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Sunbelt W2Knews™ Electronic Newsletter
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Tue, Jan 25, 2000
Cool New NT-Site!
  This issue of W2Knews™ contains:
Hi Everyone,

A few very interesting points, so here is a short NewsFlash!



I have found a brand new NT site that you should have a look
at. It?s called SearchNT.com. They call themselves ?The Web's 
Windows NT/2000-Specific portal?, and they are right. It?s
one of the best sites that I have seen up to now!

SearchNT.com is a web site for NT pro?s with NT/2000 specific 
news and an NT-specialized search database of pre-screened Web 
sites. These sites are selected by their Editorial Team, led 
by former Computerworld Editor-in-Chief Paul Gillin, based on 
topic relevance. 

You can go there and register, and what you get is a FREE 
Special Report as a bonus: Tips and Hints for Planning your 
Migration to Windows 2000, by industry guru Paul Hinsberg. 
For NTools E-News subscribers enter promo code AF10 when 
you register. This is a time-limited deal so I suggest you 
go there right now.

Their registration is FREE and you get these pretty cool
benefits that will save you a lot of time:
- Specialized searches against 7,000 pre-screened NT/2000-
related sites.
- NT Chat
- Tech tips for Administrators and Developers
- Daily NT/2000 News delivered via email
- NT Career Advice 

SearchNT.com told me they will also be adding more features 
including NT-Specific auctions, vendor storefronts and more. 
Visit http://www.searchnt.com and don?t forget to register 
for your bonus report. Warmly recommended!


Windows NT Magazine (Now Windows 2000 Magazine) just came 
out with some interesting news via their newsletter that I?m 
relaying here. Service Pack 1 (SP1) for Windows 2000 will be
shipped around June 2000. And it will be already included in
the largest version or W2K, the so called DataCenter Server.

As usual, you will be able to download W2K SP1 for free from
the MS-website and it looks like the size will be much smaller
than we are used to see for NT service packs. There is also
something else new with the W2K SP?s. They are so called 
?slipstreamable? and that means that when you newly install
the OS, you can automatically include all the SP1 fixes. I?ll
tell you more about that later. 

And how come they announce SP1 this early already? (which they 
have NEVER done before)... Surveys showed that a ton of people 
were planning to wait till SP1 was ready. With this early
announcement they hope to get these people off the fence and
deploy W2K faster.


The new V3.1 of Double-Take is the most manageable, flexible and 
fastest version of Double-Take to prevent server downtime that 
I have seen. Look into upgrading quickly.

NSI Software has spent months testing and optimizing Double-Take 
on some of the fastest enterprise servers and clusters available 
with the fastest gigabit networks and fiber channel storage 
technologies. The goal was to create a product that will meet
your performance demands now but also in the future.

Quite a few ?manageability enhancements? have been added to get
you -at a glance- monitoring of activity and status. The new ?world 
view? gives visual indication of the status of each Double-Take 
server on one screen and allows you to drill down to discover 
the source of an alert. 

Connection statistics have been organized to clearly display 
the most important information such as the number of bytes 
transmitted and currently in queue. Several all new statistics 
include a percent complete indicator, number of bytes remaining 
for mirror operations and the name of the last file mirrored or 
replicated so you can easily monitor activity. 

Double-Take has always been the leader in protecting mission 
critical server clusters but version 3.1 adds even tighter MSCS 
integration by providing a MSCS snap-in resource to automatically 
manage Double-Take connections as data ?moves? between nodes in 
a cluster. You can now select an MSCS ?virtual server? name as 
a target for data replication ensuring that data protection is 
uninterrupted if a target node fails.

New options available in Version 3.1:

- Replicate NT Security by name: For servers using local users and 
groups (server specific, non-domain accounts) to assign file or 
directory permissions or, when replicating to a non-trusted NT 
domain, DT 3.1 has an option to send the user or group name to the 
target which then matches that name with a local user or group on 
the target where possible. Standard NT security is based on a 
unique security identifier (SID) which would not match in these 
cases resulting in some ACL information being lost.

- Redirected Restore: DT 3.1 now allows data to be automatically 
restored to different directory or a different server than the 
original source.

- Checksum Compare Every File ? DT 3.1 provides an option compare 
the checksums of all selected files during a verification operation 
or difference mirror, even if the date/time/size attributes match 
on both the source and target.

If you own Double-Take for Windows NT 3.0 and have purchased any 
optional support offering, a new activation code for the 3.1 release 
will be sent to you by mail automatically. Double-Take 3.1 will not 
install with a 3.0 or earlier activation code so make sure you have 
a new activation code available prior to installing this upgrade.

Otherwise, if you own a previous version of Double-Take for NT, or 
for a limited time, any qualified competitive Windows NT based 
replication product, you can order the upgrade to Double-Take 3.1 
for Windows NT for immediate delivery for a suggested list price 
of only $495 per server (existing Double-Take activation code or 
competitive proof of purchase required). This competitive upgrade 
price will only be available through 3/31/2000 so call Sunbelt or 
your reseller now, and download your 30-day eval over at: 

That?s all for the moment!

See you coming Monday,

Warm regards,

Stu Sjouwerman

(email me with feedback: [email protected])