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Sunbelt W2Knews™ Electronic Newsletter
The secret of those "who always seem to know" - Over 500,000 Readers!
Sun, Nov 30, 1997
Sunbelt Windows NTools E-News [tm] Nov 30, 1997
  This issue of W2Knews™ contains:
Sunbelt Windows NTools[tm] Electronic Newsletter
Vol. 2, #23 - November 30,1997
--- http://www.sunbelt-software.com ---

Sunbelt Windows NTools E-News is the world's first and largest 
E-Newsletter designed for NT System Managers that have the job of 
getting and keeping NT up & running in a production environment.
Sunbelt launched this electronic newsletter so that we could keep
members of the Windows NT community informed and aware of what is
happening with 3-rd party NT System Management Tools, and to
provide hints and tips that will enable you to better understand
and utilize Windows NT. You'll find general Windows NT related
and third party news, technical information, and 3-rd party beta
and release information. By subscribing to NTools E-News[tm], you 
are also a charter member of the Sunbelt Field Test Bonus Program.
Sunbelt Software is the first and largest distributor worldwide
of Third Party System Management Tools for Windows NT with
subsidiaries in the USA, UK, France, Germany, Holland and Italy.

This issue of Windows NTools E-News contains:

Short Thanksgiving Edition

(includes Sunbelt Special Year End-offer)




NEW Instructions on how to subscribe, sign off
and change addresses.

1. "Editor's Corner"

Short Thanksgiving Edition

Like I promised in the last NewsFlash, were going to keep it 
short this time. Most of you in the U.S. have just had a few 
days off, and you need to catch up so this will take only a few
minutes. Lot of good stuff though!

I have had quite a few requests about which products sell best. So
I went over our this year sales records and found the top five best
selling products. Which ones are going to be very popular next year
is also very interesting, and I'll tell you which ones to budget 

The second part will be short news items that simply keep you 
up-to-date on the latest hot topics, and I have included one
technical item on memory leaks that seem to pop up all over the

Warm regards,

Stu Sjouwerman


Now is the time to spend the last part of this year's budget.
It's always good to know where the market is moving, so that
you do not "fall behind". Get yourself a few "Sysadmin Christmas 
Goodies" that are the best time savers for NT. Buy from the guys
that can also support you...

OK, what is the Top 5?
1) Octopus
2) Quota Manager
3) Remotely Possible/32
4) Trusted Enterprise Manager
5) LANLicenser

I'll tell you a bit about each of these:

1) Octopus:
Octopus was our number one selling product this year. Despite
the enormous media hype regarding Wolfpack, Octopus still sold 
well. Now that we know what Wolfpack really is and the dust has 
settled, reality has come home to roost.

Microsoft's clustering doesn't really have teeth yet. There are 
important hardware limits and several single points of failure. 
We have had our first customers try out Wolfpack and after the first
crash decide for Octopus instead. Octopus allows not only one-to-one
but also one-to-many, many-to-many and many-to-one type failover
configurations. On top of that, Octopus works well over a WAN and 
allows you to set up disaster recovery. Here is where you get it:

And I simply could not resist this one, humor is what keeps life

All those backups seemed a waste of pay. 
Now my database has gone away.
Oh I believe in yesterday.
There's not half the files there used to be, 
And there's a millstone hanging over me
The system crashed so suddenly. 
I pushed something wrong
What it was I could not say. 
Now all my data's gone
and I long for yesterday-ay-ay-ay. 
The need for back-ups seemed so far away. 
I knew my data was all here to stay,
Now I believe in yesterday. 


2) Quota Manager
Disk quota management is a major glaring hole in Win NT. There are
a few solutions on the market but Quota Manager simply sells best. 
It is simple to set up, you can create groups of quotas easily, and
it uses native Windows NT security to lock directories. Quota 
Manager is also set up to make sure your users do not lose any data.
Knowing that NT 5.0 is more than a year away, you need to fill that 
hole before your server crashes for lack of disk space.
Here to download: http://www.sunbelt-software.com/quota261.htm

3) Remotely Possible/32
Remotely Possible is definitely on the rise. It is a great solution
to take over a remote workstation or server completely. It's also
very fast, many independent tests show it to be twice as fast as
pcAnywhere. I predict that Remotely Possible will be the Number Two
product in the remote control market in 1998, nipping at the heels
of of market leader pcAnywhere. Get your 10 user 30-day eval over 
here: http://www.sunbelt-software.com/remote.htm

4) Trusted Enterprise Manager
If your day is consumed resetting passwords, modifying user properties,
and creating/removing users, the off-load those LAN Administration 
tasks. Use Trusted Enterprise Manager. TEM looks and behaves like 
Microsoft's native NT User Manager and requires minimal additional 
training. We have found that anyone with more than about 50 users 
saves significant amounts of time. The latest version 2.01 has
the ability to create new users, and the ability to add global groups 
to users within the User Properties tab. Some of these features will be 
in NT 5.0, but are you going to wait a whole year? Have a look at: 

5) LANLicenser
License metering is about 2 things, stay legal and save money.
ABC Lan Licenser 3 is a powerful and scalable software metering system 
that carries the Microsoft "Designed for Back Office" logo. Lan Licenser 
can monitor all applications running on the network whether running from 
the server or local workstation drives. In addition to assisting with 
legal compliance at least cost, Lan Licenser has many powerful security 
and reporting functions. It is the only licensing product compatible 
with Microsoft Select 4 and Advantage Plus concurrent user licensing 
programs. Here is more data: http://www.sunbelt-software.com/lanlic.htm

Now that we have seen the best sellers of 1997, let's have a look at 
the most promising upcoming products for 1998, and our Sunbelt Special 
Year End-offer. With EVERY order before Dec 31, 1997 you can get our 
brand new EMT4NT as an introductory offer for 50% off! This action
starts Dec 1, 1997. Keep on reading to find out what EMT4NT is...

Upcoming 1998 products:

1) Storage Resource Manager
2) MCSE-training
3) LogCaster
4) RamCharge 

1) Storage Resource Manager (SRM)
This is one of the Microsoft standards for NT 5.0. HighGround Systems 
has been chosen to do the media management for NT 5.0. Part of their 
technology is included into 5.0 and is called NTMS, NT media services. 
SRM is browser based, and is storage resource management as sexy as it 
gets. It is an "NT5.0 roadmap" type of strategic product that you cannot
do without. If you want to get a quick idea of what you can do with SRM,
have look at the five screenshots we have on our WebSite, incredible power 
at your fingertips. If you have downloaded SRM already but did not install
you should _really_ make the time for it, you will not be disappointed!

2) MCSE-training
Getting trained on Windows NT will get you three things. The first is 
definitely more money, second you'll get industry recognition, and third 
you will really start to understand Windows NT much much better. And in 
the near future being an MCSE is becoming more and more of a job requirement, 
so better start now with a self-study course you can schedule yourself.

3) LogCaster
Event Log Management is some of those things that few people get
around to. Until it's too late. You really need to manage those
NT Event logs because if you don't, all kinds of nasty things that
happen will escape your attention. If you have 5 or more servers
you want to automate the management of event logs, you really do.
LogCaster is an NT 5.0 ready tool that will snap into the Management
Console and check the event logs for all problems. Start early and
slowly expand your event log management, get real-time alerts you
can set for all kinds of unwanted conditions you specify:

4) RamCharge for Win NT.
This is a brand new product. It is really a whole new category
of performance booster tools in itself, and the first one in
this class. Like disks, NT Memory (RAM) fragments rapidly with
lots of processes active on the system. RamCharge is a memory
optimizer and makes programs load faster and systems run in a 
more stable state. It improves network access time, application and 
database load time, and catches memory leaks. The RamCharged system 
will run faster, lockup less and experience less memory related 
errors resulting in system reboots or application errors. 

Test it out on your own boxes, the code is highly efficient and 
only 200K so downloads in a snap. It's priced like a disk defragger 
so actually not that expensive. Like any performance tool, use a 
benchmark to actually measure the results, we suggest the PCMag 
benchmarks: http://www.zdnet.com/pcmag/pclabs/bench/bench.htm
here's RamCharge: http://www.sunbelt-software.com/ramcharge.htm

5) EMT4NT: another brand new product, and our Year End Special!

NT Servers simply die now and then. No way to even boot them! 
You are stuck and downtime cost is kicking in. Tons of users 
sitting on their hands. This is one of the hits we predict
for 1998. Everyone needs one of these puppies sitting at a
place where you can whip it out if things are grim. It's the world's 
first advanced dead-system recovery tool. (BTW, EMT stands for "
Emergency Medical Technician"). Using EMT4NT you can immediately 
access and recover NT systems that fail to boot, and also quickly 
and reliably regain access to a Win NT 3.51 or 4.0 installation for 
which the local administrative password has been lost. There is no 
actual eval copy for this one, just a demo. If you want to know 
more, here is the URL: http://www.sunbelt-software.com/emt4nt.htm


PerfMan has come out with a new 2.0 version with a lot of good
enhancements and a 10 times faster speedup!

Quota Manager has come out with their Enterprise version. It is
a little more expensive but has a lot more features: QuotaLink 
technology, for the first time, allows you to create links between 
disk quotas providing greater protection and control of NT disk 
storage. Three link types, Master/Slave, Joined, and Aggregate,
allow you to customize disk quota management to meet your needs 
and reduce workload. More details later.

BEI are making their award-winning diaster-recovery option available 
without purchasing the base product UltraBac. This means that you 
are able to get full disaster recovery with tape for a really low
price and upgrade later.

EEC Systems announce SuperDisk-NT/VLM V3.0 which allows super large
memory spaces to be used for disk caching. Good for those graphics

We have announced a new list: the NTRESUME list. You can post your
resume and recruiters can post job descriptions. Everyone sees all
so you can check out the market and see where you are at: Joining:

Microsoft announced at COMDEX/Fall that sales of licenses for Windows 
NT Workstation have surpassed 11 million units. 

Two new products have been making some noise and look like they will be
around. One is MCSB technology's AutoPilot P/SA performance-tuning tool,
http://www.mcsb.com. The other is NuView's ManageX NT enterprise management
product. http://www.nuview.com/. This product will be call HP Openview
ManageX now that H.P. has just acquired Nuview.

It looks like ImageCast from Micro House has a better solution than 
does PowerQuest for the SID issue. ImageCast V2.0 has an Integrated SID 
Creator that is automatically invoked on NT images following multicast. 
ImageCast multicasts images to multiple workstations with only a single 
copy of the image going across the network, saving your bandwidth for 
other useful tasks. DriveImage pulls a copy of the image individually to 
each workstation potentially causing your network to bog down when 
multiple stations are being set up at once. Get Imagecast at 
http://www.netversant.com/ ImageCast was also a Best Of Comdex finalist
so worth checking out.

The people from Ghost sent me a copy of their new product with SID solution
for review as well, so more on that in the next issue. Seems that Cloning 
really is one of your strong interest items!

Anyone found a good, solid, professional solution to record, modify and
play cross app macro's for NT? If so, tell me where on the web and I will 
let all of you know. Send me mail at [email protected]

Ditto for synchronizing Novell netware usernames and passwords with NT's
usernames and passwords. Found a solution? Send me mail at [email protected]

Announced: Exam Master Pro (for US only) $599.95 as a stand alone product, 
$400.00 when sold with the MCSE complete bundle. Product Description: 
1000 question Exam simulator covering NT 4.0 Workstation, Server, Server 
Enterprise, Networking Essentials, TCP/IP 4.0 and Internet Information 
Server. There are open and closed book quiz options with maps to the 
instruction on the video, CD or in the Sybex Study Guide, and the Final 
Exam that simulates the Drake testing environment. The Master Exam is a 
fully networkable product based on 32 bit architecture and fast 
proprietary database code. It also includes a management tool that is
designed to schedule students, assign classes and generate comprehensive 
reports. Available in December, stiff competitor for Transcender.

That's all for the News Roundup!


A few people have asked us about memory leaks and long-term stability 
on NT, so I thought I'd share what we've found. 

One thing we've found is that NT is not very good at reporting which
applications are leaking memory, but none of NT's process watching 
tools report a process as growing. 

What we found out is that the important number on Windows NT is the
"committed bytes" that Performance Monitor reports. This is the total
amount of memory being used on your system by all programs, including 
(we think) the operating system.

With an app leaking memory we found that the "committed bytes" would
steadily rise, until NT would stop functioning reliably. When the "total
commit" was very large, NT might report a "quota limit" error, new
programs would be kept from starting, and new app threads could be
kept from starting. IIS might start report CGI and permission errors.

Since then, we've found that various other programs in NT do leak
memory, and that the only technique we've found to perceive this is to 
look at the "committed bytes". The leaked memory builds over time, until 
NT runs out of memory, and the system stops running reliably.

Our recomendation, then, for anyone who experiences trouble with NT 
stability over time, is to do this:

* run "perfmon.exe" 
* create a chart graphing "memory/committed bytes"
* slow the charting rate down to 5000 seconds, so that trends are visible
* Keep perfmon running in a corner of the window.

If your "committed bytes" rises over time (over several days) and don't 
go down, speed the charting rate back up to every second, then shut down, 
one by one, each process or service running on your system. When the 
program causing the problem is terminated, you should see a big drop on 
your "committed bytes". 

If you cannot make the "committed bytes" go down, your problem might be
with IIS, or some other OS-integrated service which won't free its
memory, even when stopped. Try upgrading the service, applying a
service pack, or changing things around (try a different web server for
a few days, for example). When the "committed bytes" stops going up over
time, it's likely that you'll have fixed the problem.

And just for good measure, if your system keeps crashing to the BSOD.
look for: * a dodgy device driver
* flaky SIMMs
* flaky SCSI chain
* flaky motherboard
* flaky i/o card
* conflicting IRQs or IO addresses.


DELL Dell Computer Corp................. 84 3/16 + 5/16 29212
DEC Digital Eqpmt. Corp................ 49 1/4 + 5/16 2630
INGR Intergraph Corporation............. 10 9/16 + 1/8 825
MCAF McAfee Associates Inc.............. 45 3/4 + 1/8 3161
MSFT Microsoft Corporation.............. 141 1/2 - 1/16 21741
NETG Network General Corp............... 18 7/8 unch 2595
NOVL Novell Inc......................... 9 1/4 - 1/16 9704
ORCL Oracle Corporation................. 33 5/16 + 7/16 23002
QCOM Qualcomm Inc....................... 67 3/4 - 9/16 1498
QLIX Qualix Group Inc................... 4 1/4 - 1/4 394
SEG Seagate Technologies Inc........... 22 11/16 + 3/16 5399
SUNW Sun Microsystems Inc............... 36 + 1/8 8747
SYBS Sybase Inc......................... 14 - 7/16 5646
SYMC Symantec Corporation............... 25 - 7/16 2093
.INDU Dow Jones 30 Industrials........... 7,823.13 +28.35 

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Legal Stuff:
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