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Wed, Oct 11, 2000 (Vol. 5, #48 - Issue #222)
The Target Award Winners!
  This issue of W2Knews™ contains:
    • The Target Award Winners!
    • New MS-EXCHANGE 2000 Released: Important Features
    • Winners of the W2Knews Target Awards
    • Hot Show News
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The Target Award Winners!

Hi All,

I'm at the MEC in Dallas today, just attended the Keynote intro of Exchange 2000, here is the interesting hot show news, and the winners of the W2Knews Target Awards that many of you voted for.

See you next Monday,

Warm regards,

Stu Sjouwerman (email me with feedback: [email protected])


New MS-EXCHANGE 2000 Released: Important Features

First of all, Exchange 2000 was officially released just an hour ago. Surprisingly, this new version has so much new functionality you could see it as a webserver on steroids. You can build whole web- based collaborative applications in it now.

Some of the highlights (especially for administrators) of this new version are:

  • They waited with the release until they were 100% sure it was OK.
  • You can now have 3000 users per server instead of 1000: very attractive as you can consolidate to less servers: less headaches.
  • The 'move' tool in the ResKit can get 4000 users from one server to another overnight.
  • There are now multiple 'stores' or databases.
  • And you can use Windows Explorer to browse these.
  • There are already 250,000 seats deployed in production environments.
  • Instant Messaging and Real-Time conferencing are built in.
  • It can be extended to pocket PC's and even Cellphones.
  • It has a lot of the data cached locally for faster performance, and that means less Outlook reboots.
  • Everything will be Web (URL) addressable, it relies heavily on XML.
  • Single point of management will make Exchange admins's lives a heckofalot easier.
  • Quite a few (160) third party developers are busy creating apps for the new Exchange.

Winners of the W2Knews Target Awards

Today the Winners were announced. You have been voting for these since spring this year and after we did the tabulation of the votes (and weeded out some invalid ones as we allow only one unique IP address per vote) here are the results!

Category                      Product              Developer

Active Directory Management   Directory Analyzer   NetPro

Availability/Fault-Tolerance  Double-Take          NSI Software

Backup	                      Backup Exec          Veritas

Communications Management     RAS Manager          NTP Software

Disk Defragmentation	      Diskeeper            Executive Software

Disk Quota Management         Quota Advisor        WQuinn

Domain Mgment/W2K migration   DM/Suite             FastLane

Emergency (Disk) Management   ERD Commander        SysInternals

Event Log Mgment/Monitoring   Event Log Monitor	   TNT Software

Exchange Management           Exchange Admin       NetIQ

Network Traffic Monitor       Observer             Network Instruments

Network/ Domain Reporting     Domain Reporter	   Sunbelt Software

Performance Enhancement       AutoPilot            Sunbelt Software

Print Management              Print Manager Plus   SoftwareShelf

Remote Control                pcAnywhere           Symantec

Scripting/Automation          ScriptLogic          Inteletek

Security                      L0phtCrack           L0pht Heavy Industries

Software Distribution         WinInstall           Veritas

Software Metering             Express SW Manager   Express Metrix 

Tie  Storage Management       Storage Resource Mgr Highground

Tie  Storage Management       StorageCeNTral       WQuinn

System/App Monitoring         AppManager Suite     NetIQ

Undelete Tools                Fundelete            Winternals

User Management               Hyena                Adkins

Virus Protection              VirusWall            Trend Micro

And you will find all of them, including the runners-up over here until we do next year's vote. Thanks for your contributions!

Hot Show News

Here are a few short items of things I found interesting at the trade show. 180 vendors were there and presented their solutions.

  • MicroData Group announced Cameo V2.0 that both audits internal AND now external email for Exchange. It's a non-invasive type audit, (after the fact). You can select specific words like profanity or company related terms you want to monitor for. Runs from an NT WS or W2K Pro. Available in November 2000.

  • Disappearing, Inc presented a solution that really can get rid of email you do not want anymore. You may not know that sending an email does more than transmit a single copy to the recipient. It also creates numerous copies on mail servers and backup devices. That makes deleting all copies of an unprotected email message effectively impossible. Disappearing[tm] Email ensures that email messages expire accoring to the central policy that you set. Check them out at

  • OTG Software released a tool called EmailXtender that copies every email message to a centralized message center and can offload older data to near-line storage so it frees up space. You can also do a full test search of all email, protect your system from virus attacks and reduce message bottlenecks.

  • Messages with large attachments often contribute to network bottlenecks. To fix this problem, C2C Systems announced their MaX Compression that intercepts attachments and compresses them automatically before sending. When they arrive it decompresses transparently. Useful. check:

  • The Haaverson Corporation showed OProfile. It's an automated profile generator for MS Outlook. No more panic calls from end users that are confused about what to enter in the profile screen. In an Exchange environment, users can log on anywhere and Outlook starts without prompting for a profile.

  • Had a chat with the people from Raxco, that released their version of PerfectDisk which defragments not only files but also the data stores where Exchange files its data. They claim this online defrag can reclaim about 30% of the storage space and is much easier to use than the built-in Exchange tool. Note: you need free space >= 110% or your largest data store.

    In the newsletter coming weekend I'll go into some more technical detail on some other tools I found. Also, we'll announce the Sunbelt Windows 2000 Survival Kit that we put together for you.

    But for the moment, I'm back to the show!

    Later, Stu Sjouwerman