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Sunbelt W2Knews™ Electronic Newsletter
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Sat, Mar 28, 1998
NTools E-NewsFlash[tm] March 28, 1998
  This issue of W2Knews™ contains:
<<< NTools E-NewsFlash >>>[tm] March 28, 1998

Hi NT-ers,

As you know, this is the short update in between the full 
issues of NTools E-News which you will get next week. There
are some interesting Windows NT related stories again.



MS is planning new exams for SQL 7.0 and FrontPage. First
is exam 70-28: System Administration for MS SQL Server 7.0.
The beta should be out this fall. I just did the one for
SQL 6.5 and I'm not crazy about redoing it, but it seems
needed as 7.0 looks completely different and is radically
different in quite a few areas.

Exam 70-29 is called Implementing a Database Design on MS 
SQL 7.0 and will also come in the fall. This summer we will
see Exam 70-55: Developing Solutions with Microsoft FrontPage
98. You can check out these exams at the following URL:

The TOP 10 MCSE Exams (and their numbers) are:
1. NT Server 4.0 (70-67)
2. Networking Essentials (70-58)
3. Windows95 (70-63)
4. NT Workstation 4.0 (70-73)
5. NT Server 4.0 Enterprise (70-68)
6. TCP/IP (70-59)
7. IIS 3.0 (70-77)
8. Exchange Server 5.0 (70-76)
9. SQL Server 6.5 Administration (70-26)
10. SQL Server 6.5 Implementation (70-27)

By the way, this also gives you a clue about the sequence 
most people take.

And the last one, about how many people are certified now?

MCP's 135,400
MCSE's 41,000
MCSD's 6,700
MCT's 11,500
MCP+Internet: 9,000


In this newsletter we have talked about system cloning a lot
already, and here is the latest news from that front.

Both InfoWorld and ComputerWorld reported last week that MS
is finally relaxing its cloning policy a bit, but it's far from
a 'laissez-faire' thing. Redmond confirmed last week that it is
building tools that will allow you cloning in your deployments
of W98 and NT5.0 Workstation. 

There are still no MS solutions for W95 and NTWS 4.0 though, and
that is where most of your problems are currently. The slow move
toward a more relaxed attitude is undoubtedly because customers 
like you have pounded MS relentlessly for solutions. Large 
deployments are almost impossible without some sort of cloning
technique that shaves half or more off the time to create a WS.

At this point it is still mind numbing to individually load each
machine with NT and then with the applications. This would seem
the only way to not jeopardize the MS support agreements. There
are third party tools out there that provide some solutions though.

Microsoft has decided to only offer corporate customers that are
part of its Select Program and have more than 1000 desktops the
utilities they are building. The tools will be released on the 
Select CD-ROM disk in May 1998 and are codenamed SysClone. It is
not quite clear if these will support W95 and/or NTWS 4.0 though,
there is some contrary data in the press.

Also, the reports claim that MS has met in January with three third 
party cloning utility makers and gave them the tools to clone each 
W98 workstation with a unique System ID (SID) provided they would
not post their utilities on the web.

There was supposed to be an announcement last week, to let the world 
know there is a solution in sight, but this was nixed by Microsoft's 
antipiracy and legal departments. Lawyers again...

Cloning manufacturers are upset as they feel MS should support these
duplication methods for everyone, and if the market makes enough
noise, I'm certain they will. To a certain extent the Microsoft move
is too little, too late because quite a few of the existing cloning
tools already offer options to create a unique SID. There are even
free SID-changers out, that you can use on workstations that were
already cloned but with an identical SID for all clones. Get one from 
our freebie forum: http://www.sunbelt-software.com/libform2.htm

Here are a few Third Party cloning products:

-ImageCast: http://www.netversant.com
-DiskClone: http://www.qdeck.com
-DriveCopy: http://www.powerquest.com
-ImageBlast: http://www.keylabs.com
-Ghost: http://www.ghostsoft.com

There are more tools out there but these are the Top 5 I would say.
We will keep reporting on this problematic issue.



Many of our customers have bought either Kane Security Analyst (KSA)
or the Kane Security Monitor (KSM). The KSA runs a check on your
net and reports the weak points. KSM is like a security cop, does 
it in real time and warns you who is trying to break in right now.

Software companies that are specialized in security have grown like
mushrooms since the Internet has taken off. And normal behavior
in markets like this is that they start to consolidate rapidly. 
This usually means the bigger ones buy the smaller ones, become
even larger and gobble up more marketshare. Nothing wrong with this
and actually healthy for the market. It ensures the customers more
stability and the warm fuzzies their applications will be supported
and further developed.

Some examples of what is occurring are Axent Technologies that bought 
Raptor Systems, Network Associates bought Pretty Good Privacy, and
Cisco Systems acquired two outfits: Wheelgroup and Global Internet 
Software. Now in this 'merger mania', one of the Sunbelt developers
was bought by an existing company called Security Dynamics.
(These guys are he parent of RSA Data Security.)

The deal is a stock swap and valued at approx. $32 million.
I went over to their website and it looks that the KSA and KSM
products complement nicely with their SecurSight product family.
Support and maintenance of KSA and KSM will be as normal. You can
have a look at the new owners for yourself at:

That's all for this NewsFlash, see you next week with the full
NTools ENews! :-)

Warm regards,

Stu Sjouwerman

(email me with feedback: [email protected])