email newsletter.

Question: How many of our readers still prefer email newsletters as a way of keeping in touch with friends, family or customers?

A reader named Logan responded with:

Still prefer email as a way of keeping in touch with friends, family or customers. Safer, more private, and easier to control.

Agreed. And another reader named John who is a Systems Administrator in Massachusetts, USA said:

Would rather talk to them.

Of course that raises the question of what form of communication one might prefer for talking with others. For example, would you prefer to Skype them, call them on the telephone or meet them in person for tea and biscuits (or espresso and a croissant)? Which brings us to this week's factoid:

Fact: Skype has hundreds of millions of monthly active users:


Question: Nevertheless Skype sucks IMO, both its interface and reliability, so I'm looking to abandon it. I'm currently trying out a similar program called Zoom which seems much better crafted than Skype. So my question is: If one wanted to ditch Skype, what would YOU recommend replacing it with? And why?

Email your answer to [email protected]



Conference calendar

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Microsoft Ignite 2019

Nov 4-8, 2019 in Orlando, Florida



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More Microsoft conferences

Microsoft Build - May 6-8 in Seattle, Washington USA


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Microsoft Inspire - July 14-18 in Las Vegas, Nevada USA


Microsoft Ignite - Nov. 4-8 in Orlando, Florida USA


Infosec conferences

Cyber Security Summit - April 25 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA


European Identity & Cloud Conference - May 14-17 in Munich, Germany


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Infosecurity Europe - June 4-6 in London, England


Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit - June 17-20 in National Harbor, Maryland USA


Cyber Security Summit - June 27 in Washington D.C. USA


RSA Conference 2019 - July 16-18 in Singapore


Cyber Security Summit - July 18 in Seattle, Washington USA


Black Hat USA - August 3-8 in Las Vegas, Nevada USA


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Cyber Security Summit - Sept. 25 in Charlotte, North Carolina USA


Other conferences

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SharePoint Fest - April 29 to May 3 in Washington D.C. USA


VeeamON (Veeam) - May 20-22 in Miami, Florida USA


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SharePoint Conference - May 21-23 in Las Vegas, Nevada USA


Computex - May 28 to June 1 in Taipei, Taiwan


Microsoft Azure + AI Conference - ;June 10-13 in Atlanta, Georgia


Cloud & DevOps World - June 12-13 in London, England


Microsoft Inspire - July 14-18 in Las Vegas, Nevada USA


SPTechCon - August 25-28 in Boston, Massachusetts USA


VMworld - August 25-29 in San Francisco, California USA



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Fun videos from Flixxy

Rocket Powered Golf Club

Custom golf club maker Kevin Moore testing a new golf club prototype with a rocket engine that adds speed and power to his golf swing:


Amateur Rocket Reaches 121,000 ft (37 000 m)

The 'Qu8q' amateur rocket reaches an altitude of 121,000 ft (37 000 m) - three times above the typical cruising altitude of an airliner (39,000 feet):


Grenade Explosion In Super Slow Motion

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'Life Is A Job' - Father Guido Sarducci

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