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Wed, Aug 19, 1998
  This issue of W2Knews™ contains:
NTools E-NewsFlash - August 19, 1998 NT 5.0 BETA 2 SHIPS TODAY!

Hi NT-ers,

Please forward this to your friends that do not get NTools E-News yet
and tell them this newsletter will notify them immediately when 
important NT related events happen? Updated subscription instructions 
at the end. Thanks!

REDMOND, Washington. Microsoft Corp. announced the release of the 
second beta version of the 5.0 Workstation, Server and Enterprise 

Beta 2 is the first release intended specifically for IT pro's to 
begin testing Windows NT 5.0 in their organizations. The Beta code 
will be distributed to more than 45,000 technical beta sites, 25,000 
channel partners and 200,000 developers worldwide via the Microsoft 
Developer Network. 

Microsoft claims that the combo of NT5.0 SV and WS will lower the
famous 'Cost Of Ownership'. Well, I guess that we will have to wait 
with all that until well into 2000, when we have time to implement
5.0 which by the way is a beast of 30 million lines of code, twice
the 16 million lines it is now. (It might be twice as expensive as 
well ;-))

Jim Allchin, MS Senior VP personal and business systems group said:
"Our No. 1 goal for Windows NT 5.0 is quality. To date, the product 
has already undergone extensive testing by more than 100,000 beta 
testers, ISVs, OEMs and IHVs. Beta 2 will enable an even broader level 
of testing across a wider range of scenarios and features in the 

Beta 2 introduces improvements in scalability through further SMP 
optimization, support for physical memories greater than 4 GB physical 
memories (up to 64 GB on some systems), clustering enhancements, and 
high-performance sorting for commercial data-warehouse applications.

Beta 2 also includes a so called 'manual version' of Diskeeper. This is 
the first version of Windows NT to include a built-in disk defragmenter, 
providing users with a bare bones way to keep disk performance from
slowing down. The manual defragmenter in NT 5.0 defragments one disk 
at a time, and is created as a snap-in of the Microsoft Management 
Console (MMC). This small free version looks a lot like CHKDSK and 
you have to hand crank it. That means for production systems it's not
all that useful, you want something automatic running in the background
defragging your disks.

Beta 3, the next major milestone in the development process, will be 
available once the company has received and incorporated feedback from 
beta 2 customers. The final release date for Windows NT 5.0 has not 
been set but is expected late 1999. By that time most of us will have
done all our Y2K testing and freeze our environments to see what is
happening at the actual roll-over. January 2000 is going to be an
interesting time, and when the fall-out is over we can think about
5.0 deployment later that year.

More important for us down in the trenches is that NT4.0 SP4 comes out!
Windows NT Magazine's UPDATE (a newsletter similar to this one)
reported yesterday that it's official, or at least semi-official: 
Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 4 has an anticipated delivery date about 
3 weeks after the release of NT 5.0 beta 2. That means mid September, 
so if I were you, I'd get ready for that roll out. But TEST FIRST, and 
set things up so that you ALWAYS CAN ROLL BACK back the change. That 
means ALWAYS choose the uninstall option when you apply the Service 
Pack. You may find yourself in a world of hurt if you don't!

SP4 will have new features in as well as bug fixes. Among the new 
features is distributed component object model (DCOM) over HTTP. 
DCOM over HTTP is needed for people building components that need to
communicate through firewalls. SP4 also contains Y2K fixes for 4.0,
and Internet Explorer (IE) 4.01 is included in the SP4.

That's all for this NewsFlash!

Warm regards,

Stu Sjouwerman

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