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Sunbelt W2Knews™ Electronic Newsletter
The secret of those "who always seem to know" - Over 500,000 Readers!
Fri, Nov 7, 1997
Win A Free MCSE Course!
  This issue of W2Knews™ contains:
<<< NTools E-NewsFlash >>>[tm] UPDATE NOVEMBER 7, 1997

Hi NT-ers,

As you know, this is the short update in between the 
full issues of NTools E-News.

This time we have a special issue and only ONE topic:

*** You Can Win A FREE MCSE Course - Value US$1,695 ***

How? Well, after months of work, this week we have 
finally released our Brand New Sunbelt Software Website!

We have been testing for a few days and things are
running smoothly. You are invited to come over and have
a look at how our new home looks, we're really happy
with it. But if you find any errors, please send them to 
[email protected]

The MAJOR new feature is our on-line Knowledge Base
where already many hundreds of technical questions
and solutions on NT and Third Party tools are available.
We are now working full blast to get it filled up with
thousands more technical solutions relating to Win NT 
3-rd party tools and system management issues. Come
and check it out!

But we also have an on-line glossary of the most used
NT slang explained in an informal way, so if you are
confused with a concept you do not get, clear it up :-)

So, how can you make a chance to win that FREE MCSE 
Course? November 28, 1997, we are going to draw "One 
Lucky Winner" who has found the right answers for the
following 10 questions and sent them to this address:
[email protected], and the winner will be
announced in NTools E-News of the weekend 29/30 Nov.

Of course we are going to make you do some work, but
that is all part of the game! 

Q1) In a recent Computer Security Institute survey, 
a high percentage of the respondents said they have 
experienced an intrusion or some unauthorized use of 
their systems last year. What is that percentage?
By the way, 57% of the culprits were employees!
The percentage is: ____%

Q2) What are the three reasons why people decide to
become an MCSE? Name the three reasons:
And "You're _still_ not an MCSE?" PS, you can see me 
do a song and dance about becoming an MCSE. Download 
the stu1.avi or stu1.mov and find out who that guy is that
sends you all this email all the time...

Q3) Allows Remotely Possible a remote Server Reboot? 
(and allows you to crawl back in bed after 10 minutes?)
Answer: Y/N

Q4) Approx. how many System Admin Tasks will Trusted
Enterprise Manager allow you to delegate? 

Q5) Is there a new product that boosts NT system 
performance by defragmenting your NT memory pools? 
(What the heck _is_ pool fragmentation anyway?)
Answer, does this product exist?: Y/N

Q6) Which product allows you to see how much storage
you have domain wide, how much is used and how much
space one user is taking up on all machines over a
whole domain? (Hint: this is Storage Management as
sexy as it gets...)
Product Name:_________________

Q7) The Market Leader Octopus product for NT Server 
file mirroring and Fault Tolerance was called Super Automatic 
Switch Over. What is the new name of version 3.0 that recently
was released? Product Name:________________________

Q8) What is the name of the product that allows your
server to use the combined throughput of all the network 
interface cards in parallel to maximize their performance? 
In effect, this creates a single, high-speed virtual NIC. 
The result can be a dramatic performance increase without 
overhauling your whole network. Product Name:___________

Q9) Read the 8 reasons why LanLicenser is by far the most 
advanced and powerful software licensing product out there, 
and tell us which one is the most important one for you:
Reason Number:______

Q10) Logcaster is a next generation Event Log Manager.
Does this product support the new NT 5.0 Microsoft
Management Console? Answer: Y/N

BONUS QUESTION: (if you have one above wrong, and this
one right, you STILL make a chance on the free MCSE!)
Q11) How many items do we have in our Freebie Forum for 
download? The number is:___

GREAT! Hope you had some fun and you like our site. Hope
YOU will be the lucky winner...

Remember, replies to [email protected]

Warm regards,

Stu Sjouwerman

(email me with feedback: [email protected])