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Sunbelt W2Knews™ Electronic Newsletter
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Mon, Jun 5, 2000
64-bit Windows 2000 Coming Soon
  This issue of W2Knews™ contains:
      * Six Short Points For Your Information / Pre-announcement
        of the 'Sunbelt Windows 2000 Survival Kit'.
      * Exam Cram Guru Ed Tittel: W2K exams arrive in July!
      * New Active Directory Tools Category
      * 64-bit Windows 2000 is coming soon
      * Microsoft and Compaq Open new W2K Datacenter Lab
      * Security Patch For Win2K Released
      * The Top 10 Internet Security Threats
      * Running SQL? Need to go from 6.5 to 7? Subscribe here.
      * Some Hot Tool Short Takes!
      * Deploy W2K through SMS
5. W2Knews 'FAVE' LINKS:
      * NEW: This Week's 3 Cool HotLinks
7. THE NT/2000 STOCK WATCH June 2, 2000 - EMC was added.
      * Check out this MASSIVE UPWARD MOVEMENT!
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Hello NT/2000 Pros, 

Six short points this time: (We also have the new $500 winner)

- If this is your first issue, welcome. A lot of new people have 
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- UNDO department. In the last Newsflash I copied a short bit
from a SANS virus-flash that talked about the "executive summary
in Outlook. That was not so clearly worded. Should have been
the 'preview pane'. Hope this clears up the confusion.

- Come and see us at booth 0807 in Tech Ed Orlando next week! 
We have a free CD for you with all kinds of goodies, and we're 
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- We are announcing a very special kit in the next few days:
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Let's have a look at all this week's news!

Warm regards,

Stu Sjouwerman

PS, Sorry for last week's typo's. I forgot to run da zpell

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      * Exam Cram Guru Ed Tittel Speaks From The Mountain
(All Ed's Columns: http://www.sunbelt-software.com/guestcolumns.cfm)

Dear Readers:
I've been way busy lately, trying to keep up with all the
changes rolling down in the certification world. It seems like the
summer of 2000 is going to be the summer of changes for all kinds
of certifications, including:

1. Retirement of Windows NT 3.51 exams on June 30, 2000. The
NT 3.51 MCSE becomes obsolete one year from that date on 6/30/01.

2. Official release of the core Windows 2000 MCSE exams has now
been lumped into a "by July 2000" time frame; the "Training and
Certification" pages at Microsoft have changed substantially, too.
The URL broke across multiple lines; glue it back together in 
your favorite text editor before you try to use it!)


They're saying that all of these exams:
   * 70-210 Professional
   * 70-215 Server
   * 70-216 Network Infrastructure
   * 70-217 Active Directory
   * 70-219 Designing Active Directory
   * 70-220 Designing Security
   * 70-221 Designing Network Infrastructure
   * 70-240 Accelerated Windows 2000
will all be released to the general public by July, 2000.
Originally, Microsoft had announced 70-210 and 70-215 for June 20,
and the others for July or later. 70-222 Migrating from NT 4.0 to
2000, will go beta in July (which probably means a September
commercial release).

3. Retirement of Cisco CCNA v1.0 640-407 exam on July 31, 2001.
640-507 supersedes this exam. Cisco has also announced it will
require individuals who certified under the old exam to re-certify
some time in the future, but those details are still under wraps.
Likewise for 2.0 revisions to the CCNP and CCDA programs.

4. Prosoft Training has rolled out a new version (v4) of its 
Certified Internet Webmaster program (for more information, please 
visit: http://www.ciwcertified.com/certifications/ciw_program.htm).

5. Sun's got a relatively new Java 2-only Java certification out; 
it's called the Sun Certified Architect for Java Technology, and
represents a new, more elite level for Java certification than ever
before for Sun. It requires two exams and a programming project
(one of the exams is a set of essays on the programming project)
and costs about $400 to complete. This program's been in the making
for a while, but only recently completed.

6. The Chauncey Group--the same folks who brought you the Certified
Technical Trainer (CTT) credential, accepted in lieu of in-house T3
(train the trainer) credentials at lots of companies--is working on
a new vendor-neutral, general IT certification called the Associate
Technical Specialist, or AST credential. It's too early to tell if
it's a big deal or not, but it sure looks interesting; visit
www.chauncey.com for a look.

7. The Linux Certification space is firming up. The Red Hat Certified
Engineer (RHCE) program is backed up by a whole series of courses,
that culminate in an exam-only or exam-plus-course combination at
some pretty princely prices. Both the Linux Professional Institute
(LPI) and Sair/Prometric have released their Level 1 certification
exams, and promise to release the Level 2 and Level 3 exams "real
soon now" to steal a telling phrase from former Byte columnist
Jerry Pournelle. I expect to see a bunch of developments in this
space before the summer is over, too.

8. CompTIA's working on a new Server+ certification, aimed at
certifying individuals worthy of taking on the installation,
configuration, care, and feeding of network servers. They're also
planning a new version of A+, to take cognizance of operating
systems more modern than Windows 95! Changes should be percolating
throughout the summer, and into the fall.

9. Novell is starting to update its NetWare exams for version 5.1,
starting with exam 50-653 NetWare 5.1 Administration. I expect to
see them upgrading their exam offerings during the summer for
Advanced Administration, Service and Support, and so forth and so
on. Also, the Novell Certified Directory Expert (CDE) credential is
finally jelling, and we should all know where we can take the
Novell Practicum (the company's hands-on laboratory exam, which
CDEs must repeat yearly to stay current) and how much it costs
before the summer is out!

How do I know all this stuff? I just finished revising my short
but punchy general certification book "Certification Success" for
Coriolis this week, and I wanted to share some highlights with you.

Please let me know if you have any comments or questions. You can
reach me by e-mail at [email protected] Thanks in advance for
sharing your thoughts with me!

     Ed Tittel, VP, IT Certifications, LeapIt.com
Online certification info, training, & support community
Visit our Web sites at  www.lanw.com and  www.leapit.com



      * New Active Directory Tools Category

W2K is tightly integrated with Active Directory, and a sick AD
can cripple your enterprise faster than an e-mail virus. As a
directory does much more than just manage your users, your 
network vulnerability to directory failures increases. Worst
case design, a corrupt directory will stop your customers from 
coming in and send a bazooka into your user's productivity.

You need add-on tools to warn you when something goes awry with 
your AD-driven domain. Believe me, you _do_ when you have AD in 
production. That is why we have created a whole new category, 
and we will add more tools for AD than the two that are in the 
Active Directory Tools Category now. Which ones? Check them out: 

      * 64-bit Windows 2000 is coming soon

Microsoft recently offered a sneak peek at the future.

They demo'd an early version of the W2K 64-bit version to a 
few selected attendees at a show. The MS techie that ran the 
demo warned that it was a pre-developer release currently only 
circulating inside Microsoft among just a few software 
developers. He also said that MS is planning to release an 
early beta 64-bit W2K late this summer.

Microsoft has been telling everyone they will ship the final 
version at the same time with Intel delivering its IA-64 chips
(named Itanium).  Few people know that MS has been building 
the 64-bit flavor simultaneously with the 32-bit W2K for the 
past three years (!) They plan to keep on shipping 32-bit W2K 
until at least another 10 years though.

W2K-64 is not the only thing that will run on Intel's Itanium
stuff. Sun Solaris, Linux and SCO Unix will be ported to it too,
and I would not be surprised if Compaq will port its Tru64
flavor of Unix to the Intel 64 platform as well. Intel will hold
a 'PlugFest' June 5-9 in Oregon. That allows about 100 ISVs and 
OEMs to test their software, disk drives, peripherals etc. on the 
newest Itanium prototype systems. Intel plans a bigger PlugFest 
in September for the telcom and networking vendors. Real production 
of the chips is planned for third quarter this year so we should
see them Christmas time.

      * Microsoft and Compaq Open new W2K Datacenter Lab

The two just opened a shared W2K Datacenter Test Lab close to
Microsoft's Redmond HQ. The lab will essentially be a single point
of support when W2K Datacenter arrives at Compaq's customer sites. 
As I said last week, the Datacenter Beta was just released and 
final code is running a few months behind schedule. The new center 
is called 'the Compaq and Microsoft Datacenter Solutions Lab', and 
also has as a major responsibility to test hard- and software which 
will help ISV's to get their stuff to work right on Compaq's systems.

      * Security Patch For Win2K Released

Summary Originally Posted: June 01, 2000.
Microsoft has released a patch and a tool that eliminate a security
vulnerability in Microsoft(r) Windows(r) 2000. The vulnerability 
could make it easier for a malicious user who had complete control 
over a Windows 2000 machine to compromise users' sensitive info. 
FAQ regarding this vulnerability and the patch can be found at

      * The Top 10 Internet Security Threats

The SANS Institute came out with this very useful write-up.
The majority of successful attacks on computer systems via the 
Internet can be traced to exploitation of one of a small number 
of security flaws. Most of the systems compromised in the Solar 
Sunrise Pentagon hacking incident were attacked through a single 
vulnerability. A related flaw was exploited to break into 
many of the computers later used in massive distributed denial 
of service attacks. Recent compromises of Windows NT-based web 
servers are typically traced to entry via a well-known 
vulnerability. Another vulnerability is widely thought to be 
the means used to compromise more than 30,000 Linux systems.  
Here are the Top 10 Holes:  http://www.sans.org/topten.htm

      * Running SQL? Need to go from 6.5 to 7? Subscribe here.

Subscribe to the Sunbelt sponsored (i.e. FREE) SQL Server List
Almost 1,300 SQL admins are discussing SQL and help each other 
to keep it up & running. Get yourself on the list over at 


A few short takes on Hot Tools that you might find interesting.

1)  A Whole Lotta Holes

PGP Security is publicly flogging ISS (another security vendor)
in full page ads that ISS only finds 600 security holes. PGP boasts
a whopping 732 separate vulnerability checks. My comment: HAH!
STAT finds and reports over 850 security holes in NT and W2K. The
licensing has been made  e x t r e m e l y  flexible. Nothing of
that difficult 'subnet limited' stuff. They introduced 'Zero Waste
Licensing' that allows you to pay ONLY for the machines you want
to make hacker proof. I suggest you check out STAT if you want 
to protect your domains _before_ they get hacked.
Click Here:  http://www.sunbelt-software.com/product.cfm?id=899

2) Victoria's Secret Webcasts costs 120M due to cyberslacking.

What are _your_ users looking at? IDC reports that 30-40% of
websurfing is NOT business related. And you were wondering what
was sucking up your bandwidth. Sex-tracker claims that 70% of all 
Internet porn traffic occurs during the 9-5 workday. And then
think about all the traffic that goes to shopping, auctions,
day trading, games and gambling. TAKE YOUR NETWORK BACK with
TrafficMax. Proactive monitoring, reporting and b l o c k i n g.
TrafficMax shows you what is flying around in _your_ network:

3) Tell pcAnywhere to fly a kite

Everyone needs Remote Control. So check out what a few computer 
mags recently said: "More robust and faster than its competitors"
(ENT Magazine). "Ridiculously Easy To Use" (SC info Security Mag).
"Best Blend of Features and Security". (Computer Reseller News).
What were they talking about? NetOP version 6.5. It's a killer tool.
Say goodbye to pcAnywhere. It's just like sitting in front of
that remote system. Uses NT security, and Win2K ready. You gotta 
s e e this: http://www.sunbelt-software.com/product.cfm?id=888

      * Deploy W2K through SMS

Softnet Systems announced Rapid Deployment Services for W2K Pro
Windows95, Windows98, and Windows NT Workstation 4.0 clients. The 
service consists of
- Pre-site audit to ensure SMS operation in the customer environment
- Reports detailing PC CPU, memory, and disk space to determine W2K
  Professional candidates
- Reports using the Microsoft Readiness Analyzer to determine .DLL 
  and hardware device compatibility

When complete, upgrade packages are sent to target PCs using a 
controlled amount of bandwidth. The result is an upgraded W2K Pro
PC with applications remaining intact. This service is accomplished 
with Microsoft Systems Management Server 2.0, no human intervention 
is required during the upgrade process. For this program SMS 
licensing is free. Check out: http://www.softnetsys.com 


5. W2Knews 'FAVE' LINKS: May 29, 2000

When we at Sunbelt needed to protect our Exchange server, we chose 
Antigen from these people. http://www.sybari.com/  Recommended!
FileScreen 2000 and Security Explorer, now at the OnlineShop with 
instant delivery: http://www.sunbelt-software.com/onlineshop.cfm
IDC publishes a High Availability Survey. Puzzled about those 9's?
Check: http://www.win2000mag.com/articles/content/8831_01.html



The most popular collection of NT/2000 Frequently Asked Questions
has moved address! The NTFAQ was actually acquired by Duke Commu-
nications that also publish Windows 2000 Magazine (The original
Windows NT Magazine). The NTFAQ has a new home over here. Update
your Favorites List.     http://www.windows2000faq.com/

7. THE NT/2000 STOCK WATCH - EMC was added as of June, 2000. 

      * Check out this MASSIVE UPWARD MOVEMENT!
Stocks surged up last Friday just after fresh economic data boosted 
investor's hopes that the Feds may slow down the campaign of interest-
rate hikes, resulting in one of Nasdaq's best weekly gains ever. You
can see it was a broad rally, and the volume was also impressive.
Looks like the 'economic slowdown' news pulled a lot of Wall Street 
bulls out of hiding to show the world the market's slide had ended.

                                      52 WK     52 WK     P/E    WEEK
SECURITY                    CLOSE     HIGH       LOW    RATIO    CHNG
Advanced Micro Devices...   89 7/8   92 7/8   15 5/8      65   +21.4%
BMC Software.............   47       86 5/8   36          47   +11.7%
BindView Development Corp    7 5/8   45 3/4    6 5/16           +9.9%
Cisco Systems............   64 3/8   82       26 3/8           +17.1%
Citrix Systems Inc.......   58 7/16  122 5/16 21 7/8      89   +25.3%
Compaq Computer..........   26 3/4   34       18 1/4      72    +2.3%
Computer Associates......   57       79 7/16  42 5/16     46   +12.0%
Data Return Corporation..   19 1/2   94 1/4   13 1/4           +36.8%
Dell Computer............   43 5/16  59 3/4   31 3/8      68    +2.2%
EMC Corp.................  129 13/16 145 7/16 47 5/16          +18.6%
Electronic Data Systems C   65 3/8   76 11/16 47 7/8      44    +2.5%
Gateway Inc..............   54 15/16 84       28 3/8      39   +17.3%
Hewlett Packard Co.......  142 1/4   156      67          44   +20.4%
Intel Corp...............  134 3/16  145 3/8  50 1/8      58   +14.1%
Intergraph Corp..........    5 9/16  10 1/4    3 3/16          +10.5%
International Business Ma  108 7/16  139 3/16 89 3/4      26    +1.4%
Legato Systems Inc.......   12 11/16 82 1/2    9 1/4           +28.4%
Micron Electronics Inc...    9 7/8   20 11/16  8 3/16     23   +19.6%
Microsoft Corp...........   66 5/16  119 15/16 60         39    +7.9%
NCR Corp.................   43 7/8   52 5/8   26 11/16    13    +7.5%
NetIQ Corporation........   37 5/8   81 1/2   14 3/4           +18.9%
Network Associates Inc...   24 13/16 37 3/16  12 3/4           +21.4%
Novell Inc...............    8 27/32 44 9/16   7 13/16    15   +10.9%
Oracle Corp..............   80 3/16  90       12 1/2           +19.6%
Qualcomm Incorporated....   72 11/16 200      22 5/8      93   +10.0%
Seagate Technology.......   63 15/32 76       25 1/8      14   +19.0%
Silicon Graphics.........    7 9/16  18 7/8    5 9/16          +30.1%
Sun Microsystems Inc.....   88       106 3/4  27          96   +20.1%
Sybase Inc...............   20 3/16  31        9 1/8      27    +6.2%
Symantec Corp............   69 15/16 81 5/8   22 5/8      27   +11.9%
Unisys Corp..............   26 15/16 49 11/16 19 1/2      16   +13.4%
Veritas Software Corp....  134 1/2   174      18 7/8           +25.6%
Dow Jones 30 Industrials. 10,794.76                             +4.8%


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