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Mon, Jun 4, 2001 (Vol. 6, #40 - Issue #275)
Office XP Cracked Already
  This issue of W2Knews™ contains:
    • Never A Dull Moment
    • A Real DDoS Attack Will Shut Most Of Us Down
    • World-wide Server Sales Market Shares
    • Licensing Issues Overshadow OXP Launch
    • Office XP Cracked Already
    • New Product for Group Policies: FAZAM 2000
  5. W2Knews 'FAVE' LINKS
    • This Week's Links We Like. Tips, Hints And Fun Stuff
    • Exchange 2000 Server: The Complete Reference
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Never A Dull Moment

Hi NT/W2K-ers,

This last week of May was again an interesting one. I learned something about Distributed Denial of Service attempts, and got word that OfficeXP was already cracked.

It's all below in the news!

Warm regards,

Stu Sjouwerman
(email me with feedback: [email protected])

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A Real DDoS Attack Will Shut Most Of Us Down

Some of you may know Steve Gibson. He's a longtime programmer and a well known developer of disk tools like 'SpinRite' in the eighties. He's more into Internet security these days, with his Shields-up! and tries to protect and educate Internet users about the misuse and hacking that is possible. Some hackers got angry with him, and decided to show him he's defenseless. And one really IS against these attacks, unless your name is Microsoft and you have about a zillion superfast OC148 internet connections they simply cannot flood. The strategy is to start talking to your upline NOW and ask them to put filters in place against these kinds of attacks.

Steve Gibson wrote an open letter on his website where he completely and unconditionally surrendered. You should read this and learn from it. He's got two pages with a good explanation of why one is really defenseless against this kind of attack. You should plan with this in your Disaster Recovery Policy, and get in touch with your ISP. The upshot is as follows, and I'm quoting Steve in the following two paragraphs:

"Today, it is generally true that an Internet data packet may be generated by any computer connected to the Internet, may enter the network at any location, and will be immediately routed to any destination machine specified. Only the Destination IP address is examined - no concern is given to the packet's Source IP address - and no record of the packet's route of travel across the Internet is retained. The packet's Source IP is the only statement of the packet's origin.

If an Internet data packet were carrying an incorrect Source IP, no router or system on the Internet would know or care until the packet arrived at its destination. The Internet's massive data traffic, its dynamically changing multi-way interconnection complexity, the lack of individual packet routing history, and the TOTAL RELIANCE upon a packet's Source IP as the specification of the packet's origin, combine to provide nearly perfect anonymity for the originator of "Spoofed Source IP" packets."

This means, 450 zombie machines with spoofed IP's can attack a site with garbled packets, and basically shut down access for every one else. Unless, these kinds of DDOS attacks are filtered out by your ISP and their upline. Start talking to them now.

Here's the link to Steve Gibson's page:


World-wide Server Sales Market Shares

IBM: 26.8%, Sun: 17.3%, Compaq: 13.9%, HP: 12.7%, Dell: 7.2%

The total sales of world-wide servers over Q1, 2001 (This is all servers, including Unix but a large percentage with W2K pre-installed) fell with 1.8% year over year to 12.04 Billion dollars. You may be aware who the Big 5 are, but not many people know their relative market shares. Hewlett Packard had the biggest drop, said the report from Gartner DataQuest. HP sales went from 1.72B to 1.53B which is 11% down year over year. That gets them down to #4.

Compaq's sales went 8.3% up, and that got them a total of 1.67B and the #3 slot. IBM's total sales were still #1 with 3.23B which inched up 1.3% compared to Q1, 2000. Number two in the worldwide game is Sun Micro with flat sales of 2.08B year over year. But just this week, Sun warned the markets that the current quarter would stink.

So, the market is sputtering a bit, but the leaders are fighting hard for the top spots. HP's market share fell from 14.1% to 12.7%, but Dell's share went to 7.2%, up from 5.2% a year earlier.

Licensing Issues Overshadow OXP Launch

I have been talking about this in a few earlier issues, and the press in general has been jumping on it too. The bottom line is that MS is on a long-term, strategic move to go from a "Selling Boxes" model to a "Subscription-based" one. It means you pay per year for a license, unless you freeze your environment into the latest rev. MS looks enviously at AOL, and wants to do the same thing. AOL just announced they will UP the monthly fee a few bucks. Guess what that will do to their bottom line? Hundreds of millions of dollars will flow straight to it, without any effort. Whereas MS needs to sell tons of boxes for the same result. Not to say that makes me happy, but MS shareholders will certainly be. eBay also just announced that their Auction Assistant is now going to be monthly fee based, claiming providing upgrades for free is no longer sustainable. InfoWorld just reported about the Office XP launch with the resulting backflash re the licensing. Here is the backgrounder they provided. Recommended reading, as this has an immediate relevancy for all us system managers that support Office in some fashion on our NT/W2K networks.

Oh, and the latest buzzword in Office are "Smart Tags" which are simply XML links, really.

Office XP Cracked Already

I was just sent the following email. Name withheld on request:

"I find it amazing that MS put so much effort into forcing registration and locking down Office XP to prevent piracy and yet just yesterday I was given a copy of Office XP pro with Frontpage and it was "Cracked". Now while I don't use pirated software nor do I have the need to do so. I did have to install it to see if what I was told about the CD was true. And I'll be darned if it wasn't. I put the CD in and the MS Installer kicked in asked me for a long CD Key and BOOM it went about its business. I filled in my installation choices I chose upgrade 10 minutes later I was running all of the applications. In the MS Office tools menu I saw the option to activate my software I clicked it and I got a Message state my products were already activated. I tried this online and offline, win 98 and win2k everything went flawlessly. Now I have removed the pirated software from my machine but I am concerned. Why was all of that extra registration done? Will the price come down for the future releases of MS products? Now I must say I am very impressed with the new Office XP, but I don't think I will be recommending my company purchase at the current price. In fact, if support for my Office 2000 products expire, as I have heard, I may just start a transition to Star Office, for my company. The staff and admin don't care as long as they can get the reports done."

You can draw your own conclusions about this one.


New Product for Group Policies: FAZAM 2000

Running Active Directory in a production environment, or close to it? Now HERE's a way to plan, deploy and manage Group Policies way more efficiently and save SO much time with W2K. If you do not know what GPO's are, this product is not for you. If you do, read on! You'll love this product. FAZAM 2000 (made by FullArmor) provides you with management and analysis of your Group Policy Objects (GPO's), which everyone agrees are a major headache in the more advanced environments. Some of the most advanced W2K/AD deployments in the world are standardizing on Fazam 2000. An example is

Product Features
Let's cut through the hype. Technology plays a critical and measurable role in your company's survival. W2K based IT infrastructure can dramatically improve overall business performance. If done right. You need some third party tools to get that really done. Enterprise policy management simply is needed in mid- to advanced W2K environments. FAZAM 2000 complements and enhances Microsoft's policy management initiative.

Use FAZAM 2000 to simplify Group Policy with:

  • Resultant Set of Policies: Provides Resultant Set of Policies (RSoP) or the set of effective policies that apply to a user when logging on to a machine.
  • Multi-Forest/Multi-Domain GPO Replication: Ability to create GPOs in one domain and replicate them to other domains and forests.
  • Reporting: Allows you to view detailed reports on GPOs in Active Directory through MMC console or Web Browser.
  • Automating Administration: Allows you to script the backing up, importing, and reporting of GPOs.
  • A Policy-Centric view of Active Directory: Provides a view of Active Directory with Group Policy links and filters.
  • Back Up, Restore, and Import: Allows you to back up and restore individual GPOs on a domain including filters and links.
  • Policy Auditing & Diagnostics: Provides you with the ability to perform remote diagnostics from a central administrators' console.
Product Benefits
Why Group Policy? W2K's Group Policy is proving to be one of the most attractive features that the new operating system offers. Group Policy not only offers you a greater level of manageability over your environment but also the ability to lower TCO significantly.

Plan & Deploy Group Policy
Once you've made the decision to reduce TCO and increase manageability across your enterprise by implementing Group Policy, the next step is to plan for and deploy Group Policy across your enterprise. This critical step will not only help you manage group policies in the long run but can ultimately determine the amount of success that will be achieved down the road.

Manage Group Policy
Once you've completed your Group Policy rollout you will need to manage Group Policies throughout your enterprise to enjoy true TCO savings. By managing Group Policies you can achieve a higher level of control over your networks and save tremendous amounts of time. How?

  • FAZAM 2000 reduces the process of manual RSoP generation from days/hours to seconds.
  • Multi-Forest/Multi-Domain GPO Replication: FAZAM 2000 eliminates the need to recreate policies when you want to use the same policy in multiple domains or forests. Provides a mechanism for moving policies between domains, which can not be done manually.
  • Reporting: FAZAM 2000 speeds troubleshooting and provides formatted documentation on Group Policy settings throughout the enterprise.
  • Automating Administration: Provides a consistent repeatable process and eliminates the need for administrator intervention.
  • A Policy-Centric view of Active Directory: FAZAM 2000 saves an admin from endless hours of manual right-clicking through every OU in a namespace trying to determine where GPOs are linked. Additionally, FAZAM 2000 provides a graphic representation of the policy structure, which can speed planning and troubleshooting.
  • Back Up, Restore, and Import: Ability to roll a GPO back to a prior state on an individual basis. Additionally, FAZAM 2000 provides the ability to create templates of GPOs which can then be used as a standard for creating new policies.
  • Policy Auditing & Diagnostics: Provides administrators the ability to perform remote diagnostics on enterprise desktops from a central admin console. By eliminating the need to visit each workstation for troubleshooting, the service levels of helpdesk operations can be greatly improved.
Download your 30 day evaluation of FAZAM 2000 here:

This Week's Links We Like. Tips, Hints And Fun Stuff

  • Internet Service Provider PSInet files for Bankruptcy Protection
  • Here's the trick to delegate the Unlock Account right
  • "E-mail virus hoax makes users do the dirty work"

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