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Thu, Mar 1, 2001 (Vol. 6, #13 - Issue #248)
Heavy Data Lifting
  This issue of W2Knews™ contains:
    • Server Migration, the System Admin's Bane
    • Windows On A Mainframe, We're Finally Here
    • Appeals Court Blasts Judge In MS Case
    • Secure Copy V3.0: Helps Heavy Data Lifting
  5. W2Knews 'FAVE' LINKS
    • This Week's Links We Like. Tips, Hints And Fun Stuff
    • Cisco Press Computer Networking Essentials book
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Server Migration, the System Admin's Bane

And here is your next HTML issue. We've had tons of good feedback but we're still improving, so send us feedback. Some small items to begin with, Microsoft confirmed that there is NO direct upgrade path from NT to WXP and that you would have to go NT -> Win2K -> WXP.

However, a whole bunch of you that are running the beta's like it a lot and -would- use it in a business environment, so I guess that all of you will need to look at it when it comes out and make that choice for yourself. We'll spend a lot more time with XP in the future and I'll be able to get my hands on a lot more technical detail.

And server migration is one of the things no one really likes to do but it's one of those 'if I don't things will get worse' type jobs. The new version of Secure Copy will help you get it done fast, and in a secure way. Read on!

UNDO Dept:

  • In the last newsletter I said that MS has half of the webserver market. But it's 50% of the (much smaller) WebHosting market. MS's share of webservers on the whole Internet is about 20-25% depending on how you count.
  • Previous SBS were licensed the same way as the new SBS 2000. SBS 4.0 was limited to a maximum of 25 users, then a forced backoffice upgrade. SBS 4.5 increased the users to 50.

    Warm regards

    Stu Sjouwerman
    (email me with feedback: [email protected])

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    Windows On A Mainframe, We're Finally Here

    Took Gates about 10 years longer than he planned, but yesterday a small press release came out that I picked as something we should look at as an important milestone. Unisys and MS told the world about their latest successful benchmark running W2K Datacenter and SQL2K on a 16-CPU Unisys ES7000 system. OK, it's a small mainframe but still? [grin].

    So, what were they running? One of the largest ERP applications: SAP. They simulated a workload of 10,400 mySAP.com users with an average response time of 1.83 seconds. That's pretty darn good actually. Up to now, this kind of performance used to take very high end Unix server.

    Gordon Mangione, vice president for SQL Server said: "This result shows that with the Unisys ES7000, Windows 2000 Datacenter Server and SQL Server 2000, everything needed to meet the requirements of the most demanding SAP installations is in place and proven." What Microsoft of course means to say is that you are no longer required to buy a much more expensive Unix solution to run SAP.

    Some Pretty Impressive Hardware: The Unisys ES7000 used as the database server in the benchmark test was configured with 16 700-MHz Intel Pentium III Xeon processors, 8 Gbytes of memory and 16 Mbytes of level three cache. The server ran SAP R/3 Release 4.6C. CPU utilization was 99 percent. Forty-nine Unisys [email protected] Enterprise Server ES5085s, each with eight 700-MHz Intel Pentium III Xeon processors and 4 Gbytes of memory, were also used in the test. CPU utilization on the application servers was 62 percent. Total disk space used was 880 Gbytes.

    The Unisys test configuration was connected over a Giganet cLAN VI network using cLAN1000 host bus adapters and cLAN5000 8-port cluster switches. Giganet cLAN network supports the Virtual Interface (VI) Architecture, which enables application servers to communicate with database servers at very high speeds with ultra-low latency. The benchmark was conducted at the Unisys performance laboratory in Mission Viejo, CA and has been certified by SAP AG.

    The Unisys ES7000 was designed for the future Intel Itanium processors, and the ES7000 line uses Unisys Cellular MultiProcessing (CMP) architecture. This same CMP technology is also sold by Compaq, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Hitachi and ICL. The ES7000 accommodates up to 32 Intel Pentium III Xeon processors, which can be field-upgraded to Intel Itanium processors when that technology becomes available or combined with Itanium processors in the same server. These advantages enable the ES7000 to match the performance of UNIX systems in enterprise-class e-business and other critical applications at a fraction of the price.

      NT/2000 RELATED NEWS

    Appeals Court Blasts Judge In MS Case

    Some publications go into every detail about the Microsoft case. Not W2Knews. But now and then there is a development that is important enough to report on. This is one of them. The split-up verdict that Judge Jackson gave last year was reviewed by the Appeals Court in Washington these last two days.

    They asked a whole lot of very critical questions to the government's lawyers. The Panel was very unhappy with Judge Jackson's behavior in the case and at some points it looked like the Judge was on trial himself. From what experts concluded it seems he will be taken off the case completely. The panel also hinted that a breakup was not so likely, as it would not solve the original problem. The government's case got a bloody nose at both days of hearings.

    The Appeals judges were openly skeptical regarding the allegedly illegal 'tying' of the browser with the OS, but did have a series of sharp questions for the MS lawyer about the web of exclusionary contracts trying to maintain its monopoly. It is likely that a good deal of the government's case will fall but that part of the monopoly charges will stand. The breakup seems unlikely, but from what I can see at this point there will very likely be 'conduct remedies'.

    All in all, no reason to actually worry. Business as usual. Continue working on those W2K migration plans [grin].


    Secure Copy V3.0: Helps Heavy Data Lifting

    Small Wonders Software just released the latest version of their popular server consolidation software, Secure Copy(tm), version 3.0.

    Secure Copy allows you to copy files and directories on NTFS partitions while keeping the security intact, creating shares and migrating local groups. Small Wonders Software has included Microsoft Cluster Server support, multiple copy destinations, enhanced scheduling options and the ability to include and exclude file types from the copy to this new version.

    V3.0, added a pretty powerful new feature: multiple destination copying, so you can copy files from one source server to multiple destinations - all in the same job. This new feature's ability to replicate data to multiple machines around the network is especially beneficial for websites and project data. Also included in the new release is the capability to schedule a saved job to run at specified intervals, without having to be logged on in order for your scheduled jobs to run, a must for the busy administrator.

    In addition, Secure Copy, version 3.0's new functionality allows admins to include and exclude specified file types from their copy job, making it easy for those wishing to exclude "TMP" files, or only copy "DOC", and "XLS" files. Most of V3.0's enhancements were suggested by existing customers. You should check this puppy out over at:


    This Week's Links We Like. Tips, Hints And Fun Stuff

  • Osborne/McGraw-Hill: Great one-stop shop for technology resources.
  • NT back to the MCSE Pool! The whole article on SearchWindows2000.
  • Want to break into the Security Consulting market? Get GIAC Certified

    Cisco Press Computer Networking Essentials book

    One of the long time contributors to the Sunbelt Communities NTSYADMIN list has written a very useful book. If you want to know more about CISCO or pass the exams, you should get a copy of this book. It's finally available on Amazon, and the link below gets you there in one click. The title is Computer Networking Essentials, by Debra Littlejohn Shinder, ISBN 1587130009

    This book is designed as preparatory material for the Cisco Networking Academy. It covers much more ground than Microsoft's Networking Essentials and is non-vendor specific; Windows, Linux/UNIX and Macintosh operating systems are addressed, as well as technologies such as VPN, thin client solutions, remote access, network hardware and cabling, network design, and much more.

    Deb tried to make this book a comprehensive overview of networking that could serve not only the Cisco program, but as preparation for beginning MCSE students and those preparing for the Network+ exam. Warmly recommended!