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Sunbelt W2Knews™ Electronic Newsletter
The secret of those "who always seem to know" - Over 500,000 Readers!
Thu, May 4, 2000
Upgrade Alert: New Double-Take V4.0 is out.
  This issue of W2Knews™ contains:

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Over the years we have done many surveys about our website, what
you wanted to see, and how it should look. One of the things you
always have wanted was immediate price information. Well, we are
happy to say this is now finally on line. We first needed to 
revamp our whole site and make it database driven to be able to
do that. Prices change all the time so needed to be dynamic.

That's now done! We have the data in SQL 7.0, and Cold Fusion is
the language we use to create the pages. For the sake of speed,
the product pages are static, so they can come straight out of
the cache instead of being produced as the result of a database 
query. But, now we have at the bottom of each product- and each
download page a quick single-unit price indication in US$, Euro 
and UK Pounds.

That will give you an idea about the price range. Since so many 
factors are involved, including volume discounts and special 
offers we still strongly suggest you talk to your reseller or
your sales rep, but at least we are happy to give you a 'feel'
for the prices now. Have a look and let me know how you like it!
-- http://www.sunbelt-software.com/index.htm ---


We have just added Version 4 of our Best Selling High Availability
and Disaster Recovery tool to the website. Double-Take now also
protects your Windows 2000 mission critical servers and clusters.

One of the major benefits is that you do NOT need identical servers,
you can replicate your data one-to-many, many-to-one, (there are 
many more flexible configurations) and you can do this over a LAN 
but also over a WAN using your existing infrastructure.

Double-Take has become a very hot product since its intro into the 
NT market in July of 1998. It prevents the most dreaded thing in
our business: D O W N T I M E. So it gives you job security. Run 
Exchange, or SQL? Double-Take is your insurance policy. Many, many
thousands of you are running this product.

Providing you with High Availability _and_ Disaster Recovery in
one package, Double-Take is especially important for any of your
business critical machines. Double-Take also features a unique 
multi-platform flexibility: Windows 2000, NT, Novell and Solaris!
Developed by NSI, Double-Take 4.0 for Windows 2000 incorporates all 
the features of v3.1 and a real host of new benefits. 

Included in these features is a Microsoft Cluster Server (MSCS) 
snap-in resource for tighter integration with MSCS. Because NT/2000 
uses a unique security identifier (SID) Double-Take 4.0 also allows 
for local permissions and non-trusted domains (for windows NT users) 
to be replicated by name. Double-Take accomplishes this by allowing 
you the option to send the user or group name to the target server
which then matches that name with your local user or group on your 
target machine where possible. 

Redirected restore is a feature that allows you to restore your data
automatically to a different directory or different server than 
the original source. The checksum (date/time/size) feature allows 
Double-Take to compare the checksums of all selected files during 
a verification operation or difference mirroring. 

Double-Take is the Disaster Recovery solution used by the largest
hardware companies in the business, Windows 2000 Magazine, and the 
National Hot Rod Association (NHRA). "We purchased Double-Take to 
use with our Exchange server and its purpose is to keep our Exchange 
email system up and running 24x7," said Michelle Johnston, Network 
Manager for NHRA. The NHRA uses their Exchange not only for 
corporate email but also to send out their Nitro News newsletter. 

1) If you have Double Take already AND have upgrade protection, 
you'll automatically get V4.0 sent to you directly from NSI. 

2) If you run Double Take already (v3.1) but you have NO upgrade
protection and you want more Double Take licenses, please order 
more V3.1, NOT 4.0. You cannot mix and match the two versions. The
upgrade path is move to V4.0 on all your machines and then add 
more V 4.0 licenses.

Double-Take 4.0 is licensed per server and comes with either standard
(exportable) or encrypted (non-exportable) options. Pricing starts at
$1,995.00. per node and includes 1 year daytime tech phone support 
and maintenance. Premium Support (24x7) is available for Double-Take,
please call your reseller or Account Rep for details. 

Want more technical specs? Want to try this on your systems? Mouse 
over to http://www.sunbelt-software.com/product.cfm?id=111


Yes, this is an opinion piece. Yes, I'm pro Microsoft. But, I'm also
21 years in this business and I have learned the 'dHard' way. The 
motto of my IT-life still is 'I'll believe it when I see it'. Email 
me with your view on this matter.

So here is my take on the proposed breakup. Judge Thomas Penfield 
Jackson is playing hardball with MS. The result is that the tech 
market got hit hard and hundreds of billions of market cap were 
wiped out. It makes investors jittery when the DOJ starts interfering 
with the markets. We do not need the US Government architecting our 
software for us, thank you very much.

Last April third, Microsoft's behavior was reported by Judge Jackson 
as an "oppressive thumb on the scales of competition." To me this
sounds as the Judge has not really the interest of the consumer in
mind. We (you, me, the market in general) MADE Microsoft what they
are. We WANTED standards, and we got them by voting with our check-
books and credit cards.

So now, people ask me, should I sell my MS Stock? (By the way, I
do not own any Microsoft stock myself) Is Redmond coming to an end?
Heck no! You simply have to keep in mind what the Media are always
doing. They focus mainly on controversy, big names, big money, sex
and violence. Well the recent MS vs. DOJ has most of these elements.
So what happens? It gets overblown... way out of proportion.

The reality is that this thing is going to take y e a r s to 
resolve through the US Courts. Microsoft hangs tough and they ought
to. They have that obligation to their customers, their staff
and their shareholders. This thing will very likely go to the
Appellate Court, then to the Supreme Court if MS is not happy with
the results. The DOJ is going to have fun trying to explain the
intricate tech details to these High Priests of Justice. So, soon
this thing is going to be 'very old' and mainly a drag on Microsoft
management. That in itself is a waste of resources that could be
used to create cool products.

I recall the anti-trust IBM case where the IBM execs were walking 
with two briefcases, one for work, one for the DOJ, and this similar
case took I believe well over 10 years to resolve. I think the coming 
Nov. presidential elections are going to be interesting. It would 
be very worthwhile to know where the two presidential candidates 
stand. (You have to know that a President can strongly influence 
these kinds of cases). I know who I would vote for. Recent opinion 
polls also show that a whopping 60% of the American population does 
NOT want a breakup either.

So now, what does this all mean to us in the trenches? Like I have
said before and will continue to say: Nothing Much. Windows 2000
is an extremely good follow-up on Win NT. They got it right this
time. W2K will continue its march into our companies and we'll 
love its stability. The expansion may slow down somewhat, but its
still a great solution for a lot of situations. There is a really
large expansion (job market) potential in NT/2000 over the coming 
10 years.

Sure, MS now and then screws up. Example in question is that few 
people are happy with their high-handed MCSE 2000 Certification 
policy. But hey, nobody is perfect. So here is my take. Tell me 
if you think I'm crazy. Email me at [email protected]

That's it for now! See you next weekend.

Warm regards,

Stu Sjouwerman

(email me with feedback: [email protected])