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Tue, Jul 11, 2000 (Vol. 5, #29 - Issue #203)
New TechEd Resources
  This issue of W2Knews™ contains:
    • Tech.Ed 2000 Sessions You May Have Missed / All Slides
    • Excellent Security Web Seminar
    • IDC Claims Microsoft Split Could Hurt Linux
    • Sunbelt Sponsors UK W2K courses
    • Freetechmail.org is new resource
    • Microsoft Tech.Ed 2000 Best of Show Finalists
    • Power And Value Of Defragmentation
    • Data Deluge Drives Storage Management Innovation
    • Business Continuity Planning
  5. W2Knews 'FAVE' LINKS
    • This Week's Links We Like. Tips, Hints And Fun Stuff
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Now, let's have a look at all the news!

Warm regards,

Stu Sjouwerman
(email me with feedback: [email protected])

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Tech.Ed 2000 Sessions You May Have Missed / All Slides

Tech.Ed is over in both the USA and Europe. There are a bunch of resources that are becoming available that are worth it in case you missed them. Microsoft announced a WebCast login page but that came back with a bug when I tried it.

But here are some brand new sessions that were not part of Tech.Ed which are worthwhile. No password or user name is required to view these. The sessions will be available for six months.

Tech·Ed 2000 Slides from the Sessions are available from here:

You can check out the Microsoft Tech·Ed 2000 web site for highlights at:

It's got the keynote by BillG, and explains in short what new tools were announced and what they do.

The new sessions are:

  • Systems Management Server and Windows 2000 Integration
  • Advanced ADO Programming with Exchange 2000
  • Systems Management Server 2.0 Service Pack 2 - Updates and Fixes:
  • Load Testing The Duwamish Sample Application
  • All About Microsoft Outlook for Macintosh:
  • Deploying and Managing BackOffice Server 2000:

    Attend your own 'mini-home Tech.Ed' over at:

    Excellent Security Web Seminar

    This is a pretty good overview of the Win2k Security Configuration and has a couple of REALLY good points. This week's Stu's Warmly Recommended!


  •   NT/2000 RELATED NEWS

    IDC Claims Microsoft Split Could Hurt Linux

    Since Microsoft dominates the word processing market with Microsoft Word and the spreadsheet market with Excel, this might make tough competition for Corel, Applix, Sun Microsystems and other companies that make similar Linux-based programs, IDC said. A potential breakup in two companies (which will take years to complete IF it happens) also could give Microsoft an incentive to produce its own version of Linux to compete with versions from Corel, Red Hat and others.

    "What would stop them from coming up with Microsoft Linux?" said Dan Kusnetzky, an analyst at IDC. "They'd have command of every major channel and partner. That would make it very difficult for Red Hat to get any attention in the channels." Read more at:

    Sunbelt Sponsors UK W2K courses

    UK IT technical training company, Power Education are offering a FREE place on their one day Windows 2000 Technical Overview to the first 100 customers who book on one of their Windows 2000 courses (to be booked and taken before September 2000). These customers will also receive a free copy of my forthcoming book "Windows 2000 System's Administrator's Black Book".

    The one day overview, written and presented by Power Education's most experienced trainer and consultant, Howard Gunstone, covers subjects such as "Active Directory Services Overview", "Certification and Skills Issues" and "Implementing Windows 2000 in an Organization" (course overview available from Power Education).

    If you would like further information, please contact the Power Education Team by telephoning 0113 261 5018, emailing them at [email protected] or visit their website at

    Freetechmail.org is new resource

    This is an IT e-Newsletter Clearinghouse dedicated to creating the largest collaboration of high quality IT newsletters published in the Industry. At FreeTechMail.org, they know how hard it can be for IT Professionals to keep on top of developments as they happen within the Industry. You need fast, free access to the best technology information available. For that reason, FreeTechMail.org has designed the ultimate meeting place for publishers of IT newsletters and the professionals who want to read them. This organized service will help you to take control of the constantly expanding amount of data resources. All of this is absolutely Free. Check em out at:

    Microsoft Tech.Ed 2000 Best of Show Finalists

    The Editors of Windows 2000 Magazine/SQL Server Magazine roamed the isles of Tech.Ed and came up with the tools they thought were the 'coolest' of the hundreds there. Here are all of 'em in the three categories:

                          Category: Windows 2000
    BindView Corporation            bv-Control for Active Directory
    LaNovation                      PC UPDATER version 3.0
    NSI Software                    GeoCluster
    Ripple Technologies             RippleTech LogCaster
    Opalis Software Inc.            Opalis EventMonitor
    NetPro                          DirectoryAnalyzer
    SuperSpeed.com, Inc.            SuperSpeed 2000
    SuperSpeed.com, Inc.            SuperCache 2000     
    Heroix Corporation              Heroix RoboER
    HighGround Systems              Storage Resource Manager (SRM) 4.0   
    WebTrends Corp                  WebTrends Security Analyzer
    RSA Security                    RSA SecurID
                          Category: Exchange
    Active Voice Corporation        Unity 2.3
    BindView Corporation            bv-Control for Microsoft Exchange 
    Tacit Knowledge Systems         KnowledgeMail
    Hewlett-Packard Company	HP      OpenView ManageX SMART Exchange Plug-in
    Extended Systems                XTNDConnect Server
    Discus Data Solutions           ExMS
    Quest Software                  Foglight Focus on Exchange
    NetIQ Corporation               NetIQ AppAnalyzer for Microsoft Exchange 
    GFI                             Mail essentials for Exchange
    Highground Systems, Inc         SRM for Microsoft Exchange
    Infowave Software               Infowave for Exchange
                          Category: SQL
    Cardiff Software                eForm Warehouse Suite
    Linq                            Datawarehouse with DSP
    Giganet, Inc.                   cLAN for Windows
    DataMirror Corporation          DataMirror Transformation Server   
    DataMirror Corporation          iDeliver Version 2.0 Beta
    Knosys Inc.                     ProClarity
    Knosys Inc.                     ProClarity Analytical Platform
    MDD. Inc.                       Trusted Enterprise Manager
    Maximal Corporation             Max 2.0

    Power And Value Of Defragmentation

    Some of the leading analysts have stated that NT/2000 sites worldwide are wasting their budgets each year on unnecessary hardware upgrades. In a recent report by International Data Corporation, many of these upgrades and purchases are an attempt to solve a performance degradation problem that is actually caused by something unsuspected: -- disk fragmentation.

    Steve Widen, Director of IDC's Client Infrastructure Storage Software Research said: "Because fragmentation exerts a severe toll on system performance, it's quite likely that many organi- zations have initiated hardware upgrades unnecessarily," He continued with: "IDC estimates that network defragmenters can save corporations $6 billion per year by preventing unnecessary hardware upgrades."

    Instead of attempting to remedy the situation by buying new machines, a new IDC report, entitled "Disk Defragmentation for Windows NT/2000: Hidden Gold for the Enterprise," recommends regular defragmentation of every server and workstation across an enterprise. You can download this from our Diskeeper page below.

    Keep Systems At Peak Performance

    IDC came out with the following very interesting calculation: "Enterprise-wide deployment of defragmentation software reduces desktop TCO by around $350 per year per computer". These are definitely figures that need to be communicated to your MIS management, and remember to mention the fact that regularly scheduled defrag runs maintain your systems at peak performance and prevent you from having to rebuild systems that are getting slower and slower over time.

    Bob Lofasco, Lucent Technologies' Manager of IT said: "We experience at least a 15 to 20 percent performance gain on both servers and workstations by defragmenting our systems daily."

    Normally, Sunbelt sells all products all over the planet, but in this case, we have TWO different solutions. For the USA and Canada, we provide SuperBoost-NT which includes the Norton SpeedDisk defragger, a tuner and a data cache tool. For Europe, we provide Diskeeper for NT and W2K. Check out the specs:



    Data Deluge Drives Storage Management Innovation

    Noticed recently that a decent size hard drive does not last that long anymore? The need to store more data is exploding with the 'Net and bloatware that takes up more than one CD just in executables and dll's.

    Storage is rapidly evolving as a specialized function and often needs more than just one way to get managed well. For instance Cisco Systems and Brocade announced that they are going to be able to connect their Storage Area Networks (SAN's) to each other over IP-based Metropolitan Area Networks (MAN's) and over Wide Area Networks (WAN's).

    That is why one of our vendors WQuinn has been working hard to continue building their StorageCeNTral product. You will need more powerful software tools to manage all this stored data. StorageCeNTral allows you to manage all your data through a single, powerful storage management console, leveraging the company's roots in the VMS storage realm (Large mini-computers) into the NT/2000 systems world that MS is not making easier.

    Useful performance data removed in Windows 2000

    Under Windows NT up to version 4.0 in performance monitor lived the very useful performance object "Logical Disk". It allowed you as the admin, for instance, at a glance to check the relative and absolute free space of all disks on all Windows NT machines in his network, without the need to map every disk of every machine. Under Windows 2000 this object "Logical Disk" has been removed. The admin has a problem when he urgently has to find out all disks which run out of space in his network.

    StorageCeNTral allows you to keep disk management chores down to a minimum, assign quotas in real time, get fast and instant space updates from your SAN, WAN or SCSI server disks and much, much more than I can mention here. Some of the really cool things are the customizable Report Writer and Capacity Planner. This is a tool you really should check out as it is a MAJOR timesaver.

    Last but not least, a smart way to present the disk quotas concept to your users is the following positioning: "We reserve your space for you". In other words, we make sure that nobody else is a space hog and threatens _your_ disk space. Looking it from that perspective might even make them ASK for disk quotas.


    Business Continuity Planning

    DEFINITION: Companies use this to make sure they are able to continue to operate in the event of a technical failure or other emergency.

    These days, if the power goes out, a virus hits or a system crashes (we just had one of the nodes in our web-cluster do that as it ran completely out of disk space) the results can be catastrophic. Crucial data is lost, profits are stalled and if it is not solved quickly, business grinds to a screetching halt. Unless you were prepared and had a business continuity plan in place for such an emergency.

    Lucky for us we had a cluster and used Double-Take, so the other node kept things going. But it illustrates clearly that we are living in a 24- by-7 world.

    The old 9-to-5 is no longer. The Web makes it 'round the clock and _many_ NT/2000 servers are intranet or web machines. That means business continuity becomes far more important. If for instance Nasdaq would fail, it would disrupt the financial markets and the world economy to some extent.

    Business continuity plans make sure there are always backups in place that can kick in and take over the load. This takes many forms. Making sure that your UPS is really uninterruptible, and that there is a backup for that UPS is just an example.

    But safeguarding your data is even more important in case a hurricane, flood, or other natural disaster wreaks havoc on a particular area. You need to have your data off-site in such a case. Your business continuity is too often an after- thought. It's always better to prevent the disaster in the first place.

    You basically cannot afford to wait until you are faced with a critical event to address the issue. You need to do it ahead of time. You need to accelerate and perhaps formalize the effort more. Grab your colleagues by their collar into a room where you can sit for 30 minutes and do this: "We got hit by a flood from the fire at the business next door. All servers are fried. How can we keep on going?"

    If you have NO IMMEDIATE ANSWER, it is HIGH TIME you check out Double-Take, and the Microsoft Web Seminar that explains how to do Disaster Recovery featuring Double-Take. All here:


    (This was inspired by an article in Computerworld June 26, 00. Grateful acknowledgements.)


    This Week's Links We Like. Tips, Hints And Fun Stuff

  • Paul Thurott digs up info about Microsoft's next-gen products. See the result at his Windows SuperSite:
  • UltraAdmin makes Pick of the week at Windows User Group Network. This is a good site: check out
  • Vote for your FAVE TOOLS! Very useful resource. See what your colleagues prefer:

    Q: We'd like to defragment our Windows 2000 Server's disks on a weekly basis, and would like to use the Task Scheduler or some similar system to do so. However, I am not able to find a way to make the MSC plug-in (dfrg.msc) run automatically, I can only make the console start up. Any ideas?

    A: Here is a freebie that claims it will do it. (I did not test)