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Sunbelt W2Knews™ Electronic Newsletter
The secret of those "who always seem to know" - Over 500,000 Readers!
Mon, Jul 3, 2000 (Vol. 5, #28 - Issue #202)
Service Pack 1 for W2K Warning
  This issue of W2Knews™ contains:
    • Service Pack 1 for W2K Warning
    • SQL Server 2000 expected in September
    • Windows 2000 Running on the new Transmeta Crusoe Chip
    • Microsoft plans to charge by processor: Noooooh!
    • What were the June 2000 BestSeller Tools?
    • Can your Cluster withstand a site-wide disaster?
    • Print Manager Plus for Windows 2000 Released
    • Event Log Monitoring for the Enterprise
  5. W2Knews 'FAVE' LINKS
    • This Week's Links We Like. Tips, Hints And Fun Stuff
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Hi NT/2000 Pros, three short points:

The new SunPoll 'How is your Windows 2000 migration progressing?' is a big success. A whopping amount of us have not even _started_ with the migration. You can vote and see the (instant) surprising results over at:

Service Pack 1 for Windows 2000 is around the corner. Read all about it in the Tech Briefing below.

AutoPilot for Windows 2000 RC1 has been released with good results. Here is some first feedback: "Just to say your AutoPilot RC1 for Windows 2K has really lifted my dual 450PII system, great product". - Erik Ericson.

Last but not least, we're almost ready to roll out your Windows 2000 Survival Kit. It's a bundle of some really hot stuff, and includes my new 800+ page 'Windows 2000 Administrators Black Book'. Just a F E W days more my friends!

Warm regards,

Stu Sjouwerman
(email me with feedback: [email protected])

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Service Pack 1 for W2K Warning

I already announced a while ago that SP1 for W2K was supposed to arrive in June. MS did not make that, but let the world know that they are practically done and will release in July. As noted in issue of May 22, there are about small 300 bugs fixed. An MS guy from the PC Experience group said that SP1 had been in Beta for 45 days and a recent version had good feedback.

Quite a few industry analysts like GartnerGroup said it would be wise to wait with W2K implementation until SP1 had come out. MS has been making sure it would have a W2K SP1 soon, to further push along the deployment. However 56% of us have not even started yet, and another 25% are in the preparation stages.

There are about 3 million copies of W2K out there now, and it's been pretty darn stable. But the MS track record with updates has been far from spotless. You should think twice before you're going 'happy-go-lucky' and slap this SP1 in place. Several NT 4 service packs introduced bugs, notably the SP2 nightmare and the recent SP6 as well. The Office 2000 Service Release 1 this past March was also flubbed.

In other words, TEST, TEST and TEST on machines that are not critical, and see how it reacts in YOUR environment before you roll it out or slipstream it in. I will also let you know in a NewsFlash when it hits the streets and the first reactions. If you want to discuss the SP1 technical impact, subscribe to the free NTSYSADMIN list here:


SQL Server 2000 expected in September

SQL Server 2000 was pushed out for its second beta last April 24-th, and it looks like a late summer release. As usual, MS has defined its free upgrade period. In 'Microsoftese' this is called their "technology guarantee". If you buy SQL Server 7.0 on or before September 29-th, you will get a free upgrade to the new SQL 2K. Perhaps better to buy now before you get slapped with per processor pricing. See story below.

Windows 2000 Running on the new Transmeta Crusoe Chip

Transmeta is an outfit that has been working very secretly the last few years on a new low-power chip design. It emulates the Intel architecture but is able to run a laptop for something like 7 to 8 hours on a few batteries. These chips can also be used for things like combined PDA/Cell phones, and other cool wireless Internet gear as they generate a lot less heat.

Transmeta uses IBM as their Chip-fab so it was no surprise to see an IBM ThinkPad with a Crusoe Chip. But what was quite a revelation was the fact that IBM chose to run Win 2K Pro on that laptop and the performance was very comparable to a normal Pentium. You can understand that all the other hardware guys are coming out with Crusoe-based lightweight stuff as well. This is going to be interesting! I'll keep you informed.

Microsoft plans to charge by processor: Noooooh!

Recently, Microsoft Corp. said it plans to add processor-based software licensing to its existing per-seat pricing model when a new set of server applications ships later this year. Products that will be affected include the company's SQL Server 2000 database and other DNA 2000 server products. I don't like it. It's a throwback to the Mini-world. In many cases it will simply make the software much more expensive. I think we should scream bloody murder about it. I'll let you know when I have more data. (grumble, mumble, grmmmm, Rrrrrrr!)


What were the June 2000 BestSeller Tools?

Two of 'em. First was Sunbelt Domain Reporter (SDR). One of the Fortune 50 companies licensed it for $450,000 to make sure that their internal Security Policies were adhered to and implemented. They had well developed policies, but no means to actually check their domains and pass the external security audits.

Domain reporting software and domain management software are two types of products that need to reside in every network admin's tool kit. Domain reporting software can quickly expose certain anomalies within your organization's structure, such as non-uniform auditing, idle user accounts, and unintended user and group access to certain areas of a network.

Yet when it's time to fix such issues, you need a fast, powerful, but centralized management tool that can quickly repair the problem areas you've identified. That's why we think you should look into the SDR & UltraAdmin combination. You can use SDR for a variety of things: Nt Security Assessment / Windows 2000 Assessment / Server Consolidation Assessment / Domain Consolidation Assessment.

Let SDR become your eyes and ears collecting all types of important information about your domains. Then, when a problem surfaces, use UltraAdmin as your Swiss army knife to repair the issue in a prompt fashion. By working in conjunction with these two easy-to-use utilities, you can bolster the health and security of your network AND reduce your workload. Try them today and download 30-day evals:



And what was the Second Best Seller??

Mail Essentials is being plugged in at a high rate, to make sure that MS-Exchange environments are free from the latest spree of viruses attached to email. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Can I check email for spam, viruses and offensive or confidential content, and block specific file attachments like .vbs or .shs?
  • Can I add a company-wide disclaimer to your outgoing Internet email?
  • Can I automatically archive all in-and outbound e-mail and compress attachments to save on bandwidth?
  • Can I project a professional company image by replying to customers email with a personalized reply and tracking number?

Mail Essentials is a simple, easy to implement and manage tool that does all the above, and it's waay cheaper than many of the other tools out there.

Can your Cluster withstand a site-wide disaster?

Microsoft Cluster Server improves mission critical data availability. Yet it's still vulnerable to hardware failure! To get rid of this last vulnerability, you can add NSI's GeoCluster software to MSCS and rest easy. It provides continuous, real-time replication. Byte level, distant location. Cluster-aware data and application failover. Compaq, Dell, DG/EMC, HP, IBM & Microsoft recommend Double-Take and GeoCluster. Read about this concept and find out if your clusters are good candidates. Mouse over and check out the product specs at:

Print Manager Plus for Windows 2000 Released

Software Shelf announced the release of Print Manager Plus V2.7 for Windows 2000 and NT. Its purpose is to let you control costs of user printing and reduce your network administration time.

The newest version runs on any Windows 2000 or NT Print Server as a service. One license covers all shared printers where the service is running, and all nodes and users on the network. It allows control of all printers from one administrative console or workstation. PMP supports all printers of all types. No client installations or licenses are required. This tool is a major hidden cost saver.

PMP features include not only tracking how many pages users print but also setting quotas on pages printed per user or group per printer. You can run the free remote administrative program from any remote NT or Windows 2000 box, making it available for Help Desk staff, Library Desk staff, or anyone responsible for the network or printing services.

Software Shelf customers include Microsoft, American Bar Association, CNN, Yale University, State University of New York, Kennedy Space Center, Hewlett-Packard, and thousands of corporations, government agencies, and institutions of higher learning around the world. 30-day Download:

Event Log Monitoring for the Enterprise

Event Log Monitor(tm) lets you get more done during the day, and sleep better at night. ELM proactively manages your Windows NT/2000 systems and TCP/IP devices through monitoring of events, performance counters, system configuration data, and service polling. ELM keeps tabs on services and processes, and generates alerts as problems develop. As an added benefit, ELM stores collected events and performance data in SQL. You cannot find a more valuable tool. Download a 30-day eval & see for yourself:


This Week's Links We Like. Tips, Hints And Fun Stuff

  • Dell Describes Real-Time Data Protection with NSI's Double-Take.
  • Free SuperBoost T-Shirt and Pin for first 1000 Performance Buyers (USA+Canada only)
  • Get your free "Disk Defragmentation: Hidden Gold for the Enterprise" IDC White Paper in English, French, German, Dutch, Italian or Spanish

    We have added a bunch of NEW NetApplets to the list. $99 each, perpetual license for you to keep. Here's what you asked for!

      Add Computer- This application allows you to pick which Domain and then prompts you for the Computer name to add.

      Computer Admin Reporter- This application will display a report of the Admin accounts on the selected computers (or domain, if a domain controller is selected).

      Emergency Repair Disks- This application searches the Winnt directories of selected computers for the repair directory, and graphically displays the results.

      Group Membership - This application searches a Domain(s) Global and/or Local Groups for User Membership. It asks for the User to search for, which Domain(s), Global and/or Local (all NT Online Computers) and then searches for that Users Membership creating a text file with the report

      Group User Rights- This application gets and optionally sets Group Rights on a computer. The user picks a domain and computer(s) and then can get and optionally set Group Rights for a given group on that box.

      Roaming Profiles- This application allows you to display Users Profile Paths. You can choose which Users to display the Profile Path for. A Roaming Profile would have a UNC Path.

      Strong Password- This application enables strong passwords on computers. It uses Passfilt.dll (SP4) to enable strong passwords on selected computers.

      User Logon Hours Reporter- This application displays a report of logon hours for the selected users.

      User Security Audit- Go here to find out what THIS one does: