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Sunbelt W2Knews™ Electronic Newsletter
The secret of those "who always seem to know" - Over 500,000 Readers!
Sat, May 13, 2000
Brand New Type Of Admin Tools: NetApplets
  This issue of W2Knews™ contains:
* Brand New Type Of Admin Tools: NetApplets / Intro of
W2Knews 'Fave' Links. / My New Book is getting close
* Ed Tittel's Column - What Are Certifications Worth?
* W2K Service Pack 1 Goes Beta 1
* Proud to Introduce totally UNIQUE NetApplets!
* Sunbelt Now Offers Double-Take Installation Services
* StorageCeNTral Suite Now Includes FileScreen
5. W2Knews 'FAVE' LINKS:
* NEW: This Week's 3 Cool HotLinks
* Build your own W2K Advanced Cluster Server
7. THE NT/2000 STOCK WATCH - Friday May 12, 2000
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Every week we keep the Windows NT/2000 community informed and aware 
of new developments of NT and 3-rd party System Management Tools. 
You get hints and tips that will enable you to better utilize and 
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Info and Stu's bio: http://www.sunbelt-software.com/w2knews.htm

Via (separate) NTools E-NewsFlashes we will send you important 
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Hello NT/2000 Pros, 

A few short points before you can dig into this week's news.
Sunbelt is really proud to present something completely new.
Nobody has done this yet, or has thought of this brand new 
type Of Admin Tools: NetApplets. They are small, powerful tools 
that do just one thing, but do it right and fast. They are
cheap, downloadable, and they are yours forever! Check out
our Third Party News section.

We added one extra header: W2Knews 'Fave' Links. These are
three links of things, tools or events that are actual, fun
or useful. We'll change them every week.

My New Book is getting very close. But actually I should say
_our_ new book. This is always teamwork, and always more work
than you think. Ed Tittel has been consulting on this one, but
a lot of work has been done by Barry Shilmover as well! So
much actually, that Barry's name is with mine on the cover.
Barry also cooperated on Windows NT Power Toolkit. It promises 
to be a really good one, so hold off on getting W2K admin
books. We'll start the on-line pre-sales very, very soon!

Warm regards,

Stu Sjouwerman
Email me with feedback at: [email protected]

PS, we have some technical problems with the referral program
so we shut that down until we have them fixed.

Rule #1 in security is "You can't attack what you can't access". 
CyberwallPLUS - World's best packet filter firewall for Windows 
NT/2000. Fine-grain network access controls for all NT/2000 
servers and desktops. Network intrusion detection & prevention 
identifies and stops hackers. Comprehensive traffic audit logs 
with real-time connection monitoring. For a free evaluation and 
white paper on host-based firewalls visit 


* Ed Tittel's Column - What Are Certifications Worth?

Dear Readers,
I get a lot of e-mail from people who are considering one
kind of IT certification or another, or who are curious about 
what such certifications are really worth. In fact, there are
two questions I've been called upon to answer more often than
any other questions, as these people try to figure out if and
when they should chase a certification.
These two questions are:
1. Is an IT certification worth more than a college degree to
2. What's more important to employers: an IT certification or
experience working with the products? 

Let me tackle these questions in order, and share the results
of some recent research with you, as well as my opinions on 
these subjects. Before I respond to these questions, I feel 
compelled to state some of my own biases on these topics, so 
you'll be able to understand the context in which my answers 
1. I think IT certifications represent a great way to show
interest and initiative in technical subject areas.
2. I think ongoing education and study is part of working in 
the IT profession.
3. I think there's a big difference between a general education,
like getting a college degree, and obtaining an IT Cert.
4. Many certifications do not test for real-world skills and 
abilities, so the value of certification versus experience 
is often one-sided in favor of experience.

All this said, let me now go on to address these two questions.

1. Is an IT certification worth more than a college degree to
employers? (The most common variant of this question is:
Should I finish or obtain my degree, or get an IT 
certification instead?)

To a very small extent, the answer to this question is "That
depends on the certification." For extremely high-level and 
demanding certifications, like Cisco's CCIE or the high-end 
consulting certifications from companies like SAP, JD Edwards, 
or Software AG, going through the learning and preparation 
required to get the certification represents a level of learning 
and effort that's pretty comparable to the learning and effort 
required to get a college degree. 

That said, many such certifications do expire with time; once 
obtained, a college degree may go out of date, but the college 
or university will not take it away from you and tell you to 
come back to earn another one!

For just about any other kind of IT certification, I believe 
that a college degree (particularly, a Bachelor's or more 
advanced degree) is worth more to employers than an IT 
certification. My research in talking to a group of more than 
100 IT employers across a broad spectrum of industries tells me 
that they think so, too. 

If you find yourself asking this question, and are forced to 
choose between one or the other, I recommend that you choose the
degree (but you could always take it in an IT-related subject,
to better prepare yourself for your chosen field of effort).

Another explanation for the importance of a degree, distilled
from my interviews with employers, is that obtaining a degree is
as much about demonstrating general learning skills and 
developing good study habits, as it is about mastering any 
particular subject matter. Especially in technical fields, most 
experts and educators agree that personal knowledge bases must 
be refreshed every 5 to 10 years. 

Employers look at college degrees, and related honors or academic
achievements, as evidence that an individual can learn new 
material as needed, as well as evidence of whatever subject 
matter they've studied. But even with a degree in computer 
science or MIS, you may still want to pursue IT certification 
in addition. 

That's why an increasing number of colleges and universities 
are offering--and in some cases, requiring--IT certifications 
from Novell, Microsoft, Cisco, and so on to the students in 
such programs. That's because a college degree only demonstrates 
general familiarity with some subject matter or field of study, 
where most IT certifications are strongly focused in some 
particular field of study, or on some particular vendor's products 
and technologies.

In the final analysis, both a college degree and one or more 
technical certifications in areas relevant to job activities and
performance create the most desirable combination for most 

2. What's more important to employers: an IT certification or
experience working with the products? (One tell-tale variant
of this question comes out as "I've got a certification, but
no experience, and I can't find a job. What should I do?" I'll
answer this question along with my discussion of the experience
versus certification issue next.)

Although this may come as a shock to many individuals who regard
certifications as the key to improved employment and a bigger 
paycheck, every one of the more than 100 employers I talked to, and 
every one of the dozen or so technical recruiting firms that I 
interviewed, responded to this question by saying: "We always prefer 
relevant experience to technical certification." But before you give 
up hope, and decide not to pursue the IT certification you've been 
considering, let me quickly add some of the important ways that 
certification does make a difference, both to employers and 

1. Both audiences that I interviewed (employers and recruiters) 
agreed that certification matters most for entry-level positions, 
and for junior-level positions in general. The attitude here might 
be summarized as "If I have to choose between two candidates who 
have similar backgrounds or degrees, and one is certified while 
the other is not, I will tend to choose the certified individual."

2. For more senior level positions, experience is much more 
important to these audiences than is certification. Most of the 
people I interviewed said that for positions paying more than 
$75,000 a year, they are far more interested in a person's track 
record, and their level of direct, hands-on experience and ability 
in dealing with the tools and technologies they must manage, than 
they are in the certifications that such an individual may or may 
not hold.

All this said, there is a significant minority (about 25%) of such 
organizations where they require their IT staff, both junior and
senior, to obtain and maintain current technical certifications,
not just to enter but also to stay in their jobs. The thinking here
appears to be that a current technical certification, on the order
of an MCSE, CNE, or CCNP, is evidence that these individuals are
current in their fields of expertise and up to date on new and 
emerging technologies.

Finally, for those who've obtained a technical certification and 
still can't get a job, let me explain that "any experience is good 
experience." If you look around your community, you'll quickly learn 
that many churches, charities, school systems, and not-for-profit 
organizations welcome volunteers, even for IT-related positions and 
activities. You can probably find one of these organizations in your 
area that would welcome any kind of help they can get with their IT 
operations. This is not only a great way to get some valuable 
experience--and a letter of recommendation to go with it--it's also 
a great way to do some good for your community while improving your 
employment opportunities at the same time. It's great to help others 
while at the same time helping yourself!

That's about it for today's column. Please share your comments, 
questions, and thoughts with me on this column, or any other 
certification subjects that might interest you. You can reach me by 
e-mail at [email protected] Thanks in advance for your ideas, 
suggestions, comments, and questions.

Ed Tittel 2207 Klattenhoff Dr, Austin, TX 78728-5480
LANWrights, Inc: Network-oriented writing & consulting
phone:512-252-7497 fax:512-252-8439 mbl:512-422-7943
Please visit our Web site at http://www.lanw.com 


* W2K Service Pack 1 Goes Beta 1

Paul Thurott reported on his WinInfo site that W2K's Service Pack 1 
went into Beta. The Full CD version is about 190Meg, and can be found
on the Microsoft Developers Network CD's. The download version is
likely to be 63Meg large, which is still a whopping amount to get
through a small pipe but more doable than 190 Meg when this puppy 
gets released in June.

However, remember that MS said that W2K SP's would be small collec-
tions of bug fixes and would contain no new features? Well, if you 
read the release notes, W2K SP1 is a collection of current fixes and 
updates to W2K Pro, Server, and Advanced Server. The following areas 
are addressed. Surprising to see how many bugs were fixed if you 
consider the current stability.

- Operating system reliability, including fixes for data loss and 
corruption problems, access violations, and memory loss issues. 
- W2K Setup, fixes for Setup failing or not restarting
- O/S functionality, updates to O/S features and functions that 
have demonstrated problems
- Application and hardware compatibility, including updates for 
compatible products with problems
- Security, updates for known Windows 2000 security holes
- SP1 has an improved update.exe installation program with:
- Support for updating the driver cabinet (.CAB) file 
- Automatic service update, no longer any need to re-apply the 
service pack after every system state change 
- Slipstream installation support, you no longer need to perform 
separate installations of the O/S and the service pack 
- Logging. update.exe program creates a log that lists every 
change that occurred during the installation
- Improved uninstall support that completely restores the system to 
its previous state
- Compressed data backup, so that your backup of the state before 
SP1 will take much less disk space
- Consolidated 40-bit and 128-bit encryption
- Service Pack Download Connection fault tolerance, lose your 
connection during the service pack installation and auto resume

This is a biggie my friends. More news to follow on this one. You
can find more details at Paul's site over at:


* Proud to Introduce totally UNIQUE NetApplets!

Sunbelt NetApplets are a suite of small yet powerful utilities to 
help you in your day-to-day administration of Windows NT networks. 
What do they do? Check out the webpage with the descriptions, 
they are really interesting and solve a multitude of problems.

You needed them, and we made them for you. Sunbelt NetApplets are 
small, cheap (only $99) single-purpose executables for NT and MS-
Exchange to assist you in dealing with common, time consuming tasks 
for which no off-the-shelf or native tools exist. A very powerful, 
easy to use, but inexpensive solution. 

NetApplets are developed using DM/Developer, a 'Cross Directory 
Software Development Kit'. It's easy to use and Sunbelt has 
leveraged this technology to offer you a cool new series of 
solutions... Best is, tell us what you want and we'll make more 
for you !!

-- Unique Licensing Model --
The unique licensing model is an "administrators" license, not 
limited to users, servers, etc. You can even take this with you 
from company to company! Sunbelt NetApplets are so simple that 
they are sold as is, and no support is necessary! 

-- Ideas for new NetApplets --
Do you have any ideas for new Sunbelt NetApplets? We'll be happy 
to create them for you. Our intent is to create a library of our 
NetApplets, so look for new ones weekly. 

-- Mix and Match your Sunbelt NetApplets --
Available EXCLUSIVELY through our Sunbelt Software OnLineShop, the 
Sunbelt NetApplets allow you to build your own collection of 
tools, tailored to your own needs in your environment. No need to 
purchase expensive software when you can obtain only the 
functionality that you need. 30-day no-good-money-back guarantee.


* Sunbelt Now Offers Double-Take Installation Services

Double-Take has proven itself to be THE leading Fault Tolerance
and Disaster Recovery solution. Especially since the developer
now also has a solution to expand Microsoft Clusters worldwide
with their GEOCLUSTER announcement this week, this is a winner.

We have found that in quite a few cases you are interested in
help installing and configuring Double-Take in your own domains.
Sunbelt can now help with this, whether you are running SQL,
Exchange, NT/2000 as a file/print server, or your own apps.

This service is called 'On Site Installation'. Please contact 
your Sunbelt Rep or reseller for a quote of the cost per day. 
An initial 'scope of work assessment' is part of the quote 
procedure. Travel/Expenses are extra, and are billed separately. 
Service available in the USA/Canada. Europe will follow later 
this year.

Download the REAL WORLD WHITEPAPERS that show you how you can
implement and use Double-Take on NT and 2000 to prevent downtime
and create yourself the highest level of job security.

* StorageCeNTral Suite Now Includes FileScreen!

Disk space is cheap, but managing it isn?t. What's New in 
StorageCeNTral V4.1 ? 

You know the symptoms -- Your servers are jammed with junk files,
movies, duplicate files, and mega-size files downloaded two
years ago and never touched again. So, who pays the price?
You do, of course, with backups failing, disk crashes, and the
incredible frustration of being the one who hears all the 
complaints and far too few compliments. 

But, what to do? You could buy more disk space--a short-term 
solution at best that doesn?t address the real problem. Have a
look at _this_ solution. 

It?s easy to implement, affordable and so user-friendly that you
can automatically limit space allocation, monitor and report on
storage usage, see disk usage trends, and set alerts for attempted 
storage violations from a single management console. Calculate your 
potential savings based on the reducing the total cost of ownership 
(TCO) of your disk space. 

Microsoft selected StorageCeNTral to take control of its NT/2000 
storage space at corporate headquarters in Redmond, WA. And you 
can too. What's New in StorageCeNTral V4.1 ?

You asked for it, WQuinn created it for you in StorageCeNTral.
SC V4.1 gives you dramatically increased storage management 
capabilities. These enhancements automatically push file 
management responsibility to your end-users via an intranet 
and also accurately plan for your future storage requirements 
and deployment of SAN and backup technologies.

- Windows 2000 Support

WQuinn participated in the February Microsoft Windows 2000 launch 
at the Windows 2000 Expo in San Francisco. As a premier vendor, 
WQuinn showcased StorageCeNTral?s ability to manage enterprise 
Windows 2000 SAN environments and demonstrated the seamless 
integration between the patented TruStor I/O filter technology 
and Windows 2000. In fact, Microsoft is currently using WQuinn?s 
patented quota technology on its internal Windows 2000 servers 

- Active HTML Reporting

All StorageCeNTral disk and file management reports can be 
distributed in a number of formats. However, WQuinn?s Active 
HTML reports offer a unique method to allow users to take 
immediate corrective action on the files contained in the report.

- Using Active-X controls imbedded in the HTML reports, users can 
launch, move, copy or delete files directly from the report. The 
result is a drastically simplified way for users or administrators 
to take the corrective measures necessary to maintain quotas and 
adhere to corporate storage management policies. Active Reports 
proactively pushes file management responsibility back to the 
users, delivering lower NT/2000 management costs achieved through 
decreased administrator involvement in file management.

In Short: You can now transfer the burden of file management to 
your end-users, freeing up your time to work on your more system 
critical issues. 

- Dynamic Reports Generation based on Storage Related Events

The StorageCeNTral 4.1 Enterprise Storage Suite can be configured 
to dynamically generate file management reports and distribute them 
based on the real-time triggering event. These events include: 
excessive user storage consumption, size of shares, available free 
disk space and types of files being written to the server. Reports 
can also be scheduled to run on a reoccurring basis.

- Improved Performance and Reliability

WQuinn has been closely involved with Microsoft?s file system 
development group prior to the launch of Windows 2000 in order to 
ensure adequate compatibility and reliability. WQuinn is involved 
in developing the File System Driver certification program for 
Windows 2000 and their Patented TruStor I/O Filter Technology has 
passed the current level of Microsoft test. Microsoft is deploying 
their technology internally on its Windows 2000 servers and this has 
proven invaluable in helping WQuinn provide the most stable product 

- Support for Large SAN shops

In order to support large SAN environments, WQuinn has improved 
disk-scanning performance when performing trend and disk usage 
analysis. Large SAN environments may contain millions of files 
and StorageCeNTral?s ability to process this information in a timely 
fashion is much improved. Checks were added so that StorageCeNTral 
would not consume an excessive amount of virtual memory as to 
jeopardize the stability of the system.

- File Screening Capabilities
StorageCeNTral 4.1 now includes FileScreen 2000, the first and 
only software solution to screen files by name and file type 
from being written to your Windows NT/2000 servers. Whereas 
quotas regulate only the quantity of server space, FileScreen 
2000 regulates the quality of material stored on your servers. 
Screening Groups are used to block any file or file type. These
consist of a set of files to filter and files to exclude from 
filtering. For example, a Graphics File Group might contain 
the filters *.jpg; *.bmp but exclude files important .jpg. 

- Trend Analysis and Capacity Planning 

. Track historic usage and plot future storage requirements

 Use historic storage patterns to justify additional storage 
budget resources

 Alleviate administrators? burden of attempting to manage 
consumption and usage manually

 Maximize efficiency of storage hardware and eliminate 
unnecessary hardware expansion

 Get intelligence about consumption patterns among common 
applications such as Microsoft Exchange

 Determine when, where, and how much additional disk space 
will be required.

- Expanded Reporting 

StorageCeNTral 4.1 offers the most comprehensive Windows NT/2000 
disk reporting solution available, revealing problem files that 
meet pre-defined criteria such as age, duplication, size or 
security. This latest release contains 35 predefined storage 
management reports - nearly twice as many as the previous release -
including usage by user, workgroup, share, or directory giving you
a birdseye view of disk consumption habits. The canned reports 
include data on disk usage by the latest trouble file types such 
as MP3 and media files - types that typically consume vast amounts 
of disk space and usually serve little business purpose on company 

StorageCeNTral continues to offer a Custom Report Writer (CRW), to 
create reports based on the needs of customers? sites. The CRW is 
a dual pass report generator that performs complex calculations 
such as totals and subtotals, and percents on percents.

- IBM 'ClusterProven'TM Certification

When you see the ClusterProven emblem, it means the whole solution
including the hardware, operating system, cluster middleware and 
application has been validated and tested by IBM and the application 
provider. The IBM ClusterProven Program reduces the guess-and-test 
cycle with clearly defined criteria for validating end-to-end 
clustering solutions. Download the latest version and try it out:


5. W2Knews 'FAVE' LINKS:

NetPro's FREE "Active Directory Unplugged" seminar soon at a local 
MS office near you! http://www.netpro.com/company/events.asp
Brand New NetApplets: Small and powerful tools to get the job done.
Really nice revamped new e-learning site for IT professionals over
at ExamCram: http://www.examcram.com


Here is a very useful link if you want to build a Cluster with
W2K Advanced Server. It's pretty complete and gives you step by
step instructions. Click your way over to the MS website at:

7. THE NT/2000 STOCK WATCH - Friday May 12, 2000
Data Return is plummeting 21%, and Citrix gains a massive 21%!

52 WK 52 WK P/E WEEK
Advanced Micro Devices... 85 11/16 92 7/8 15 5/8 62 -7.1%
BMC Software............. 42 15/16 86 5/8 36 43 -2.9%
BindView Development Corp 7 7/8 45 3/4 7 3/8 -6.6%
Cisco Systems............ 59 15/16 82 26 -11.5%
Citrix Systems Inc....... 52 5/8 122 5/16 21 1/2 80 +21.3%
Compaq Computer.......... 27 3/8 34 18 1/4 74 +0.6%
Computer Associates...... 49 1/2 79 7/16 40 15/16 39 -6.7%
Data Return Corporation.. 22 7/8 94 1/4 13 3/4 -21.7%
Dell Computer............ 49 7/8 59 3/4 31 3/8 78 0.0%
Electronic Data Systems C 61 1/4 76 11/16 47 7/8 41 -0.7%
Gateway Inc.............. 53 3/8 84 28 3/8 38 -0.1%
Hewlett Packard Co....... 131 9/16 156 67 41 -3.7%
Intel Corp............... 115 145 3/8 50 1/8 50 -6.7%
Intergraph Corp.......... 6 15/16 10 1/4 3 3/16 +5.7%
International Business Ma 104 1/2 139 3/16 89 3/4 25 -2.9%
Legato Systems Inc....... 12 3/8 82 1/2 9 1/4 73 -1.4%
Micron Electronics Inc... 10 1/8 20 11/16 9 24 -0.6%
Microsoft Corp........... 68 13/16 119 15/16 60 40 -3.2%
Mission Critical Software 34 3/16 77 5/8 16 -2.6%
NCR Corp................. 35 15/16 52 5/8 26 11/16 11 -0.6%
NetIQ Corporation........ 35 3/4 81 1/2 14 3/4 -4.0%
Network Associates Inc... 23 9/16 37 3/16 11 3/4 -8.7%
Novell Inc............... 10 3/32 44 9/16 9 9/16 17 -8.2%
Oracle Corp.............. 74 3/16 90 11 1/4 -3.4%
Qualcomm Incorporated.... 98 200 21 1/2 -10.7%
Seagate Technology....... 45 1/16 76 25 1/8 10 -7.8%
Silicon Graphics......... 6 7/16 18 7/8 6 1/4 -10.4%
Sun Microsystems Inc..... 81 1/2 106 3/4 27 89 -9.9%
Sybase Inc............... 23 5/16 31 7 7/8 31 -6.5%
Symantec Corp............ 56 9/16 81 5/8 17 3/4 22 -6.5%
Unisys Corp.............. 24 1/16 49 11/16 19 1/2 15 -1.5%
Veritas Software Corp.... 89 1/2 174 15 1/8 -10.6%
Dow Jones 30 Industrials. 10,609.37 +0.2%


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