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Sunbelt W2Knews™ Electronic Newsletter
The secret of those "who always seem to know" - Over 500,000 Readers!
Thu, May 13, 1999
  This issue of W2Knews™ contains:

Hi All,

This is a short NewsFlash with two items that could not wait for the
coming newsletter. You may want to check these out right away!

Stu Sjouwerman


"PQM is simply the tool with the most functionality to control your
NT network printing environment".

It is the only tool in existence that allows you to manually Drag 
and Drop or automatically re-direct print jobs to other printers or 
queues, Broadcast Print, Load Balance, Printer Disaster Recovery, 
Move, Copy, Delete, or Pause Print Jobs, and much more from a central 
console among networked printers in an NT enterprise environment. 

Based on technologies built by Intrust Software, Print Queue Manager 
is the most recent newcomer and by far the most powerful in our 
repertoire of NT Print Management utilities. 

PQM is the only really complete tool to control your printers, queues, 
and print jobs across an enterprise from one central console. It is a 
god-send for help-desks or anyone responsible for managing (multiple)
printers, queues or print jobs, as it is no longer necessary to walk 
around to handle print problems. 

Control of print jobs or queues whether one or hundreds across domains 
can be done automatically or from one location. Imagine the time savings.
NT does not have this kind of technology and neither has Windows 2000.

Pricing and Availability

Print Queue Manager is available now in a fully functional 30-day trial 
version at http://www.sunbelt-software.com/pqm.htm
It is priced at only $995.00 for an NT Print Server, with volume and 
academic discounts available and immediate delivery.

System Requirements

Print Queue Manager runs on Windows NT 4.0 Server or Workstation. It 
supports all printers and users printing from any client type. The 
Windows 2000 Beta 3 version will be available shortly.


"This is the tool that was lacking to really manage Microsoft Exchange 
E-mail" (MELIA is an abbreviation and stands for Microsoft Exchange 
Log Import Agent).

E-mail activity represents a major use of your corporate resources. 
It is (part of) your job to manage the Exchange servers. But do you 
know who is sending e-mail or where they?re sending it? Do you know 
how many messages are being sent each day, week, and month or when 
your Exchange servers are busiest?

You should.

MELIA is the first dedicated MS Exchange e-mail management solution 
to give you and your organization the answers necessary to operate 
profitably, efficiently, and securely. MELIA can manage information 
from 1-1000 Exchange servers all from a single, simple interface. 
Finally, you can know how much space is taken by Exchange mail boxes, 
who sent what to whom and when, and where your employees are receiving 
mail from.

With MELIA, you can track all e-mail activity...

- to ensure it meets company policies; 
- to maintain internal e-mail security and prevent the leak of 
important information to competitors; 
- to facilitate the bill back of e-mail time and expense to 
appropriate departments and clients;
- to prevent network overload (volume) as well as to collect 
data to make informed purchase decisions; 
- to protect against e-mail intrusion from "spam" or a hacker's 
- And much more. 

MELIA decodes Microsoft Exchange logging information and provides you 
with all the information you need in clear, readable, pre-packaged 
reports. You can also easily create your own reports using common 
software like Microsoft Access or Excel. 

MELIA is a non-invasive, workstation-based application that safely 
captures all the information coming through Exchange and converts it 
to industry standard database formats. This means you can easily 
access information to run your business more efficiently, to save 
real dollars, and to enforce the e-mail policies that are established 
for employees in your company.

MELIA also allows you to extract all of your user and distribution 
lists, so you can report on them, too! MELIA is simple to install 
and simple to use, both on-the-fly and scheduled for regular info-
gathering and reporting.

- If you worry about what email is being sent, by whom and to whom, 
MELIA is for you. 
- If your Exchange server runs out of disk space, MELIA is for you 
- If you?ve contemplated how to charge e-mail usage to departments 
or clients, MELIA is for you. 
- If you have ever had an email intrusion from a hacker or unwelcome 
SPAM, MELIA is for you. 
- MELIA gives you the tools you need to control Exchange. MELIA comes 
with 30 canned reports that you can use right away. And you can also 
use MELIA's built-in reporting capabilities to create your own custom 
reports. But with so many reports built in, you'll probably have 
everything you need.

30-day eval at your disposal! : http://www.sunbelt-software.com/melia.htm

Pricing and Availability:

MELIA is available in two editions; MELIA Standard (uses Access Database)
and MELIA SQL (using MS SQL as the backend database). Pricing for MELIA 
Standard $495. MELIA SQL is $695. Call us for Volume Discounts.

That's all!

See you at the next Full NTools E-Newsletter :-)

Warm regards,

Stu Sjouwerman

(email me with feedback: [email protected])