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Thu, May 21, 1998
  This issue of W2Knews™ contains:
NTools E-NewsFlash May 21, 1998 - BALANCE 60% PRICE DROP

Hi All,

As you know, this is the short Flash you get in between
the major issues of NTools E-News when an interesting
item comes up. See you all next weekend with the full issue!


NSI Software announced release of Balance Suite version 2.5
for NT. The latest revision significantly increases NIC load 
balancing performance, especially in 100-Mbit Ethernet 
environments, and adds an automatic environment checker for 
trouble-free installation. This version has also certified a 
broad range of new Ethernet PCI NIC cards for use with Balance 
Suite, including the latest cards from SMC, Matrox, and the 
Packet Engines GNIC Gigabit Ethernet adapter, among others. 

In addition, NSI has lowered the price for Balance Suite a
whopping 60%! This new price makes the product a nobrainer.

Balance Suite boosts server I/O performance by evenly 
distributing the I/O load over multiple NICs within a server. 
Inbound traffic is balanced by assigning individual connections
to available NICs in a round robin fashion. Outbound traffic is 
balanced dynamically, taking advantage of the huge bandwidth 
available by combining multiple NICs into a single, high-speed 
virtual NIC. Pretty cool piece of software for busy networks.

Individual NICs are continuously monitored, and traffic is 
automatically rerouted around failed NICs. When the NIC recovers, 
it is automatically reactivated without a server reboot. Unlike 
some hardware-based NIC redundancy solutions, Balance Suite needs 
no idle failover NIC ? you get the full performance of all 
available cards.

No proprietary NICs are required. No need to upgrade or replace
Ethernet switches already in place. With Balance Suite, server
NIC performance can scale to gigabit Ethernet speeds with improved
reliability and without the expense of buying and installing all
new technology. Get a 30-day eval copy over at:

That's all for the moment,

See you next weekend with all the NT News!

Warm regards,

Stu Sjouwerman

(email me with feedback: [email protected])