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Sunbelt W2Knews™ Electronic Newsletter
The secret of those "who always seem to know" - Over 500,000 Readers!
Tue, Jan 30, 2001 (Vol. 6, #6 - Issue #240)
The First HTML Version
  This issue of W2Knews™ contains:
    • Managing Internet Usage
    • Curing Network Performance Headaches
    • W2K and Whistler MCSE Certs Interchangeable
    • SuperScout Check Point FireWall-1 Edition Delivers Unprecedented Network Protection
Cyberslackers spend hours, consuming large amounts of network
bandwidth window-shopping & making purchases. Online shopping
sites see 80% of their traffic during business hours. Don't let
them get away with it. Easily Monitor, Block, Report & Manage
employee Internet use. Take control! Download SurfControl's FREE
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Managing Internet Usage

Hi All,

As I announced last week, here is the first HTML issue that we are sending out. It's a test, but I decided that instead of wasting bandwidth I'd send you something useful instead. In this first (shortened) HTML version I'm looking at the problem of managing Internet Usage, and the pitfalls and beartraps connected with it!

Let me know what you think about this new format?

Warm regards,

Stu Sjouwerman
(email me with feedback: [email protected])

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Curing Network Performance Headaches

If you're in charge of your company's computer network, the Internet can be a high-maintenance headache. Non-work related surfing eats up precious bandwidth, can threaten your network integrity and is dogging performance. SurfControl, named 'number one market leader in corporate Internet access control software' by IDC can be pretty useful.

SuperScout3.02 stops your users from 'cyberslacking', optimizes bandwidth, and reduces the risk of legal liability and virus damage that can result from uncontrolled Internet access. As an admin running NT/W2K, SuperScout 3.02 quite simply makes employee Internet use easier to manage.

The breakthrough feature I like in this product is its uniquely fine-grained Precision Bandwidth Control. This feature pinpoints access to particular file types, not just Web content in general. With such bandwidth-gobblers as streaming audio and video out of the way, you won't need to request costly system upgrades so frequently.

With SuperScout 3.02 you can also:

  • schedule regular category list updates during low-usage periods.
  • automatically create customized reports on Internet activity for speedy analysis and action by management, and schedule automatic delivery via email or the web.
  • get real-time snapshots of activity, color-coded, scrollable and hyperlinked for instant insight into who's surfing where, now!
  • SuperScout's Pass-By product with advanced packet sniffer technology lets you carry out all the above activities without impacting network performance.
  • Quick and easy to install, SuperScout Version 3.02 is ready for active duty within 24 hours.

SuperScout 3.02 allows you to get Internet content management under control. The simple verdict - it's going to save your company money, and save you time and hassle. "Get the Cure" and free yourself from admin chores. Check their website at:


W2K and Whistler MCSE Certs Interchangeable

Paul Thurott's WinInfo site reported some good news today. In the Sunbelt Communities MCSE discussion list, this question has come up several times. When I now start cramming for the W2K exams, will MS nix these again and obsolete them when Whistler comes out?

Well, it's good news. The Whistler MCSE exams will be completely interchangeable with the W2K ones. Microsoft will probably retire the W2K Certs at a time in the future, but if you now study for W2K your certs will not expire because of Whistler being released. No retests either! The whole story is here:


SuperScout Check Point FireWall-1 Edition Delivers Unprecedented Network Protection

A recent nationwide survey shows that up to 60% of employee Internet activity includes visits to unproductive, inappropriate and potentially dangerous sites. For you this poses an increased risk of legal liability for your organization. Add exposure to viruses and security breaches, and it's no wonder that System Admins are very motivated to protect their domains.

I found something useful: SuperScout Check Point FireWall-1 Edition, the only filtering product on the market that seamlessly integrates to FireWall-1 OPSEC SDK 4.1 certification standards, guaranteeing complete product compatibility. It's also the only one that provides a complete Internet access management solution. It includes UFP Caching, unique real-time monitoring and detailed reporting.

As employees surf various web sites, SuperScout for FireWall-1 caches the site's category, reducing the number of category requests made by the firewall and thus reducing the chance for the firewall to shut down. Other features allow automatic downloads of new sites in various categories and the addition of custom sites to categorization.

Moreover, SuperScout for FireWall-1 offers the industry's only real-time monitor for fast analysis and troubleshooting of network congestion. With SuperScout Monitor & Reporter (installed on a separate NT station behind the firewall), you can instantly see which employees are surfing - and where - and can even hyperlink to the sites being monitored.

With SuperScout for FireWall-1, you'll be able to create and send customized reports automatically and schedule regular database maintenance. In short, this comprehensive tool enables you to define, manage and enforce your company's Acceptable Internet Usage Policy with superhuman ease. Here's the link to check out: