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Tue, Feb 10, 1998
Sunbelt Software Special: True Undelete for Windows NT !
  This issue of W2Knews™ contains:
Available at last: RecoverNT
The First TRUE UNDELETE for Windows NT!
Buy Now Online - Limited Time No-Brainer Offer: US$ 24,95

(click on this hyperlink for more details)

Feb 10, 1998

Dear , 

Sunbelt Software is very pleased to have an extremely useful
NT utility finally available for you. It will save you tons of 
time and make your life as an NT System Admin a lot easier.

A true NT "undelete" that allows you to immediately recover 
deleted files even if they have been thrown out of the recycle
bin or deleted from the command prompt. The best news is that 
you can buy it in the Sunbelt Online Shop and use it 10 minutes 
from now. With RecoverNT you can:

** Undelete both FAT and NTFS files
** Prevent trips to "Tape Hell"
** Have a safety net for failed backups
** Be a hero when end users delete files accidentally
** Still comply with the NT security model

As a subscriber of NTools E-News you can now buy RecoverNT
on-line for a limited time at just $24,95. We decided to
make the price a no-brainer so you can get your hands on
this super hot utility right away. Prices will go up very 
shortly so take advantage of this preferred customer intro 

(click on this hyperlink for more details)

** Undelete both FAT and NTFS files
RecoverNT works on NT 4.0 Server, Workstation and Win95/98.
(it is even tested successfully on the NT 5.0 beta)
The product bypasses any file system, scans the disk and
builds its own directory tree. You can see all the files
it finds and save deleted files off to another drive.

** Prevent trips to "Tape Hell"
As you are well aware, a file once deleted in NT used to be
gone forever. No more. Recovering files from tape is a major
pain in the neck. You always hope to get the right file, but
did the user remember the correct file name?

** Have a safety net for failed backups
Backups have a tendency to fail. Bad media, files not closed,
CRC errors, compromised backups, you name it. RecoverNT is 
your safety net. Best of all, you can take action the moment 
the file is deleted to make sure you get all the data back.

** Be a hero when end users delete files accidentally
It's the old story. Users delete the file or a whole directory
by accident. Then it's "Oooh Sh**t!!" Next thing they call you 
and it's suddenly your problem. No More.

** Still comply with the NT security model
RecoverNT is made for single machine use only. There will be 
no network capabilities. You can have it only be used with Admin
privileges. You have to have physical access to the machine
to get the deleted files off. This preserves NT security models.

Again, normally a tool like this costs much more money. We want 
our subscribers to benefit first, but this offer is time limited. 
If you are buying online for the first time, check out who we are 
using for your electronic delivery, you'll feel very safe.

We have a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee. This is a 
no-risk purchase. You really want to try this out. You can
use your own True NT Undelete 10 minutes from now. It will pay
back for itself many times over the very first time you use it.
Buy Now at http://www.sunbelt-software.com/recovernt.htm

Warm regards,

Stu Sjouwerman
Executive Vice President
Sunbelt Software.

PS: Prices will be close to double in a few weeks. RecoverNT will
save you from so much hassle. Do yourself a favor. Whip out that
credit card and buy this tool online. It really is a no-brainer. 
You'll be SO glad you did when you need to get that delete file 
back and you can grab RecoverNT out of your first-aid kit!

(email me with feedback: [email protected])