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Sunbelt W2Knews™ Electronic Newsletter
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Mon, Apr 2, 2001 (Vol. 6, #22 - Issue #257)
Sunbelt Launches Services Organization
  This issue of W2Knews™ contains:
    • New SunPoll: Your Fave OS?
    • Sunbelt Launches Services Organization
    • W2K2 Licensing Changes / Product Support Phase outs
    • Win X Support Phase Outs
    • New WinUpdate
    • Cybercrime - You Can Team Up With The FBI (USA only)
    • Make a Six Figure Income with your CCIA Certification
    • Super Happy Event Log Monitor Camper
  5. W2Knews 'FAVE' LINKS
    • This Week's Links We Like. Tips, Hints And Fun Stuff
    • Exam 70-220, Designing Security for a Windows 2000 Network
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New SunPoll: Your Fave OS?

Hi NT/W2K-ers,

I'm keeping the column short this time: The new SunPoll and the announcement about our new Services Division. Here is the latest SunPoll:

"What do you consider the most compelling OS of the next 5 years? (whether or not you intent to use it)"

  • Windows 2000/Whistler
  • Windows ME
  • Linux
  • Solaris
  • Some other OS
Vote here, the left column has the SunPoll. No religious wars please ;-)

Next, I invite you to read the Tech Briefing about the new Services Division we are launching. We may be able to help you out getting your projects done before those dreaded deadlines.

Warm regards,
Stu Sjouwerman
PS, the work on your Profile is almost done!
(email me with feedback: [email protected])

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Fix Them Holes: For Security's Sake!
The message is clear. You simply -have- to apply the hotfixes on both
NT and W2K. Apart from vulnerability scanners, here is a -really- useful
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Visit SPQuery: Automated Fix Of Security Holes for more information.

Sunbelt Launches Services Organization

We all know you guys are under pressure. Lack of budget and time are the # 1 and 2 problems, but in the same breath the lack of IT manpower is always mentioned as well. And then there are deadlines for urgent projects. It's always the same old song. And since the word deadline starts with the word 'dead', there is some urgency that comes down from top management.

Guess the picture is painted clearly. Especially for mission-critical projects that cannot stand any downtime. Well, Sunbelt comes to the rescue. We are launching our Services Division to help you out installing popular tools we carry. It's actually already been running since Q4 last year but now we're ready to come out in the open after the bugs have been ironed out.

Take a look at our Installation Services
I'm inviting you all to have a look at the new page where we describe what we can do for you. And make sure to check out the million dollar smile of Julie Seijo. She is the Services Coordinator you'll be talking to :-) You should have a look at this page, just so that you know what the new installation services are that we now offer, and the cost of it.


W2K2 Licensing Changes / Product Support Phase outs

It looks like MS is going to make a change in the way W2K2 (Codename Whistler) will be licensed. They are looking at demoting W2K Server to be a small business product (with built-in limits) and want to have everyone standardize on W2K Advanced Server. Brian Valentine said as much at the WinHEC conference this week.

They also plan to create a new sort of license for webfarms that use large racks with lots of servers-on-a-board on top of each other which are called "blades". As you know, W2K Advanced Server with 25 Client Access Licenses costs 120 percent more than W2K Server with the same number of CALs, so they will have to modify their prices to get away with a standardization on W2K AS. Sunbelt runs its own webservers on W2K AS for the simple reason that this puppy can be clustered.

Win X Support Phase Outs

Still using Windows 1.x through 3.x? Or W95, Windows for Workgroups or versions of DOS up to V6.22? Well, it's going to get cold out there at the end of this year. No more Redmond support. And in the summer of 2003, they are planning the same thing for Win NT Workstation and Windows 98. I do not care about all the old W9x stuff, but I object to phasing out support for NT WS that early. There are many machines still running NT4 and they should at least extend support for NTWS through summer 2004 or 2005. Write your MS-rep!

New WinUpdate

Also, in WXP there will be an new version of the Windows Update. This time, home users will have the option to have the OS patched, updated, and Service Packed all transparently via the Net. It will also have a humongous repository of 'MS-approved drivers'. Nice for home use. But in production environments MS better allow a simple opt-out. I don't want no friggin automatic updates on my business boxes until I see what the fix is and what it does. How 'bout you? :-)

In case you haven't got the info yet, the Win2K fix for the stolen Verisign certificates is available at this URL on MS's site:


Cybercrime - You Can Team Up With The FBI (USA only)

The FBI/NIPC is beginning a group called InfraGard. There are groups in about 25 major cities. FBI Agents are coordinating founding local chapters. The purpose is to share knowledge and coordinate defense. For chapters near you, check out the following link:

Make a Six Figure Income with your CCIA Certification

The buzz around Cisco certification goes like this: "If you're a CCIE, you can write your own ticket -- and plan to earn in the six figures." This new survey done by TCPMag.com bears that out to some extent. Not only did they find that CCIEs on average earn in the six figures, but they reported larger bonuses, a greater number of stock options, more paid training -- and higher job satisfaction.

But CCIEs make up only a small portion of the total number of Cisco certified professionals in the world. Most of you reading the results of the first annual TCPmag.com salary survey fall somewhere short of the CCIE in your certification efforts. In fact, most of you, if you hold any Cisco title, are CCNAs. There is hope though. Check the survey!

Super Happy Event Log Monitor Camper

This is the actual email we received from Bruce:

"I am blown away with the ELM software! A little history.....maybe it will come in handy for future sales. In July of 2000, we made the decision to purchase and install Computer Associates NetworkIT product. After paying approx. $8,000 for the product, we paid another $19,000 to a consulting firm to come and install, configure, test and perform some knowledge transfer on the product. This 10-day project proceeded to take 30+ days, at which point we decided we'd be better off ourselves without the consulting firm.

"That was the first of September. As of yesterday, I still had 80% of my initial objectives to meet with NetworkIT. At noon today, I installed ELM to take another look at what gaps it could fill in that NetworkIT was having such problems doing. Utterly amazing....by 2pm today, only 2 hours after begin to configure the product, I had ALL BUT 20% of my objectives met, with ELM alone! Another hour later, and I had several of my secondary obectives met, things I had completely given up with under NetworkIT!

"I had to call tech support for one question about syslogs, and they fixed it within 5 minutes. I'm floored. So, I need some pricing on this baby. One console on Windows 2000, and 40 agents for NT/2000 Servers. If I'm close to a price break, let me know, as I'm purchasing servers at the rate of about one per month right now.

"In addition, I want to verify licensing for SNMP and syslog events. It appears that ELM is licensed per number of console and gents. I have many routers and switches that I want to report to the console via syslog and/or SNMP. Do these need to be licensed in some manner as well?"

Bruce Westbrook.

Here is the brand new updated ELM webpage with the latest features:


This Week's Links We Like. Tips, Hints And Fun Stuff

  • The best MCSE and Cisco Certification Boot Camps. Told Ya so.
  • Vending Machines go high tech. Pay via your cellphone.
  • MS developed a TabletPC running WXP. Here's the specs, check 'em out.

    Exam 70-220, Designing Security for a Windows 2000 Network

    Exam 70-220, Designing Security for a Windows 2000 Network tests the skills required to analyze the business requirements for security and design a security solution that meets business requirements. Security includes controlling access to resources, auditing access to resources, authentication, and encryption. Ideal for you, professionals looking for comprehensive self-study materials to get you through the exam successfully. Years of publishing in this category has shown us that the most asked-for type of study information comes in the comprehensive, study-at-your-own-pace package. New Riders Training Guides, with their objective coverage, emphasis on hands-on knowledge, and practice exams, are an ideal tool for this audience. $35.99 in the Sunbelt Bookclub.