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Thu, Sep 17, 1998
AutoPilot prices cut in half
  This issue of W2Knews™ contains:
NTools E-NewsFlash: AutoPilot prices cut in half !

September 17, 1998

Hi All,

Most of you have not been aware of the fact that the
Developer of AutoPilot and Sunbelt have done a survey
recently over all the 3,500 people that downloaded
AutoPilot since this spring.

The results of the survey showed that in about 50%
you saw a good increase in performance, but the price
was actually too high to justify the purchase. Well,
today they took a big decision!

We are going to do a special marketing test for the 
rest of September. We will cut the prices of AutoPilot 
IN HALF for a 2-week period to see if this will get 
you all fired up :-)

For those of you that do not know what AutoPilot does, 
here is the scoop in 3 lines. AP is an automatic tuner 
for NT that boosts performance where it can. It gives
good results on about 50% of the machines out there. 
AP runs especially good on multi-processor systems and 
MS Exchange Servers show good results. 

You can download the 30-day eval over here to try out:
There is a fast benchmark called APBench that shows
you the Transactions Per Second with and without AP
you can download. The whole thing takes maybe 10 minutes
and the download is only 2.5MB.

Our Knowledge Base has 46 Entries for AutoPilot, check
this out _before_ you call for tech suport:

The NEW HALF-PRICES (worldwide) are now only:
NT Workstation: US$ 49.95
NT Server, 1 CPU: US$147.50
NT Server, 2 CPU: US$272.50
NT Server, 4 CPU: US$497.50

This is an absolute steal for an advanced product
like this. You want to try it out on your system
to see if your machine is a good candidate. But the
developer insists we have to have your order before 
the end of the month to guarantee these low prices 
though... Call Sunbelt or your reseller with your 
order before or latest on Wednesday September 30-th!

Warm regards,

Stu Sjouwerman

(email me with feedback: [email protected])