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Sunbelt W2Knews™ Electronic Newsletter
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Thu, Aug 12, 1999
Hot New Product Announcement
  This issue of W2Knews™ contains:
Hi NT-ers, Aug 12, 1999

We are introducing probably one of the most exciting new 
products in the NT market since the beginning of this 
Newsletter early 1996. The product is called Task-Xplorer, 
and it creates a whole new category in NT management tools. 
Another first from Sunbelt! So, without wasting any more 
time, let me get started telling you the story of Task-
Xplorer and what it can do for you.

Warm Regards,

Stu Sjouwerman

'In-Depth Server Performance Management'

Task-Xplorer is a new and unique performance monitoring and
performance management tool for NT. In short, this is the
the "TaskManager-and-PerfMon-in-One" on steroids. It fully 
replaces these native NT applets and gives you Formula 1 
performance instead.

Task-Xplorer gives you critical highly detailed performance 
data in an easy to use format, and better yet, see this info
for ANY machine on the network in real-time. The user interface 
is simple, giving you a tree-view of all networked machines.

You just drill down into any machine and you can see what
programs are running on the machine, and how much of your
processor, memory, and other resources they are using. It
is very simple to use. Information that would take you 15
minutes to gather with PerfMon can now be found in seconds.


Imagine, next time a user calls up and complains that a server
is not responding, or that it is slow... what do you do?
Normally you might check to see that it is not a network
problem and ping the alledgedly slow box. Once you know
that the network is OK, you now have to fire up PerfMon to 
spend your time collecting information on processor and 
memory utilization.

Usually when you find out that the processor is maxed out
and does not come down from 100%, there is no really good
way to fix this, except perhaps initiate a (remote) reboot.

Task-Xplorer solves this kind of problem by letting you select 
that server in your Task-Xplorer's tree view, click on it, 
and see a list of all the processes running and the amount
of memory and processor time they are taking. PLUS about
15 other important parameters.

If a single program is locked up, or if it is taking too
much system resources, you can reduce its working set, reduce
it's processor priority, or kill the process altogether, in
real time, networkwide!

If you?re already excited and want to see it on your own domain,
get a jump-start to: http://www.sunbelt-software.com/taskx.htm
But if you want to find out about the great intro-offer, keep


The technology behind this product is very impressive. The
developer Luxor Software has built it 100% the right way. They 
are taking the processes on each machine and breaking them apart 
so that you can see all the properties, the ownership info (who 
started the process) and even get information on individual 
threads which is unique.

Instead of PerfMon that uses process names, Task-Xplorer use the
process ID to track programs on each machine. That is a much smarter
way of doing it, as now multiple instances of the same program can
be easily identified. A lot of people do not know that not being
able to identify these is a very annoying 'feature' in PerfMon.

Not only that, any statistic you find can be instantly created
into a graph (with its own refresh rate) just by right-clicking
on the statistic. Of course these statistics can also be logged
separately. More than that, you can copy/paste them into Excel or
any of the many DDE Enabled applications. That means that the data
could be showing up in your spreadsheet, with real-time refresh.
Pretty cool technology don't you think?


Now, while all the information about processes can be seen without
installing anything on the remote machines (no agents needed), in
order to perform remote advanced operations like the starting and
stopping of processes, or any other "secure" operation, Task-Xplorer
requires that you load a DCOM module on the remote machine. You
can do that automatically, or from the Task-Xplorer console, just
by right clicking on the machine and choose "Install". (DCOM is
Microsoft's Distributed Component Object Model, their preferred
software architecture)

The DCOM module is sent out silently to the remote machine and
installed. It requires no reboot. The very interesting thing
about DCOM is not just that it installs so easily, but that it is
totally secure. You can set security on the DCOM interface itself,
and all network messages back and forth are encrypted. Better yet,
it sits there and takes NO processor time unless you specifically
call it and tell it to do something. In other words, no performance
impact at all.

Check out Task-Xplorer now http://www.sunbelt-software.com/taskx.htm
or keep on reading for the Special Launch Campaign.


The engine of Task-Xplorer was written directly in assembly language
so that it is SUPER FAST. When you see the quality of it, and how 
much time it can save you by giving you the right information in 
only a few clicks, I think you will see what I mean.

When it comes to pricing, they came out with an intro offer that I
think is really too good to last. Task-Xplorer admin consoles sell
normally for $149.00 This means you can install it on a single admin
workstation and get performance data from EVERY NT machine on your
network for that price. But their intro offer is even lower.

For environments where you want to install consoles for every admin,
additional consoles are also just $149.00 (over 5 consoles have
volume discounts). And if you want advanced management on your
servers by installing the DCOM, the price per DCOM module starts at
just $50 and also goes down with volume.


When you add all this up, you really have a great product for
a killer price. I'm happy to be the first one to tell you about
it. (For people that were at the TechEd in Amsterdam where this
tool was launched, you probably saw it already). Many people
were playing with it, and even Microsoft talked about it in a
few of their sessions.

Task-Xplorer is a great improvement in your systems monitoring
and performance management for that price. Besides, it will show 
you which of your fellow admins are playing minesweeper. Look for 
a process called "winmine" .


Task-Xplorer is available now with immediate electronic delivery and
our 'no-questions-asked' 30-day money back guarantee from the Sunbelt
online-shop. Go to http://www.sunbelt-software.com/taskx.htm now.
One Console, 'see it all domain-wide' for just $119.00. This is for 
a limited time of 4 weeks only (upgrades not included). I suggest 
you pick up a copy right now, it's the best value you'll ever get. 
Prices will be going up when the Alarms-Enabled version comes out 
in a few weeks.

You can also get a 3-pack with 25% maintenance for the first year
included from your Sunbelt Reseller or Sales Rep for $446.00. That
3-pack includes tech support, new updates and upgrades for 12 months,
and gets you the Task-Xplorer alarms-enabled version very soon.

** NOTE: Single units are ONLY available via the on-line shop. **

FYI, Task-Xplorer is a member of the Micrsoft Win2K Readiness program,
and already runs smoothly on Windows 2000. Once Win2K is released, you 
will get a Win2K-only plugin that will allow you to do some really-cool
stuff ;-) Here is what Microsoft has to say about it on their site

Convinced? Well, whip out that credit card and get this puppy for 
the special 4-week-only Promo via the Sunbelt On-Line shop. Again,
we offer a 30-day money back quarantee, and the online shop customer
service is ready for you when you have questions at this email address:
[email protected]

Get your copy now at http://www.sunbelt-software.com/taskx.htm

The full NTools E-News will come out this weekend!

Warm regards,

Stu Sjouwerman

(email me with feedback: [email protected])