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Sunbelt W2Knews™ Electronic Newsletter
The secret of those "who always seem to know" - Over 500,000 Readers!
Sat, Oct 25, 1997
  This issue of W2Knews™ contains:
<<< NTools E-NewsFlash >>>[tm] UPDATE OCTOBER 25, 1997

Hi NT-ers,

Again, a short update to let you know about new versions!
The full newsletter will drop in your emailbox next week.








SRM has been a tophit download compared to any other
product on our website. We get between 7,000 and 10,000
visitors per week at the moment. But many people told
us that a 17Meg download was a bit too much and their
connections timed out. So we have been beating up the
developer Highground systems  and they have come
up with a good solution: eight chunks of 2Meg and a 
ninth one of 1Meg. This is the one to execute and stitch 
the whole thing together again. We tested it and it works
like a charm.

What we also did to encourage you to actualy _install_
SRM (we know that a bunch of you have downloaded but
did not install yet due to time pressures) is add the
5 most important screens to the SRM page on our website.

Each of these screens shows a highly detailed report
that just by itself will save you significant amounts
of time and justify the cost of the product.

SRM is actually a strategic product for you, it's an
"NT5.0 Roadmap" type utility that will start to save you
hours per day immediately. I'm not kidding, this is
what one of the first customers just told us last week.
Have a look at these three questions and what he answered:

Q1) What did SRM enable you to do, which was difficult 
or impossible before?
A1) Monitor data storage on 5 main servers that are low 
on space. I was able to give doclinks to the managers 
of those servers telling them to clean off space.

Q2) How much time did SRM save you?
A1) Hard to tell...range from 1-3 hours per day since 
I can go to one place to see storage reports anywhere.

Q3) Please rate your satisfaction with SRM in the following 
areas: (D for Disappointed, P for Pleased, T for Thrilled)
T Information Collected
T Presentation of Tabular information
T Presentation of Charts & Graphs
T Ease of Use
T Help
T Performance
T Ease of Installation
T Value

If you want to see some new examples of the reports our first
customers are so enthusiastic about, check out the new SRM 
webpage, print out the screens that justify the purchase of 
this app, (they were added at the bottom of the page)
and _install_ this puppy and give it a spin. Storage 
Resource Management as sexy as it gets!



In this release, the accent is placed on simplicity! 
After getting feedback from a number of users, the 
installation procedure of LC has been highly automated 
and is reduced to a 3 step process. The documentation
going along with the product has also been totally 

The new features in LC 1.2 are : 

The TCP/IP Watcher. This plug-in allows the monitoring 
of WEB, FTP, Telnet servers among others. LC generates 
notifications to signal if the servers stop responding 
or if they come online.

Event caching and event escalation : the EDS has now 
the ability to keep track events for determined periods 
of time and is able to eliminate duplicate events. You 
only get one notification, but the EDS keeps a count of 
the subsequent occurences. If this count escalates to a 
user-defined threshold, another notification is sent 

Automated reports: when event caching is activated, the 
EDS can automatically generate and email HTML reports on 
them. This allows you to get an instant overview on all 
of the systems monitored by the agents.

User defined event handlers: you can now setup the EDS 
to call your own code (.dll or exe) when events occur. 
Sample code is included.

ICQ pager plug-in : a large number of users have requested 
ICQ paging support. With 3.5 million users of ICQ, this 
turns out to be a rather popular feature ! 

DES key encryption: when routing events from one site to 
another, the DES key of site A can now be different 
from the key used on site B.

Fixes from 1.1 : A number of bugs have been fixed in 
the following areas: network failures recovery, filter 
definition updates, UI related problems. All services 
have been optimized and require less memory. This is
particularly true of the EDS. LogCaster messages have 
been reduced to a minimum.

LogCaster NT 1.2 summary:

- Management Console.
- Automated installation.
- Notifications via: Email, Paging, databases, WEB 
servers, Intranet publishing, ICQ and more.
- Event caching, automatic reports generation, event 
escalation handling.
- NT Service Watcher to guaranty system uptime.
- TCP/IP Watcher to monitor TCP based servers.
- Built-in diagnostics and watchdogs.
- Support for user defined event handling.
- Support for remote software installation from the 
management console.
- Propagation of configuration settings to the 
LogCaster agents and servers.
- Remote configuration and distribution of audit policy.
- Active event filtering to reduce network traffic.
- Support for DES encryption of network transactions.
- Asynchronous message delivery.
- Internet enabled.

Your feedback is always appreciated. When you talk, we 



Get illegal software on your LAN stamped out, and get 
soaring cost of software licenses under control.

ABC Lan Licenser 3 is a powerful and scalable software 
metering system that carries the Microsoft "Designed for 
Back Office" logo. Lan Licenser can monitor all 
applications running on the network whether running 
from the server or local workstation drives. 

In addition to assisting with legal compliance at 
least cost, Lan Licenser has many powerful security 
and reporting functions. You can restrict who can run 
individual programs and from which workstation. 

Restrict the times when programs (such as games!) 
can be run. Stop any unauthorized software being 
run even on the local floppy drive. See who is using 
which software and who needs training. 

There are other Licensing packages out on the market, 
but here are the 8 reasons why LanLicenser is by far the 
most advanced and powerful product out there!

1) The only licensing product compatible with Microsoft 
Select 4 and Advantage Plus concurrent user licensing 
programs, and BackOffice Certfied!

2) Worldwide license sharing with automatic historical 
trend analysis and dynamic load balancing puts the 
licenses at the server where they will be needed.

3) Worldwide deployment can be centrally administrated 
from a single workstation on the network, even from a 
remote site.

4) Fastest response times, lowest network traffic by a 
very significant margin.

5) Automatic generation of license servers capability. 

6) Unique 3 tier architecture works with NT4.0 at the 
site (top) level and NT 3.51, 4.0, Netware (Binery), 
DEC Unix, HP Unix and soon Solaris servers at the license 
server (middle) level.

7) Access control feature limits access to individual 
applications by any combination of time of day, workstation, 
individual, or group, so you can limit access to expensive 
CAD packages to a few engineers, or limit solitare playing 
to after hours and lunch times, or reserve specific 
workstations for Web browsing.

8) Mobile user compatible either by checking out a license 
for the duration of exit or by updating actual usage 
history upon return.

LanLicenser 3.0 will become available in the next few weeks,
this is kind of an advance warning. We will let you know
when it's available for download. There are a bunch more
specs on the completely new redone webpage for LL3.0,
have a look at:



52 WK 52 WK P/E WEEK
Dell Computer Corp....... 93 15/16 103 7/8 18 57/64 47 -0.7%
Digital Eqpmt. Corp...... 50 9/16 52 5/16 25 40 +6.3%
Intergraph Corporation... 11 7/8 14 3/16 6 1/4 -9.9%
McAfee Associates Inc.... 51 5/8 78 1/2 36 1/2 33 -3.9%
Microsoft Corporation.... 135 3/8 150 3/4 67 7/16 51 +2.3%
Network General Corp..... 21 30 1/4 11 1/8 -4.0%
Novell Inc............... 9 13 6 17/64 -0.6%
Oracle Corporation....... 33 15/16 42 1/8 22 25/64 48 -0.7%
Qualcomm Inc............. 59 1/4 68 1/2 37 1/8 61 -3.6%
Qualix Group Inc......... 4 41/64 9 3/4 4 1/8 16 -1.9%
Seagate Technologies Inc. 30 3/8 56 1/4 30 1/16 26 -5.0%
Sun Microsystems Inc..... 37 9/16 53 5/16 25 1/2 20 -2.1%
Sybase Inc............... 18 3/8 23 5/8 12 1/8 74 -3.6%
Symantec Corporation..... 20 7/8 25 3/4 9 7/8 29 -1.4%
Dow Jones 30 Industrials. 7,715.41 -1.6%

That's all for this NewsFlash, see you next week :-)

Warm regards,

Stu Sjouwerman

(email me with feedback: [email protected])