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Sunbelt W2Knews™ Electronic Newsletter
The secret of those "who always seem to know" - Over 500,000 Readers!
Mon, Jul 16, 2001 (Vol. 6, #52 - Issue #287)
VOTE For Your Fave Tools!
  This issue of W2Knews™ contains:
    • VOTE For Your Fave Tools!
    • The Technical Viewpoint: Retina Security Scanner
    • MS Backing Off Desktop Restrictions
    • MS Licensing Deadline Pushed Back!
    • New Security Vulnerability Scanner Tool!
    • What's new in Ideal Administration 3.5?
    • IT Professional - Arm Yourself
    • Reader Feedback on Recent Freeware
  5. W2Knews 'FAVE' LINKS
    • This Week's Links We Like. Tips, Hints And Fun Stuff
    • Cisco Certification
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VOTE For Your Fave Tools!

The 2001 Target Awards are here. Again, as in 1999 and 2000, we have (now even more) categories where you can vote for your fave tools. This time we included Best and Worst Tech Support. This is going to be interesting, and just like last year, you can see the results in real time. Here is the link. VOTE NOW!


And Sunbelt is expanding further. We opened up our office in Holland a few weeks ago, and now it is Sweden's turn. You can reach us on the new address below. And I have included a few lines in Swedish for our thousands of readers there.

"Sunbelt software är Europas ledande nischdistributör av tredjeparts verktyg för NT/2000. Våra återförsäljare kan genom detta erbjuda konkurrenskraftigare konsulttjänster och skapa bättre vinstmarginaler. Ni är välkomna att kontakta oss för mer information om vår verksammhet I Sverige. / Magnus Lindegren"

Sunbelt Software Sweden
Klövervallsvägen 13b
18752 Täby
Tel: +46 (0)8 5144 3160
Fax: +46 (0)8 5144 3161
Sales: [email protected]
Support: [email protected]

Warm regards,

Stu Sjouwerman (email me with feedback: [email protected])

SecureIIS protects Microsoft IIS Web servers from known and unknown
It wraps around IIS and works within it, verifying and
analyzing incoming and outgoing Web server data for any possible
security breaches. SecureIIS combines the best features of Intrusion
Detection Systems and Conventional Network Firewalls all into one,
with very low overhead. Cost? Just $495. Download your eval copy here:
Visit PROTECT YOUR IIS-BASED WEBSERVERS for more information.

The Technical Viewpoint: Retina Security Scanner

This article was written by Chad Kemmerlin, he's VP Tech at Sunbelt Software, and has reviewed the new security scanner we're intro- ducing in this newsletter.

"Something happened the other day that is pretty unusual for me. I got a new piece of software that TOTALLY impressed me. :-) Sunbelt has picked up a new security tool called Retina. This tool is developed by the guys at eEye that recently revealed that large security hole in IIS:

These guys have definitely done it right when it comes to security scanners.

Retina is a tool that is at the top of my list for several reasons. One of the biggest is that it can scan multiple OSes for vulnerabilities. It scans NT/2000, UNIX and hardware such as routers and switches. This alone is impressive. Even STAT at the moment is unable to scan UNIX and hardware. It also doesn't limit itself to just the OS. Retina scans IIS including common applications that run on IIS such as ColdFusion, mail servers, and various other common apps. Probably the best way to describe Retina is a total software package that can scan and secure any network.

A quick feature list includes the ability to scan any machine whether it is local or over the Internet, accurately fingerprints the OS, scans NT/2000/Unix/hardware, can automatically fix vulnerabilities found and gives you full reference to the CVE/Bugtraq data, auto update via the click of a button, scans multiple machines simultaneously and has the ultimate in reporting. You can choose a complete report with ALL data, an executive report, technical reports or you can customize them however you like. On top of all that, Retina has CHAM (Common Hacking Attack Methods) so that you can set Retina to attempt to actively hack your network and report the findings. Truly impressive.

Best of all, the code is so tight and the interface so intuitive that you can have it installed and a report back in less than 10 minutes. Did I mention that Retina is one of the fastest scanning tools I've seen? As you probably can see, I REALLY like this product. Check it out and you will too.


MS Backing Off Desktop Restrictions

You probably all know that one of the things MS was being hit for, was the fact they did not allow OEM's to change the desktops. That means really plug the icons on it the OEM would like. And that could mean icons of competitors of MS, like AOL.

Well, MS said yesterday that it will now allow OEMs whatever icons they like on the desktop, and even remove access to the MS browser in Windows XP if they wanted to. This change in licensing contracts is the first concession that MS makes after the recent Court of Appeals ruling. CEO Steve Ballmer said: "We recognize that some provisions in our existing Windows licenses have been ruled improper by the court,"

Looks like MS is trying to show some remorse and prepare the road to get settlements in place. Also, they are taking some precautions to make sure that WXP will not get delayed. And this morning it was announced that one of the 19 States that backed the antitrust lawsuit actually did settle with MS. New Mexico backed out and said they would no longer support the government suit.

And in the mean time, MS also announced it would actually beat Wall Street expectations and though it's taken a big loss on its own investments, its fiscal Q4 revenues will be better than expected. The result was that Nasdaq jumped significantly. Details here:

MS Licensing Deadline Pushed Back!

MS just gave business customers another five months to upgrade to the new Office XP in their new (protested) licensing plan, a company executive confirmed Thursday. You will now have till Feb. 28, 2002, instead of the original Oct. 1 deadline, to make the change as part of the new MS "Software Assurance" licensing program.

Software Assurance contracts basically commit you to buy OS and APP upgrades at a discounted rate on a regular basis. This instead of purchasing the upgrade when you decide you need it. This new program is good for outfits that upgrade their software frequently, but if you upgrade less frequently, it's going to cost more. Here's the article:


New Security Vulnerability Scanner Tool!

You are all aware that Sunbelt has had Security tools for a long time. One of these is STAT, and we still carry that. Recently we looked at the whole security category again, (during our Target Awards research, and found another tool called Retina that we thought would be a really excellent addition to our product line. Retina has some features that no other vulnerability scanner has at the moment, the licensing is simple and a pretty darn good value. So, here is a teaser, as all the details and an impressive eval are downloadable from our website.

"Did you know that firewalls and intrusion detection systems do not provide 100% protection against hackers? These tools are reactive in nature: they only protect you when someone is actually trying to hack into your network. What you also need is a product that proactively helps you secure your network.

Retina was designed by eEye Digital Security to identify known and unknown vulnerabilities, suggest fixes to identified vulnerabilities, and report possible security holes within a network's internet, intranet, and extranet environments.

The product's patented technology eclipses the capabilities of the past generation of security scanners and employs a unique artificial intelligence engine that allows the product to think like a hacker or network security analyst attempting to penetrate your network.

Retina is a best-of-breed scanner supported by powerful features that are attractive to the network administrator and the security consultant alike. eEye has committed to making Retina the most feature-rich scanner available in the market today".

End of the teaser - [grin]. I actually suggest you have a look at this tool, even if you already may run a vulnerability scanner like STAT, ISS Scanner, Cybercop or WebTrends. This tool is really something else. For instance, you can mount your own attacks. How? Check out Retina over at:

What's new in Ideal Administration 3.5?

You may remember I discussed this tool once before. It's in the same category of utilities as Dameware, Hyena and UltraAdmin. But the new version of IdealAdmin has some unique features I thought you would like. This product is distributed by a well known and veteran company in system administration in Europe: Amosdec in France.


  • New user interface: a new Explorer-like window allows you to quickly access your network objects.
  • Home directory management: create user home directory while creating/modifying a user account. Assign permissions, manage several configurations.
  • Shared folder management: create shared folder while creating a user account. Assign permissions, manage several configurations.
  • New Windows 2000 user management: manage more user Win2K properties, possibility to directly create a user account into an OU.
  • Manage shortcuts: you can create shortcuts on domains/servers/ computers which you often manage.
  • Manage "unbrowsable" domains: you can configure a computer name or an IP address for managing a specific domain.
  • Multi-selection: send a message/stop several machines at one time.
  • Copy files before creating a NT/2000 service/device: select files/directories to copy before creating a service/device. Do that on one or several computers!
  • New MS Exchange 5.5 management: container and mailbox list, possibility to create/modify/remove mailboxes. List of the mailboxes assigned to a user account!
  • User Password Migration: new user password migration - from Windows 2000 to Windows 2000 or from Windows 2000 to NT
  • Organizational unit management (only on Windows 2000): list/create/remove
  • Windows 2000 group management : list/create/delete, possibility to affect Windows 2000 groups to a user, possibility to directly create a user group into an OU.
More specs and an eval-copy download over here:

IT Professional - Arm Yourself

Us IT professionals have it rough - constantly combating cyberslackers, hackers, worms, viruses... the list goes on. I bet you wish there was a way to have complete control over how others use (or abuse) your network resources. Well there is, with SurfControl's SuperScout Web Filter.

SuperScout Web Filter is market leader in Internet filtering, and helps you manage exactly WHO is doing WHAT, WHEN and WHERE on the Internet. By doing so, you'll be able to prevent certain employees from visiting sites, or categories of sites, that either sap network bandwidth (MP3s, videos), expose your company to legal liability (porn, gambling), compromise productivity (shopping, making travel plans) or subject your network to harm by introducing viruses transmitted by questionable file downloads.

SuperScout Web Filter goes to battle for you by monitoring and recording all TCP/IP protocols, including HTTP, FTP, Telnet, News and more, without affecting network performance. SuperScout Web also lets you dictate multiple levels of access, so you can determine and enforce which specific employees, departments, locations and groups should be permitted to access which types of Internet content - and when. You'll also be able to run regular automated reports on Internet activity, to see, and prove, exactly what's going on. You can grab a free 30-day trial over here:

Reader Feedback on Recent Freeware

This is what Percy Traquino at ICL had to say about Print Queue Manager Lite:

"Fantabulous product I must say. I am a Systems administrator, and being able to see and manage all available printers in one view is something I would never have thought possible. Thanks for the always helpful emails. Regards -- Percy --

You can still get your free copy over here. It is on the same page as the normal 30-day eval, but do not get confused. Just fill out the form and you'll see both of them there to download, the eval and the freeware.


This Week's Links We Like. Tips, Hints And Fun Stuff

  • Microsoft security chief and raw sockets in Windows XP from the Register
  • Vote for the 2001 W2Knews Target Awards and see which tools are cool
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