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Thu, Aug 27, 1998
Storage Resource Manager V2.1 Released
  This issue of W2Knews™ contains:
NTools E-NewsFlash: Storage Resource Manager V2.1 Released

Hi all NT-ers and SRM Owners, 

Your BackOffice storage is the most critical part of your NT LAN.
You need to manage it or it will start to manage you ;-). We have 
an answer that will save you and your department lots of time,
severe headaches and money. It will keep your file servers and your 
Exchange, SQL Server, and other BackOffice apps from dying storage-
related deaths. The newsStorage Resource Manager 2.1, the only 
mainframe-class storage alerting, reporting, trending, and analysis 
tool for Windows NT environments, is _now_ available. 

SRM Owners can download the new code and everybody else get your free 
30-day eval, and find out why recent product reviews in BackOffice 
Magazine and Enterprise NT are extremly positive about the only 
complete, Web-based storage and quota management solution for NT

I said it before and I'm saying it again, you need to have a strategic
solution in place for your NT storage management. SRM was built by 
HighGround, the company chosen by Microsoft to develop their removable 
storage management service coming in Windows NT 5.0. 

Storage Resource Manager V2.1 adds many new features, including the 
ability to set network-wide alerts and thresholds when:

* User disk space consumption across the entire network or across 
selected partitions exceeds a specified quota. Alerts are auto-
matically sent to the administrator, the user, or both so that user 
consumption can be controlled without impacting productivity or disk 
performance. We're talking network-wide quotas here, not just single 

* Disk partition free space falls below a specified threshold, so that 
the availability of critical NT applications and file servers can be 

* New disk defects occur, so that disk failures and unwanted downtime 
can be avoided

* Computers can't be scanned, so that server and workstation availa-
bility is ensured

* New computers, disks, or partitions are discovered, so that new 
resources can be scheduled for backup protection

* The amount of system memory changes, so that memory assets can be 

SRM alerts through any e-mail package, the Event Log, and even its own 
Alerts page, which acts as your daily storage tasklist. In addition 
to tactical storage management, SRM also provides strategic reports, 
including largest file and unaccessed file reports to quickly find and 
delete files that are wasting space, historical trends to increase 
server performance by balancing file I/O, pie graphs for easy capacity 
planning, vulnerable file reports that identify files that aren't
being backed up, and disk space accounting by group for easy disk 
space chargeback.

Other features include SRM's award-winning Web-based management 
interface, control over scan times and frequencies to fit your network 
schedules, the use of DHTML for increased scalability, and now also
support for NT on Digital Alpha.

SRM V2.1 also integrates with SNMP management frameworks, including 
CA-Unicenter, Tivoli TME, and HP OpenView/ITO so that your enterprise 
help desks can be notified and take appropriate action.

With Storage Resource Manager running as your 24 X 7 storage 
administrator, you'll enjoy the following benefits:
- increased Windows NT application and data availability
- less IT staff time and money spent managing disk space and 
network storage
- easier capacity planning and budget justification
- greater control over remote storage and systems
- increased return on existing storage investments
- lower total cost of ownership of Windows NT Server

HighGround has built Storage Resource Manager from the ground up 
using the latest NT and Intranet technologies, including COM, 
Active Server Pages, Internet Information Server, DHTML, and 
JavaScript. And since HighGround is one of Microsoft's chosen 
development partners for Windows NT 5.0, your investment in Storage 
Resource Manager is a safe bet going forward.

Check out the refreshed SRM webpage with links for more info like
Features and benefits, what customers are saying, Product reviews,
and what the industry is saying. Get your free Free 30-day eval
here: http://www.sunbelt-software.com/highsrm.htm

That's all for this Flash.

A Full Newsletter comes your way this weekend!

Warm regards,

Stu Sjouwerman

(email me with feedback: [email protected])