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Sunbelt W2Knews™ Electronic Newsletter
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Sat, May 30, 1998
Storage Resource Manager V2.0 released.
  This issue of W2Knews™ contains:

May 30, 1998

Hi NT-ers,

We have made a small change in the NTools E-News schedule. 
I'm jumping in an airplane to New Orleans in a few hours, 
where I'll be at the Microsoft Tech Ed for 4 days. Usually
there is a wealth of new and interesting news announced at
the Tech Ed, so I'll push the coming major issue to next 
weekend so you will have all the news fresh from the show!

When you visit Tech Ed, make sure you come and see us in
booth 1317 and put your own NT Workstation on steroids with
a free permanent copy of AutoPilot. And while you are there, 
go see the new Version 2.0 of Storage Resource Manager in 
booth 824, as Highground Systems is there as well.

And the big news that I wanted you to have immediately:
Storage Resource Manager Version 2.0 that you have been 
waiting for is now downloadable. This is not the Beta, this 
is the Real Thing. Last night our website was updated and 
there is a new page with all the V2.0 features, new options 
and the Reviews by the important NT-related Magazines. SRM 
2.0 has had great reviews, the press loves this new release. 

Highground Systems have listened to what you had to say
about V1.0 and have added what you asked for: network-wide 
quota management, alerts and thresholds, integration with 
SNMP management frameworks, support for Digital Alpha NT, 
management groups, scan time control, and much more...

Additionally, Highground systems have done some homework
for you and wrote a really useful cost justification sheet
that you can download, and a V2.0 DataSheet that explains
all the new features and options. Both are in Word 7 format
so you can immediately print them out and send them to your
boss, great ammo. http://www.sunbelt-software.com/highsrm.htm

Storage Resource Manager is the only complete solution to 
centrally manage your NT storage resources - think of it as 
your dedicated, 24 hour storage administrator.  SRM scans 
your network to give you the complete picture of your NT 
storage through an easy-to-use Web-based console that works 
out-of-the-box and can be run anytime, and from your laptop
while you are sitting at the beach in the Bahamas ;-)

Microsoft (who has chosen Highground Systems to develop the
removable media code for NT 5.0) had so say the following 
about SRM:

"HighGround's Storage Resource Manager is a great example of 
how Microsoft technologies like COM, Active Server Pages, 
Internet Explorer, and Internet Information Server can be 
used in a management application. The result is a product 
that makes managing Windows NT disk storage easy and efficient, 
saves administrators time, aids in strategic storage planning, 
and reduces the Total Cost of Ownership of Windows NT Server."
- Rich Tong, vice president of applications product management, 

And now for some condensed info with all the buzzwords you'd
ever like to hear... the rest is on our website.

HighGround Storage Resource Manager (SRM) is the only comprehen-
sive, Web-based application that allows you to manage the capacity, 
utilization, and availability of your distributed disks, RAID 
systems, partitions, directories, and files in your NT LAN. SRM's 
automated data collection, dynamic alerts, unique cross-domain 
user quotas, and ad hoc reports and trend graphs give you 
centralized control over your network storage devices. Based on a 
distributed network architecture that fully leverages your NT- 
native Intranet technologies and featuring an easy-to-use Web 
browser interface, SRM monitors your NT storage so you don't 
have to, saving you time and increasing the availability of your 
Windows NT applications and data. 

Here are a few highlights of the new V2.0

- Features cross-domain user-based soft quotas to control disk space
- Monitors partition free space thresholds to prevent out-of-disk-
space downtime 
- Discovers disk defects to anticipate failures and protect non-RAID 
- Identifies large files and directories for ultra-quick reclaiming 
of disk space 
- Charts file trends for proactive space planning and resource 
- Rolls up disk usage statistics by group for quick accounting and 
- Manages computer, disk, partition, file system, directory, and file 
- Finds files that aren?t being backed up and monitors backup coverage 
to ensure maximum data protection 
- Sends alerts through e-mail, the NT event log, and SNMP consoles 
- Year 2000 compliant 

You can get your V2.0 30-day eval copy right now, and we will help
you install it the moment you have it downloaded. Here is the place
to go: http://www.sunbelt-software.com/highsrm.htm

See you next week!

Warm regards,

Stu Sjouwerman

(email me with feedback: [email protected])