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Mon, May 3, 1999
NT4 Service Pack 5 Beta Out!
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Hi All,

As you know, when something interesting happens you will hear 
about it instantly. Well, I am writing this from my NT box at 
home with NT4 Service Pack _5_ installed !

This afternoon on the NTSYSADMIN list that Sunbelt sponsors 
it was discussed and a URL to a MS site was given that actually 
had the SP5 on it. I pulled it down immediately, made an 
emergency repair disk, took a deep breath and ran it. It's 
32Meg and it came down in a few minutes at 70Kb/Sec via my 
cable modem without problems. 

The system came right back up and I tested everything. Nothing 
seems to be broken at the moment. (Dell P2 450 with 128Ram and 
10Gig SCSI). (Outlook, NetOp, IE, and a bunch of utilities all
still work but this is only superficial testing)

It's a bit surprising that so shortly after SP4, they are already 
testing SP5 but they promised it would be around 3 months in 
between new packs and here it is already. I will test some more 
with it and let you know. Not much sense to download it because 
when the full release comes out you'll have to do it again.

The link that was up, will probably be shut down shortly but here 
it is anyway: I'm not giving any assurance that when you get this, 
it will still be there. These links have a tendency to be up only 
for a little while and disappear.

IF you do get your hands on it, make an emergency repair, DO back
up your stuff and do NOT run this on a production system. We'll
let you know when we know a little more, this is only a heads-up!

Warm regards,

Stu Sjouwerman

(email me with feedback: [email protected])