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Fri, Mar 19, 1999
  This issue of W2Knews™ contains:
Hi All,

Two hot items I?m sure you are interested in!

Warm regards,

Stu Sjouwerman



Again I was impressed with the best kept secret in getting killer NT 
servers for rock bottom prices. You _definitely_ want to check this out, 
as those 5 minutes you are going to spend might save you many (tens) of 
thousands of dollars.

We now have our SQL based Sales Database on a DELL 6300 QUAD Xeon 400
with 1 GIG RAM and a 56GIG Raid 5 set. The records are literally 
flashing by, we need seat belts when we look up contacts.

OK, I will not keep you in suspense any longer. Want to know what
we paid for this? You will not believe your eyes, keep on reading to
find out. DELL recently opened a brand new section on their website. 
It's the refurbished systems outlet. These puppies are mostly returns 
from big corporations who ordered too many systems, or from a few
days on a tradeshow! 

Every DELL refurbished system is thoroughly checked, tested, and re-
tested in their server factory-it's got to look and perform like new.
If the system doesn't meet 100% quality standards it can't go out the 
door. And since they're basically building from scratch, they can even 
custom configure servers. But the best thing is, they come with the 
same 3-year warranty and on-site support as new systems--talk about 
a fantastic value proposition...

DELL created a special jump-page for Sunbelt NTools E-News readers 
and it's a great place to check out their on-line stockrooms. These
servers are so cheap you might seriously consider running one at home.
I've got three of these boxes in production now, and they are going
great guns. The configurations are all there, with the price in US 
dollars right beside them. Compare with what you pay for your NT
servers now and you will like what you see. I certainly liked to save
over $25,000 for my own hardware.

Spend 5 minutes to check this out. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND IT.



I knew it would happen but here it is finally. Microsoft has signed a
three year agreement to use QuotaAdvisor in house. That is of course
the best endorsement you could imagine for a disk quota tool. Here is
a bit of their press release.

The deal calls for Microsoft to deploy QuotaAdvisor 4.0 storage-
monitoring and policy-enforcement software in the company?s corporate 
data centers. Najaf Husain, President, W. Quinn Associates said: 
?We?re excited about Microsoft?s decision to deploy QuotaAdvisor and 
feel that it reflects the growing momentum behind W.Quinn as the 
leading storage-management supplier for the enterprise.?

QuotaAdvisor?s real-time management, operating system-level integration 
and native Windows NT look and feel were cited as important factors. 
?Specific features, such as the automated assessment and allocation 
of storage space and the real-time enforcement of disk quotas, illustrate
how we expect QuotaAdvisor to lower our IT costs and enhance overall 
productivity.? said Mike Carlson, Director, Information Technology
Group at Microsoft Corp.

QuotaAdvisor offers a host of benefits. Among the most important 
is the ability to automatically assign disk quotas to users as they 
store information for the first time, eliminating the need to manually 
construct each server?s quota configuration. QuotaAdvisor also monitors
and enforces quotas on directories, files, groups and shares. 

Its unique ability to enforce quotas in real-time, before data is 
written to the disk, helps proactively prevent system failures before 
user productivity is impacted. If quota violations do occur, 
administrators can be notified by e-mail, pop-ups or SNMP alerts. 
The wasted disk space that is eliminated through QuotaAdvisor?s 
monitoring and enforcement is often sufficient to prevent or delay 
the purchase of additional, costly RAID units.

QuotaAdvisor?s OS-level integration is another important benefit. 
QuotaAdvisor is the only storage-management solution that actually 
enables the operating system to perform the processing necessary to 
manage disk quotas. This ensures that the integrity of the managed 
data remains intact and that minimal system overhead is required.

Although financial terms of the licensing deal were not disclosed, 
QuotaAdvisor starts at $795 per server for a single license. License
fees include one year of free e-mail customer support.

OK, there you have it. Looking for a Disk Quota Solution? Look No
Further. The message is clear, no use waiting for W2K?s quotas. For 
enterprise level disk quotas you should deploy Quota Advisor now.

Get your 30-day eval here!


PS: The full official press release is there too. 

Warm regards,

Stu Sjouwerman

(email me with feedback: [email protected])