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Wed, Sep 27, 2000 (Vol. 5, #45 - Issue #219)
DataCenter Server Official Release
  This issue of W2Knews™ contains:
    • Windows 2000 Roll-out complete with Datacenter Server
    • StorageCeNTral: First Third Party DataCenter-Approved Tool
    • Supreme Court Pushed MS-case back
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Hi All,

Here are some short 'hot from the press' new items!

Warm regards,
Stu Sjouwerman

Windows 2000 Roll-out complete with Datacenter Server

Yesterday, MS finally officially rolled out Windows 2000 Datacenter Server. We now have a highly reliable and scalable player in the glass- house space of the bizz. Datacenter supports 64Gig of RAM and 32 CPU's. Steve Ballmer said that this new version is going to erode the SUN market. This is definitely their target and I'm fairly sure they will succeed eventually.

One of the MS group product managers said: "We're looking at two classes of customers, the more traditional high-end customers and the hosting market." And it is obvious that MS is also eying the ASP-market, but I have not seem many people make a lot of money in that space so this may not pan out. A lot of third party vendors jumped on the bandwagon, here are some links with more news:

Here is the MS-page with the announcements, as a few other '2000' products were released at the same time:

StorageCeNTral: First Third Party DataCenter-Approved Tool

Today WQuinn's StorageCeNTral becomes the first Quota Management tool to Receive IBM's Datacenter Solution Program Validation. Receiving this validation comes as further testimony to how WQuinn's patented StorageCeNTral real-time, disk management software can support large- scale Windows 2000 data centers. IBM Netfinity 8500R customers can confidently manage their Windows 2000 Datacenter Server content with StorageCeNTral's real-time quotas, storage usage reporting, trending, and file type blocking.

"As today's large enterprises turn toward Windows 2000 Datacenter Server deployments, high availability and high-speed access to mission- critical data will certainly be top priority," Najaf Husain, WQuinn's president and chief technology officer, says. "We are excited to help IBM Netfinity server customers achieve these priorities".

StorageCeNTral is the only patented Windows NT/2000 disk monitoring and reporting management software that, controls and screens disk utilization in real time; that reports on storage content and usage to ensure appropriate disk allocation, and that provides practically no server downtime. StorageCeNTral's patented TruStor I/O filtering technology enables IT managers to optimize their enterprise storage resource management in real time without sacrificing performance. 30-day Eval at:

Supreme Court Pushed MS-case back

The Wall Street Journal reported this morning that the Supreme Court gave Microsoft what it wanted: Its case is now going to be reviewed by the Washington Federal Appeals Court, which ruled in Microsoft's favor in an earlier case. This will delay a final judgment for at least another two years and it frees up the company to roll out its .NET initiative without interference from any judicial side.

Ballmer commented: "We have won a procedural step in the right direction". They are not there yet though, and there's going to be a lot of time and money going to be spent on this issue before it is resolved.

That's all for this quick update. See you Monday morning!

Warm regards,

Stu Sjouwerman
(email me with feedback: [email protected])