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Sunbelt W2Knews™ Electronic Newsletter
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Thu, May 3, 2001 (Vol. 6, #31 - Issue #266)
How To Get Your Job Done Faster: W2Knews Marketplace
  This issue of W2Knews™ contains:
    • My New Book Is Out!
    • How To Get Your Job Done Faster: Use W2Knews Marketplace
    • It's Official! Whistler Server Is Called Windows 2002
    • Hole A Truck Can Drive Thru in W2K - You Gotta Fix This One
    • Restoring NTFS between NT and W2K? Don't Lose Your Data!
    • Altiris Acquires Carbon Copy From Compaq
  5. W2Knews 'FAVE' LINKS
    • This Week's Links We Like. Tips, Hints And Fun Stuff
    • ORDER YOUR COPY EARLY: Windows 2000 Power Toolkit
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My New Book Is Out!

Well, May 11-th. You can pre-order now at Amazon.com and be sure that you will get a copy of the first print. ONLY in the first print, there will be a free full function copy of AutoPilot for Windows 2000 included. So, I suggest you actually pre-order as this first print will go very fast.

Publishers only print something like 10,000 copies of books like this on the first go-around. In the back of the book is a Coupon with a special code.

That Coupon allows you to download your full function W2K performance booster for free. And Amazon has cut off 10 bucks to begin with, so the cost is just $39.99. But the value of the software is $497.50. Pretty good deal: Book & W2K Booster. (By the way, you get a version for NT too). A new independent review showed very good results using AutoPilot. And if you want to see what AutoPilot can do for your box, check:

At the very end of this issue, you'll find some more detail about it, but you can also click here right now and make sure you reserve your copy. Want to show me you like the newsletter? Here's your chance. ;-) Check:

Another brand new development is the W2Knews marketplace. You should read the Tech Briefing about it. It's a great new place to get quotes from vendors and save a lot of time getting your projects done. Read all about it. There's lots of exciting news this time!

Warm regards,
Stu Sjouwerman

PS: This Connected Home Express newsletter is pretty cool. I got one of the first copies and I like it a lot.
(email me with feedback: [email protected])

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How To Get Your Job Done Faster: Use W2Knews Marketplace

OK, so what is a Marketplace? These things are really a gathering place of buyers and sellers in specific markets. It's also sometimes called an "RFP center". We have sent invitations to thousands of companies in our particular field to list themselves in different categories on the W2Knews Marketplace. This has already started. They describe what they do, and what services they can provide to you.

Next, when you need hardware, software or a project done, go to the W2Knews marketplace, and describe what you need in a so called Request For Proposal (RFP). This is free. Companies listed in the Marketplace for the kinds of thing you need, get alerted and they can create a proposal for you. You'll likely get a few quotes from different vendors. This is a win-win. You get free and fast quotes. The vendors do not have to hunt for business. Works excellent for everyone. And you come visit W2Knews so it's good for us too.

These kinds of marketplaces are already doing well in other segments of the economy, so we thought that this was a good way to get all of you in the Microsoft space together, and save everyone time. W2Knews is very excited about this new opportunity to provide you with even more time saving help. You guys are the real heroes, we're here to try to help improve the conditions of your work environment. Want to check it out? Go here and see how this works in the space for NT, W2K and other related IT technologies and services:


It's Official! Whistler Server Is Called Windows 2002

Forget about the code name Whistler. It's now Windows 2002 for the server versions. MS has (pretty much as expected) settled on the official name for its next generation of W2K. They announced it just this Monday at a Los Angeles Gartner Group conference.

In general, this was an expected move. The tradition started really with Windows 95 and went up from there. The only exception is the name Windows XP which will be the new desktop for both the home and the business replacement of W2K professional.

And as planned, WXP will ship second half this year, and I really expect W2K2 not earlier than Q1 2002, despite announcements it will arrive second half 2001. They need to do more work on Active Directory so I'm relatively sure their current time table will slip. Other MS-officials have already indicated this might be the case. W2K2 is currently in its second beta test, and at least a third beta is expected before it gets Released To Manufacturing (RTM).

Hole A Truck Can Drive Thru in W2K - You Gotta Fix This One

Microsoft last Tuesday issued a security bulletin and patch for its W2K server to prevent hackers from taking control of Web sites running W2K. This flaw was so big it pushed back the release of W2K Service Pack 2.

Microsoft spokesman Jim Desler stated "a serious vulnerability in the ISAPI extension -- which was designed to enable Internet printing -- could be used by hackers to take over a site. MS strongly urges all IIS 5.0 server administrators to install the patch immediately. They are right. You need to fix this one for sure.

The flaw was discovered by software security company eEye Digital Security of Aliso Viejo, Calif., and reported to Microsoft. They came back with a fix in about 10 days which is relatively quick.

The latest development code of eEye's Retina was able to find a buffer overflow within the .printer ISAPI filter which provides W2K with support for the Internet Printing Protocol. IPP allows for the web based control of various aspects of networked printers.

eEye provided Microsoft with a working example exploit that when ran against a web server would, in a matter of a few seconds, bind a cmd.exe command prompt to a port on a remote IIS 5.0 web server so that a remote attacker could then execute commands with SYSTEM level access and therefore have full control of the vulnerable machine.

Download the patch from here. (Sunbelt patched all its systems today).

Restoring NTFS between NT and W2K? Don't Lose Your Data!

More and more of you are now using W2K, looking at Microsoft's sales figures. But coming from earlier versions of Windows, you need to be careful. Especially with your backups. Why? Paul Helpern ran across this little but very important bit of info that sits in the W2K online manual and sent it to me. Here's the quote:

"You can use Backup to back up and restore data on either FAT or NTFS volumes. However, if you have backed up data from an NTFS volume used in Windows 2000 it is recommended that you restore the data to an NTFS volume used in Windows 2000, or you could lose data as well as some file and folder features. For example, permissions, encrypting file system (EFS) settings, disk quota information, mounted drive information, and Remote Storage information will be lost if you back up data from an NTFS volume used in Windows 2000 and then restore it to a FAT volume or an NTFS volume used in Windows NT 4.0."

There are more very useful things here, and it's searchable so will save you a lot of time. Here's the link that will take you straight to that MS-website.


Altiris Acquires Carbon Copy From Compaq

Altiris announced today they acquired Carbon Copy, a leading remote control and file transfer solution, formerly owned by Compaq Corp. Carbon Copy lets a user on one PC to control the mouse and keyboard and transfer files on another PC across a network or serial or parallel connection. Carbon Copy is sold through distribution and through Compaq's direct sales force. Altiris will maintain the Carbon Copy brand and will integrate it into its eXpress line of IT Lifecycle Management products. The other Remote Control developers better take notice, Altiris will probably do better with it than Compaq did, as they can focus better on a remote control tool than a behemoth like Compaq where products like these often do not get the attention they deserve.


This Week's Links We Like. Tips, Hints And Fun Stuff

  • Interview with Gartner Research VP about Microsoft "Security Blind Spot"
  • I subscribed to this free new e-zine. All Connected Home stuff. Love it.
  • Did you know Sunbelt's Communities have a popular SQL forum? Sub here:

    ORDER YOUR COPY EARLY: Windows 2000 Power Toolkit

    You can now order your W2K Power Toolkit via Amazon.com! And if you make your reservation right away, they will ship the book+CD to you the moment they get their big shipment in on the 11-th. W2K power toolkit assist you in the analysis, tuning, optimization, automation, enhancement, maintenance, and troubleshooting of Windows 2000. Barry and I show you how to use operating system utilities, Resource Kit applications, and third-party tools to help you accomplish everyday and advanced W2K system tasks. And with it, comes a free permanent full function copy of AutoPilot for Windows 2000, a very popular performance booster tool. You'll find a coupon in the back of the book that allows your free download of this tool. This is a value of $497.50 for a 2-CPU server thrown in at no cost. Your Link: