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Sunbelt W2Knews™ Electronic Newsletter
The secret of those "who always seem to know" - Over 500,000 Readers!
Mon, Mar 22, 1999
Manage Users Better / Get NT Secure
  This issue of W2Knews™ contains:
Two topics this time:


Hi All,

This is a short NewsFlash with two items that could not wait for the
newsletter coming weekend. You may have some First Quarter Budget 
that needs to be spent, and we have 'hot from the press' ammo for 

A Full NTools E-News arrives coming weekend, where we will publish
the results of the 'NT Reliability Survey' we are now doing!

Stu Sjouwerman


A few months back Sunbelt did a survey. We asked what things you 
needed most to save time, money and headaches. One of our vendors 
has taken your responses and suggestions to heart, and has added 
some HUGE functionality to their product. Master Design & Development
Inc. has just released TEM 2.05, which is a great solution for those 
of you who want to make your lives easier.

What's New in TEM 2.05?

1) Would managing multiple domains simultaneously make your job 
easier? If you answered YES, then you have to check out TEM 2.05. 
TEM allows you, and others, to manage multiple domains at once.

2) How would you like to save countless hours by automating time
consuming tasks, such as creating Exchange mailboxes and populating
their properties, creating Home Directories/Shares with naming
standards, and launching standard processes based on administrative
events? If you answered YES, then start down the path to admin-
nirvana with the new advanced Task Automation features in TEM 2.05. 

3) Looking for ways to start migrating domains? Domain Admins and
Trusted Managers can now migrate user accounts, global groups, and 
the global group memberships from one domain to another with one 
simple command. Domain Administrators over both the source and 
target domains can migrate all users and global groups from the 
source domain to the target domain. This helps big time to get

As you can see, the folks from MDD are working hard to keep your 
life simple and sane. These are just some of the new features to 
be found in one of our best-selling NT administration solutions - 
Trusted Enterprise Manager. 

Check it out at http://www.sunbelt-software.com/tem.htm


STAT has gotten over 5,000 downloads since its intro just over a 
week ago. This is a highest ever. Another record is that more than
10 licenses were sold in those first few days. That is also unheard 
of. In short, STAT turns out the be an overnight HIT!

The offer is hard to resist of course. It was developed for (and 
with but I'm not allowed to say that ;-)) SECURE U.S. Government 
sites. STAT also comes with a service that is best described as 
your own 'NT Vulnerability SWAT Team' that updates STAT within _days_
of new found vulnerabilities. You can download new additions to the
vulnerability database within days after they are found.

Security Scanners are something you simply need in the current 
environment. It is not a matter of IF, but it is WHICH one. You 
cannot afford NOT to run one of these tools with almost 500 known 
vulnerabilities in NT and new ones found literally daily. Having a 
Fortune 1000 company like Harris backing it up does not hurt either.

So we decided to help you and get some additional ammo for you to
justify the purchase before the end of the month. There are two

1) Below are some pretty darn good arguments you can use.
2) Sunbelt created an initial competitive grid that explains what
kind of things you need to look out for to secure an NT LAN. The 
unique quality of STAT is, that it was developed for NT from the 
ground up. Something that cannot be said about most if not all of 
the others. http://www.sunbelt-software.com/STAT_grid.htm

If you need ammo why STAT is a better choice and actually more 
competitive have a look at these bullets: 

IMPLEMENTATION: STAT has the easiest licensing agreement and is not 
based on any IP range. STAT works on an entire domain as long as the 
user has administrative privileges. There is no configuration problem 
with STAT - just install and run. STAT can be installed in less than 
2 minutes. 

ACCURACE AND SCOPE: STAT has 475 Windows NT checks, the most diverse 
and complete set of NT vulnerability checks. It finds many esoteric 
holes that no other product does and includes the very latest 
vulnerabilities and fixes. 

SPEED AND SCALABILITY: STAT is very fast, checking every single 
registry entry and directory. It also includes a password cracker. 
It runs 10 threads in parallel at a time. A typical NT machine can 
be assessed in just a few minutes. 

REPORTING: STAT provides four types of summaries for the user. This 
includes Executive summary, Network summary, Vulnerability Summary, 
and Detailed list. The reports offer an easy way to compare many 
machines and vulnerabilities. 

MANAGEMENT: STAT makes it easy for any user to download new updates 
and install new vulnerability checks. Every week to two weeks, a new 
vulnerability update is on the STAT web page, with 6 to 24 new ones.

DOCUMENTATION: Each vulnerability has a detailed description of the 
problem and solution, including URL paths pointing to locations of 
patches and hotfixes. Each vulnerability has one of four risk factors 
high, medium, low, and warning. Also, there is online documentation 
and frequently asked questions included along with a detailed manual. 

SUPPORT: STAT provides a subscription service and UNPARALLELED 
technical support for its product via the STAT Operations Center
where the 'NT Vulnerability SWAT Team' lives and breathes to 
plug NT holes.

If you have not got your (limited) demo yet, get that 2Meg puppy 
now and have a look at it: http://www.sunbelt-software.com/stat.htm

That's all!

See you next weekend.

Warm regards,

Stu Sjouwerman

(email me with feedback: [email protected])