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Mon, Oct 29, 2001 (Vol. 6, #83 - Issue #318)
Powerful Mailbox Management
  This issue of W2Knews™ contains:
    • A New E-Zine Family Member
    • Change Of Role: Protect, And Keep Up & Running
    • Ballmer On XP
    • First XP Patches already available
    • Powerful New Exchange Mailbox Management Tool Released
  5. W2Knews 'FAVE' LINKS
    • This Week's Links We Like. Tips, Hints And Fun Stuff
    • Server+ Certification Training Guide
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A New E-Zine Family Member

Thanks very much for all your feedback. Almost 90% thought it was a good idea to create a separate e-zine for Windows XP with a more small business and consumer oriented content. So we decided to do that, and continue with your normal W2Knews as it is today. The new e-zine will be up and running in a few weeks, and of course you will be able to find it at www.winxpnews.com.

Could you let me know what type of information you'd like in the new WinXPnews? In W2Knews we have your familiar sections like the Tech Briefing, NT/W2K related news etc. But let me know what XP specific sections you'd like to see in the new WinXPnews?

When we are ready you will all receive an invitation to OPT IN to WinXPnews, you will NOT start receiving this automatically. I'll give you the heads up when we are ready.

Warm regards,

Stu Sjouwerman (email me with feedback: [email protected])

A new virus made it through the filter, a fired employee has emailed
something really bad, an electronic greeting card propagates and brings
the server to its knees. What to do? Up to now there was NO solution to
selectively clean out mailboxes company-wide. But CAMEO Recon can scan
the entire Exchange Information Store looking for matches, and you can
delete, copy, and/or strip off attachments. All invisible to users. A
powerful tool, can scan thousands of messages/hour. 30-day eval here:
Visit BRAND NEW MAILBOX MANAGER for more information.

Change Of Role: Protect, And Keep Up & Running

Recently, some one made a remark on the NTSYSADMIN list server that made me realize he was right. System Administrators no longer just have the job to only keep the servers and networks up & running. There is something that is an undercut to that. It really is the protection of your networks that comes first.

And while securing your own networks, you can do a bit of protecting of other people's networks as well. You may now know this, but the recent spate of worms has not been fully eradicated. If you look at your logs from Internet Information Server you will see that still thousands of infected machines are out there. How's that possible?

I just read an article by Mark Minasi, a well known NT/W2K Guru who took the time to trace back a few machines that were still trying to infect other boxes. In many cases these are machines that are run by people not even aware they run a web server. In other cases, they are servers in large web-hosting farms that were not fixed. Very sloppy in both cases. Like walking around with a highly infectious disease.

Like I said before in this newsletter, if you run W2K server, IIS is automatically installed. You are running a web server even if you are not aware of it. Mark gave a fast trick to find out if any of your systems actually is running IIS: Fire up IE and in the Address field, type "http://localhost" and press Enter. If you get a Web page or a dialog box asking you to enter your name, password, and domain, then -- whoops -- You may be responsible for worm propagation.

It's a drag for two reasons. One is the worm that may be very harmful, and second the Internet bandwidth it grabs could be quite large. Now, you do not want to be responsible for either. I agree with Mark that we all have a public responsibility to keep our systems up to date and clean. Please forward this message to any colleagues you think it might help. Educating everyone is step number one in this fight.

There are many tools around to scan for these worms, and utilities to protect your networks. Here is a sampling of a few that may help:


Ballmer On XP

With Gates announcing XP in New York with the normal hoopla, Ballmer was in London giving his viewpoints which actually are an interesting view on how Microsoft thinks about it. Ballmer said that if you are already deploying W2K you should stick with it: "Those people may push off a Windows XP rollout to some time way in the future." Sane advice. Here is the full article from InfoWorld that I think is worth at least scanning through.

First XP Patches already available

And if you are deploying WinXP in your environment, the first patches are already available via the Windows Update site. Paul Thurrott on his WinInfo site has a good article about these updates. As you know, MS counted on WinXP to be a consumer product with an easy way to get new updates down to the user level. So it was to be expected that MS is making a wide range of XP product updates available via the Windows Update Web site.

Paul said that a MS spokesperson told him the other day: "One of the advantages of Windows XP is its ability to be dynamically updated -- giving users updates without making them wait between service packs or for the next version. Today's launch demonstrates this capability: Even as the product is becoming available to users for the first time, a variety of updates are already available."

There are hundreds of new XP certified device drivers, a new XP compatibility update gives new XP users support for more than 40 new apps, and XP users can update Windows Movie Maker to version 1.2, which features a new, near DVD-quality movie resolution that offers better compression and support for the Windows Media Video 8 (WMV 8) format. Microsoft also updated its popular PowerToys. The full article is here: (recommended)


Powerful New Exchange Mailbox Management Tool Released

CAMEO Recon is an extremely powerful tool for Microsoft Exchange that permits you to easily manage the content of user mailboxes in a way that simple was not possible before.

Product Features

CAMEO Recon allows you to can scan your entire Exchange Information Store including all your users? folders (Inbox, Deleted Items, Sent Items, Calendar, Notes, etc.) looking for matches you specify. That can either be a directly entered word or phrase, or you can create a detailed Critical Word List of up to 200 words and phrases.

Best of all, you can initiate actions on matches messages in mail boxes and you can either delete these messages, or copy the message for review , or strip off the attachment that was included with the matched message or any combination. All actions are invisible to users.

Cameo Recon works with Exchange 5.5 or Exchange 2000. You can perform Advanced policy operations but also on-demand searches to handle unique problems. It searches the entire Information Store. This means every folder in every mailbox: Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items, Drafts and Deleted Items. CAMEO Recon even searches the Calendar, Contacts, Journal, Notes, and Tasks. CAMEO Recon even searches any user created subfolders.

Searching can be based upon an individual mailbox, a distribution list, an organizational unit, a server, or the entire organization. Any individual component of messages can be searched (To, From, Subject, Body, Attachment Name, cc, etc.) or all components can be searched. CAMEO Recon is licensed on a per-administrative console and per mailbox basis.

You can already see the benefits of course. Cleaning out mailboxes for a new virus that made it through the filter, yanking a disparaging email that was sent to everyone by a fired employee, killing a chain email letter that is being forwarded to everyone, you name it.

Performance is optimized yielding scans of 30,000 - 60,000 messages per hour. CAMEO Recon was built with Visual Basic and Visual C++ in additional to substantial use of Assembly Language for maximum performance. If you are running Exchange, this is a utility you really want in your toolkit, because you may never know when the $#!+ hits the fan. List price starts at just $995 for 1 admin license and 500 mailboxes. Get your 30-day eval over here:


This Week's Links We Like. Tips, Hints And Fun Stuff

  • Marathon and Stratus have created Fault Tolerant W2K hardware. Here is the Stratus story on how they did it. Warning, this is technical stuff:
  • ConnectedHome Magazine has a pretty cool Virtual Tour online:
  • This puppy runs Windows on Linux. By the guy who founded MP3.com:
  • There is a new version (V3.2) of the free MS hole scanner available:

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