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Sunbelt W2Knews™ Electronic Newsletter
The secret of those "who always seem to know" - Over 500,000 Readers!
Mon, Aug 14, 2000 (Vol. 5, #36 - Issue #210)
The W2K Admin's Black Book Is Here!
  This issue of W2Knews™ contains:
    • The Windows 2000 System Administrator's Black Book Is Here!
    • Microsoft Explains Licensing
    • Chat With Stu On Tuesday
    • DM/World is coming
    • Double-Take Makes It Into InformationWeek
    • STAT Secures New Batch of Vulnerabilities.
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The Windows 2000 System Administrator's Black Book Is Here!

Hi Everyone,

At the time I write this, the Black Book already broke into the Amazon Top 100. Would be great if geeks like us can push Harry Potter off its #1 perch!

I'm very happy to announce a book that will make your life a LOT easier. It provides everything you need to know to keep a Windows 2000-based network running smoothly and efficiently. This book is written for:

  • NT Administrators that (plan to) migrate to Windows 2000
  • Power Users who are new to the Windows 2000 OS
  • Anyone that needs hands-on Windows 2000 experience, and/or needs to study for their new W2K Certification

    This Black Book provides IMMEDIATE SOLUTIONS to, and IN-DEPTH analysis of your W2K administrative challenges. It's a real in-the-trenches problem solving guide and a complete W2K reference that helps you perform specific tasks, especially critical ones that are not well documented. More at:

    Having this book right next to your machine gets you background data on key W2K features, and detailed step-by-step instructions for W2K protection and system management. It contains informative illustrations, tables, tips and techniques for W2K configuration.

    This 700+ page book will help you:

  • Understand the differences between W2K and earlier NT versions
  • Get to know and deploy Windows 2000 Active Directory
  • Migrate from NT to W2K
  • Install and Configure Windows 2000 Server
  • Manage file systems and fault-tolerant configurations
  • Configure W2K protocols and network services
  • Gain experience with the new W2K administration tools
  • Optimize W2K Server performance
  • Secure a W2K system
  • Understand Intellimirror
  • Automate repetitive admin tasks
  • And a whole lot more.

    Here are some early reviews:

    "No wasted verbiage, no gratuitous editorializing, just solidly written reference material"

    "IMMEDIATE SOLUTIONS is what the cover says, and immediate solutions are exactly what you get. No timewasting, no schleppy tutorials, but excellent demonstrations on how to get things done!"

    And here is what Amazon.com has to say about it:
    "Windows 2000 Systems Administrator's Black Book is a must-have reference for system administrators and IS professionals who install, configure, and support workstations and servers on Windows 2000 networks, and who require a detailed guide to Windows 2000 security, start-up and shut-down, disk and file systems management, networking, Internet Information Server, and the Active Directory. Windows 2000 Systems Administrator's Black Book provides details of the upgrade process from Windows NT 4 and discusses integrating Netware servers and Apple Macintoshes with a Windows 2000 network. The accompanying CD-ROM includes all example projects from the book, code for managing the Windows 2000 Directory, and command line scripts that can be adapted by readers for their own use".

    It is rare that you can get a hands-on guide that was written with years of the hard-won experience of running both NT and Windows 2000 in a production environment. If you have been on the listserver for a while and like this free service, getting the book would be a nice way to show your appreciation .

    The level of the book is intermediate to advanced, and was written by experts with years of experience digging into W2K from its very earliest beta's. Sunbelt is so convinced that this book is an excellent value that we provide your with a 30-day money back guarantee. Use it once or twice and it will pay back for itself.

    Here is the page on the Sunbelt website where you can see some sample chapters and order via the Sunbelt online shop, and the link to Amazon if you'd like to buy it over there.


    And soon we will have some more cool books when we announce the Sunbelt BookClub. I'll let you know.

    'Always trying to make your life easier'

    Warm regards,

    Stu Sjouwerman
    Sunbelt Software
    (email me with feedback: [email protected])

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      NT/2000 RELATED NEWS

    Microsoft Explains Licensing

    Last week I made some unhappy noises about MS's licensing tactics regarding ghosting. They have made an attempt to clarify the rationale behind the way they do business. It's a special page they created and you can read it here. I'm still not quite convinced, grumble, grumble :-)

    Chat With Stu On Tuesday

    Join me Tuesday, August 15th at 12:00 noon (16:00 GMT) for a LIVE Expert Q&A. This is what the people of SearchWin2000 had to say to promote the Chat : "Stu has been on the cutting edge of the hi-tech industry for over 20 years, and has been working in the Windows NT/2000 market since mid 1995. Co-author of the brand new "Windows 2000 Administrator's Black Book." he is also the Editor and Publisher of The W2Knews E-Newsletter. Stu will be answering LIVE questions on the topic "Tools for Administering Mixed Windows NT/2000 Environments." Don't miss this opportunity to get your questions answered from a real pro!
    Join in on the chat. Don't forget you have to be logged on to participate - see you there!


    DM/World is coming

    Exclusive presentations & workshops. Three information-packed days of expert technical advice on automating the integration and deployment of Windows 2000 & Microsoft Exchange, and managing your existing Windows NT/2000 directories.

    FastLane Technologies is proud to host the 2nd annual 'DM/World conference, October 23 - 25, 2000, Toronto, Canada, in partnership with Compaq, HP, trainability, and Windows 2000 Magazine. This year's focus is on 'Winning Strategies for Planning, Designing and Implementing Large Scale Directory Management Solutions'.

    The conference covers such need-to-know topics as:

  • Best practices to expedite your Windows 2000 deployment projects
  • How to get more from your infrastructure planning
  • Key steps to integrating/deploying Microsoft Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange
    Once again, DM/World features a roster of top industry experts, including: Neil MacDonald (GartnerGroup), Jamie Lewis (The Burton Group), Peter Houston (Microsoft), Mark Minasi (MR&D), Sean Daily (iNTellinet Solutions/Windows 2000 Magazine), Joshua Konkle (Digital Knowledge).

    Registration will be limited to encourage active attendee participation. Click here to register now or call 1-800-282-2917

    Double-Take Makes It Into InformationWeek

    Double-Take is Sunbelt's #1 selling tool for High Availability and Disaster Recovery in-one. Recently InformationWeek also saw the benefits of Double-Take and wrote a short article about it. The message is that DT now also works on W2K servers that do not have to be identical.

    And this is what their ad sales guy sent to us: "Sunbelt Software is the type of company that executive, upper level business management, and IS/IT decision makers come to read about on our sites". Well, you can guess what _he's_ trying to sell ;-)
    Here is the URL:

    STAT Secures New Batch of Vulnerabilities.

    You all know that the rate of holes found in software is actually going up with all the new releases that are coming out. STAT is a great solution to 'cover your behind' and scan your own domains from the inside on a regular basis for vulnerabilities. STAT has a team of security experts that help you find and plug holes. Every month the new holes are updated and if you already own STAT, below is the update database you can get with the new holes to scan for.

    If you do not run STAT yet, it's h i g h time you should have a look at it. The stuff it finds is mind boggling and in quite a few cases very embarrassing. Better to find these first before some one else does.

    The latest Update Details:

    Update 7 to STAT Version 3.0 contains 12 new vulnerability checks, bringing the total number of vulnerability checks to 892.

    Update 7 includes two new configuration files, policy.dat and password.dat, that includes all vulnerabilities associated with account policies and passwords.

    Update 7 includes an additional print format (A4) for reports and an improved RTF format.

    Update 7 now has enhanced keyboard functionality, including scrolling through vulnerability checks with the up/down arrow keys, or scrolling through tabs with the left/right arrow keys.

    Update 7 includes new vulnerability checks for the SQL Server.

    Update 7 tests for files such as *.pwd and CGI files that have known buffer overflows that could allow arbitrary code to run.

    Update 7 tests for the latest patches for Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000. These patches prevent denial of service attacks or unauthorized access.

    Update 7 tests for the latest patches for IIS 4 and IIS5. These patches prevent denial of service attacks or unauthorized access.

    Update 7 tests for the latest patches in Internet Explorer as well as the new Internet Explorer 5.5 recently released. These patches prevent unauthorized access and information gathering.

    Update 7 tests for patches in Microsoft Office products that prevent unsafe scripts from running on NT 4.0 or Windows 2000.

    For STAT Customers: get your update here:
    For domains with holes, get yourself patched over here: