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Sunbelt W2Knews™ Electronic Newsletter
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Wed, Oct 21, 1998
  This issue of W2Knews™ contains:
<< NTools E-NewsFlash >> SP4 IS FINALLY HERE... (and more good news)
Oct 21, 1998

2) NEW QUOTA ADVISOR 4.0 IS RELEASED - Special Cluster Support

Hi All,

The long awaited Service Pack 4 is available. You can try here:
But it is _extremely_ busy. That is why we also have (part of) it on the 
Sunbelt Website:


On our website are the "small" Intel pack with NT4SP4I.EXE which is 32MB.
The 'absolutely necessary to read' README.TXT and a goodie thrown in: a
6 Meg Quicktime with Gates they produced internally at MS you can watch
while you are downloading.

At the MS site is also another pack: NT4Y2K4I.EXE which is 76MB !
You might want to order that and get the CD at phone 800-370-8758
(The part number for the 128-bit version is 236-01176) and is 15
bucks for USA customers. For customers outside the USA, contact your
local Microsoft Rep.

BUT!!! Do not let this pack close to your production machines UNTIL YOU
HAVE THOROUGHLY TESTED!!! Also, make sure you can uninstall if you have
to, in case a rollback is required.

This SP _should_ make systems more stable and cause less reboots. 
However, let's be careful out there!

2) NEW QUOTA ADVISOR 4.0 IS RELEASED - Special Cluster Support

QuotaAdvisor's impressive 4.0 upgrade, has features inspired by YOUR input.
- Control User Disk Space 
- Control Growth of Disks 
- Control Growth of Applications 
- Provide Real-Time Proactive Disk Monitoring 
- Provide up to Five Threshold Settings 

Three of the most notable improvements include:

* Learn mode: automatically assigns quotas when a new user allocates disk 
space for the first time 

* Push Installs: remote installation from the GUI where quota objects 
created and deleted on a server are created and deleted on the
replication server 

* No-Reboot Installations!

The New 4.0 Features are:

- Quotas on users, groups, disks, shares, directories, or files 
- Real-time I/O processing of quota enforcement and disk monitoring 
- Five quota thresholds and automatic notification 
- Eight storage management reports as threshold actions 
- No changes to security profiles to enforce quotas 
- Full integration with NT at the file level for top performance 
- Easy to use centralized management station 
- Command-line utilities 
- Remote management 
- Explorer snap-in 
- Storage management enforcement policies 
- Controls for application growth 
- Improved disk efficiency 
- Year 2000 compliant 
- Microsoft BackOffice Certified 

More Upgrade Highlights:

* Group Templates - Quota settings are derived from a template 
for each primary group for learned objects. This is based on the 
SID of the user who added the file. 

* Set Quotas to % - Quotas may be adjusted to a % of device, % 
of current used space, or a % of their present permanent quota. 

* Quota Replication - Quota objects created and deleted on a 
server are created and deleted on the replicated server. There is 
no limit to the number of replicated servers. 

* Customize Monitor Columns - User may customize the column headers 
and output value (MB Bytes KB) of quota monitor screen. 

* Thresholds for Increasing & Decreasing Usage - Thresholds may be 
triggered as the threshold value is exceeded or falls below a 
specified amount. 

* Message Macro Menu - There are now 25 message macros that may 
be selected. A macro translates to an actual value at run time. 

* Other Significant Enhancements- Drive detection, autoscan during 
install, improved reports, setup wizards, auto adjust and repeat 
settings, check disk utility, distributed templates, asynchronous 
scans, integrated web access... and many more! 

And the last BIG Feature, QA is now available in a special version
supporting CLUSTERS! (A separate download you can get which supports
Microsoft Cluster Server)

Quota Advisor is with this new version _way_ ahead of any other 
quota product out there. You owe it to yourself to check this new
version out right away. Click over here for your 30-day eval:

Warm regards,

Stu Sjouwerman

(email me with feedback: [email protected])