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Sunbelt W2Knews™ Electronic Newsletter
The secret of those "who always seem to know" - Over 500,000 Readers!
Sun, Dec 6, 1998
  This issue of W2Knews™ contains:
As you know, the NewsFlash is the short update in between full issues

of NTools E-News. Next weekend you will get a Full Issue. This is our

MCSE Christmas special and we have a great offer for you: Get your

MCSE Complete now, and get a copy of NT Performance Booster AutoPilot

FOR FREE! (For NT Server that is a $295 value) 

Earlier this year, thousands of you responded to the MCSE Web Survey.

Some astounding numbers came out, and the most impressive result was

this: A whopping 44% of you indicated that you would purchase a full 

MCSE Computer Based Training kit if it would only cost $150. Then 

another 43% said 'Maybe". Only 9% said no. An absolutely ENORMOUS 76% 

of you is planning to become an MCSE! In fact, we have gotten the

first people that bought the MCSE Complete come back to us with their

full MCSE Certification in less than 6 months, see the success story 


And now we have a brand new version 1.1b out, completely updated with 

many extras. For existing MCSE customers, your update V1.1b CD has 

been sent (finally) by Macmillan Publishing directly to you by snail 

mail and should arrive before Christmas. If you want to know where your

copy is, email [email protected] At the end of this message are all the

specs of the new version. I've got a copy in my hands and it looks good.

In our earlier surveys this year you indicated the reasons you wanted 

to become an MCSE:

* Get promoted and make more money 

* Get industry recognition 

* Get to really understand NT

Sunbelt is happy to support you in that goal and get it in your reach. 

And for 1998 Christmas we have created a really cool bundle: MCSE +

AutoPilot. Just $150 is an unheard of value breakthrough, normally 

similar full MCSE training materials (All Core Exams plus 2 Electives 

and 3000 exam prep questions) are over $1,000. But you can order your 

own kit _right now_ in our Online Shop. This really is EVERYTHING 

you need to become an MCSE fast. Check out the specs at: 


(OK, you can get MCSE complete with a discount at other online shops

like Amazon or Booklink, but nobody else but Sunbelt can throw in a free

$295 NT Booster tool like this Christmas Special!)

This is the time to whip out that credit card and order youself a

Christmas present via the web. Perhaps it's the first time you order 

via the internet. No worries, it is a secure connection, we use the 

same company Microsoft uses for their online sales and we have an 

_unconditional_ 30-day money back quarantee. Crediting your Card is no

more than two mouse clicks for us.

Personally I have not seen such a good buy in YEARS. To make sure you 

get your copy fast we sell single copies via the Sunbelt Online Shop.

We have outsourced the shipping to a very large outfit that can handle 

thousands of items per day, and they get your order electronically via

the on-line shop. This Christmas bundle is an exceptional value for you

NT System Administrators.

Sunbelt is in the business of selling software with an average order 

size of many thousands of dollars. A $149.99 dollar item is not something

that is going to make us rich, but we _do_ want you to benefit from 

this great opportunity, seen the enormous interest you have in becoming 

an MCSE. See it as a service we are providing you, and a benefit of 

being subscribed to NTools E-News?

We sell ONLY ONE per person via the on-line shop. You want to be fast and

make sure you get your copy before Christmas is actually here. This 

offer is valid for Domestic US only. If you live outside of the US, we

have a deal with Macmillan publishing: Find a local bookstore that 

sells the MCSE Complete, buy your copy and then send an email to 

[email protected]elt-software.com with the name of your bookseller, the

date you purchased & the amount, and you get your free AutoPilot from

Sunbelt. Macmillan checks it up with the bookstore afterward.

Once again, get your new copy before Christmas. Here is all the info 

and the Online Shop: http://www.sunbelt-software.com/mcsecomp.htm

For the AutoPilot Specs: http://www.sunbelt-software.com/autoplt.htm

You get the FREE AutoPilot download URL via the email confirmation the

Online Shop sends you immediately after your purchase with a credit card

(AMEX, Visa, Master).




Product Update CD-ROM 10/98

This product has been updated as follows with a replacement CD-ROM

This CD-ROM supercedes all earlier versions of MCSE Complete. From 

now on, you should use this CD-ROM instead of the disc which shipped 

with the product. All product updates, including patches downloaded 

from our web site (http://www.mcp.com) have been incorporated into 

this build. Disc space used by downloads has been reclaimed.

Two additional course modules have been added to MCSE Complete:

Implementing and Supporting Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 provides

preparation for exam 70-081. Since course 07076 (Implementing and

Supporting Microsoft Exchange Server 5) is still valid, this new 

course is added automatically if you previously selected 07076 

(Exchange Server 5) as an elective.

070-64 Installing and Supporting Windows 95 replaces course 07063

(Installing and Supporting Windows 95) which has been retired. Both 

courses are available to customers whose CD-ROM offered the original 

07063 exam.

Updated Electronic Reference Guides:

Figures and tables are now inline with the text. You no longer have 

to click on a hyperlink to view a graphic or a table. This change 

has been applied to all online reference guides, except 07063 (Windows 

95) and 07076 (Exchange Server 5).

It is now easier to change background watermarks and font sizes using 

the options menu.

TestPrep is now Top Score! Top Score is the new name for New Riders' 

test simulation software. The TestPrep Navigator is now called Top 

Score Navigator. All online files and applications have been updated 

to reflect this change.

Extensively Updated Question Datasets. Question databases have been 

expanded and revised to improve quality and scope of material covered. 

This is an ongoing process, so be sure to check our web site 

(http://www.mcp.com) for updates.


And to show you that this CAN BE DONE, here is a complete email we 

recently received from one very happy camper:

 From: Karun Sathaiah

 Sent: Tuesday, November 03, 1998 6:16 AM

 To: [email protected]

 Subject: RE:MCSE FROM 02/11/1998


 Dear Sir,


 I have purchased the MSCE Complete 1.1 from you.

 My Airway Bill:3589806080

 Billing Refernce Number: SSD.01798G.01










 Karun Sathaiah, 03/11/1998


So there you have it, your own FULL MCSE kit and NT Performance 

Booster AutoPilot for only $149.99, (+$9.95 shipping & handling) with

the opportunity to get promoted and make more money, get industry 

recognition, and get to really understand NT. You can be an MCSE 

fast. Give yourself a gift that will pay back for itself! :-)


Have Fun, do well and have a Merry Christmas.

Warm regards,

Stu Sjouwerman

(email me with feedback: [email protected])