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Sunbelt W2Knews™ Electronic Newsletter
The secret of those "who always seem to know" - Over 500,000 Readers!
Mon, Jun 10, 2002 (Vol. 7, #43 - Issue #374)
A VCR For Your Network?
  This issue of W2Knews™ contains:
    • Hardware Prices Are Dropping Like A Stone
    • A VCR For Your Network?
    • MS Comes Out With New Security Web Initiative
    • This One Infects Linux and Windows
    • Latest Biggish MS Security Update: June 1st
    • What Are The MAY 2002 Top Ten Best Sellers?
    • SecureIIS 2.0 "Soft-Launch"
    • Retina Security Scanner Competitive Upgrade Announcement
  5. W2Knews 'FAVE' LINKS
    • This Week's Links We Like. Tips, Hints And Fun Stuff
    • Not A Book, But A Really Cool Electronic Device
  SPONSOR: Altiris
Migrating to Windows 2000/XP? How quickly can you assess your
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Hardware Prices Are Dropping Like A Stone

Consumer PC hardware sales last month were really low, actually the worst in four years. This is good news. But wait, it gets better. Intel is coming out with a new generation of chips in July. And what is creating the "perfect storm" for voracious consumers like us (either home or corporate) like us, inventory levels are instead of the normal 3-4 weeks to a whopping 6-7 weeks. All these elements coming together look like an astrological chart that spells doom for the vendors, but is heaven for buyers.

So, if you were waiting for a good opportunity to replace your home machine and get a WinXP box, or want to get rid of a bunch of old 200Mhz workstations in the office, discounts will be higher than ever before, and pricing will likely drop even further in July, but then go up again. So timing is everything (as usual), use it to your benefit!

PS, MS now did release the beta of SP1 for WXP, so expect that to go gold in the near future.

Warm regards,
Stu Sjouwerman (email me with feedback: [email protected])

  SPONSOR: "pcAnywhere Killer"
"I have used remote programs for the past 8 years. Mostly we have
deployed Symantec's PC Anywhere for remote administration. However,
Symantec's price 179.00 dollars per PC make it virtually impossible
to sell to our small to mid size company market. Thus this put me on
the hunt to find something that was not only price effective for
deployments but offered the same set of tools. I tested everything known
to man until I ran across this little puppy in W2000mag. I downloaded
it, spent a month testing it trying to kill it or turn up some kind of
issue we would run into in the field. Guess what, that's right we didn't
find ANYTHING wrong with it, in fact its at least 4 times faster, uses 3
times less bandwidth than PC Anywhere and in fact than any other product
we have ever tested. Why do I rate this product so high? Because it
does everything that PCA does at a tenth of the cost. Don't believe me?
Go download the demo and see for your self!" - Volunteer User Review.
Visit "pcAnywhere Killer" for more information.

A VCR For Your Network?

Your company depends on you to keep its systems running smoothly and securely at all times. Unfortunately, the origins of most security or performance issues ? whether due to malicious acts, user non-compliance or simple bandwidth misallocation ? are under the "surface" of your network.

We have something truly unique. A "VCR for your network". It is called Iris and records traffic but also makes the screens visited visible so you can play back where some one was and what they did.

Iris is a highly sophisticated but simple-to-operate network traffic analyzer. Iris allows you to easily examine the inner workings of your network, making the detective work of pinpointing a security breach or resolving a performance problem quick and effortless.

Iris is built with three key unique features:

  1. Quickly Decipher Raw Data
    Iris takes network traffic and returns it to its original format with the simple click of a button. With Iris, you'll be able to read the actual text of an email ? as well as any attachments ? exactly as it was sent. Iris will reconstruct actual html pages and even instant messaging communications.
  2. Record & Playback Network Traffic
    Iris functions similar to a VCR, recording communications data traveling across your network and playing it back at a later time or in real time. Iris allows you to take traffic captured in one area of your network and play it back in another to perform such tasks as stress- testing your network, verifying service levels, and monitoring apps in development. You can perform data mining functions such as searching for key words or reviewing traffic statistics for a complete analysis of the saved traffic.
  3. Comprehensive Statistical Measurements
    Iris provides a larger variety of statistical measurements than any other traffic analyzer available, providing information on protocol distribution, top hosts, packet-size distribution and bandwidth usage. By regularly analyzing how systems are being used, you can proactively identify ? and take steps to eliminate ? issues before they can result in major downtime for your users. You'll also be able to better maximize bandwidth across the network, reallocate resources and more effectively plan for future growth.
      For more information on Iris and to download a self-running demo (this is 11 minutes and a GREAT time saver), please visit:

MS Comes Out With New Security Web Initiative

They announced some new middleware running on W2K that will allow you to share web server data in a more secure manner, with either business partners or customers. They are calling it TrustBridge and we expect to see it next year. This (still vaporware) allows you to share user identities across business boundaries, Microsoft said. An electronics vendor for example, could give its customers access to its systems by sharing user hardware inventory data. Keep in mind that this stuff needs both Active Directory and Kerberos.

This One Infects Linux and Windows

The Simile virus infects Portable Executable (PE) and ELF files on both Windows and Linux operating systems. The V1.0 version of the virus does not carry a malicious payload, although infected files could display messages on certain dates. Further mutations may be less benign. Full description at:

Latest Biggish MS Security Update: June 1st

They just came out with their "1 Jun 2002 Cumulative Patch" update which eliminates all known security vulnerabilities affecting Internet Explorer and MS Outlook/Express as well as six new vulnerabilities, and is discussed in Microsoft Security Bulletin MS02-005. Install now to protect your computer from these vulnerabilities, the most serious of which could allow an attacker to run code on your computer.


What Are The MAY 2002 Top Ten Best Sellers?

  1. Double-Take: Double-Take provides real-time (and open file) data protection, reducing downtime for Windows NT and 2000 networks. It is an industry leading "two-in-one" type of product as it provides both High Availability and Disaster Recovery.
  2. UpdateEXPERT: The Ultimate Service Pack and Hotfix Manager for Windows XP/2000/NT
  3. Sunbelt Remote Administrator: Sunbelt Radmin is a superfast, award winning remote control program. You can take over one or more remote systems, and even daisy chain them! The truly crucial features are all there: superfast remote control, file transfer, NT security, telnet and multi-language support. The price is ridiculously low.
  4. ELM Enterprise Manager: ELM Enterprise Manager gives IT admins and managers the power to see the health and status of distributed systems with a single glance. ELM Enterprise Manager is a client/server application that automates a variety of the administrative functions required for monitoring and managing Windows-based servers and TCP/IP systems/devices.
  5. Trusted Enterprise Manager: Consolidate, automate and delegate NT/2000 management tasks across NT/2000, Exchange and WTS with complete task auditing and dynamic management from within comprehensive reporting views.
  6. Script Logic: ScriptLogic is the highest rated graphical enterprise logon script for NT/2000.
  7. QuotaAdvisor: Windows NT/2000 User and Share Disk Quota System
  8. Retina: Tired of being vulnerable to hackers? Need to do penetration tests on your own networks? Don't have enough time to keep up with the latest security vulnerabilities? Behind on installing the latest patches on your Web server? Or just tired of dealing with network security in general? Need to scan "from the outside in" for holes? Let Retina do the work for you... NEWS: Retina was just chosen as the best scanner in the market by Network World Magazine.
  9. SecureIIS: Protects Microsoft IIS (Internet Information Services) Web servers from known and unknown attacks. SecureIIS wraps around IIS and works within it, verifying and analyzing incoming and outgoing Web server data for any possible security breaches. It combines the best features of Intrusion Detection Systems and Conventional Network Firewalls all into one, and it is custom tailored to your Web server.
  10. PestPatrol: A powerful anti-hacker utility that finds and eliminates hacker tools, spyware and trojans from your personal computer or corporate network.
And they are all here:

SecureIIS 2.0 "Soft-Launch"

Developer eEye Digital Security will be officially announcing SecureIIS Application Firewall 2.0 next week. As you know, SecureIIS is the first-ever application specific firewall to guard against Microsoft IIS holes. All of you that have Microsoft web servers should be using SecureIIS. If you are not, this is an excellent opportunity to check out this simple, robust, and proactive security solution. eEye is doing a "soft-launch" to existing SecureIIS customers and they ask you upgrade to SecureIIS 2.0.

While it is not urgent to transition right-away, this is your opportunity to be on the cutting-edge of IIS security and start enjoying the new benefits they have built into SecureIIS 2.0, like:

  • New Graphical User Interface
  • Centralized Policy Management
  • Real-Time Statistics / Charting
  • Flexible Exporting of Log Data
  • and much more!
For complete information about SecureIIS Application Firewall, please visit:

Retina Security Scanner Competitive Upgrade Announcement

eEye is formally announcing a competitive upgrade program for all users of major competitive products, including: ISS Network Scanner, Symantec Netrecon, NAI Cybercop, Harris' STAT, and NetIQ Security Analyzer. This will allow all current enterprise-level users to upgrade to eEye's Retina Network Security Scanner for a discounted price.

Retina, the award-winning vulnerability assessment and remediation tool, enables you to proactively guard against intrusion by regularly testing the integrity of your networks to uncover and fix potential security weaknesses.

The competitive upgrade program will permit registered users of competitive products to significantly save, through the end of July, on the purchase of Retina based on the number of IP addresses that require scanning.

Please note, Network Associates is no longer supporting CyberCop users with regular updates and has announced the discontinuation of their product line. Fast Facts:

  • Offer valid for licensed enterprise-level customers of competing products from ISS, Symantec, NAI, NetIQ, and STAT
  • Offer ends July 31, 2002
Call your Rep or Reseller for the discount levels:

This Week's Links We Like. Tips, Hints And Fun Stuff

  • A piece of software that makes your Pocket PC into a REMOTE CONTROL!

  • http://www.w2knews.com/rd/rd.cfm?id=020610FA-Remote_Control
  • Dysfunctional Road Usage Instructional Movie. Turn up the sound.

  • http://www.w2knews.com/rd/rd.cfm?id=020610FA-Road_Usage
  • "Perfect Gifts for Imperfect Dads". The Wailing list:

  • http://www.w2knews.com/rd/rd.cfm?id=020610FA-Perfect_Gifts
  • This techie built a megapixel digital camera from a flatbed scanner. Really.

  • http://www.w2knews.com/rd/rd.cfm?id=020610FA-Digital_Camera

    Not A Book, But A Really Cool Electronic Device

    So, I skipped two issues because I was moving from my old place to the new house and was living out of boxes. But we're back and with a bang! I was finally able to get my hands on something I wanted for a long time: replace that old clunky VCR we had. I decided for the TIVO, and it's really cool for a very affordable price. (This is USA only for the moment, but I think stuff like this will filter through to EU soon)

    The model I got has up to 60 hours of program recording capacity, (depends on the hard disk compression you choose though). One of the cool features is the ability to pause live broadcasts and either resume a program where you left off or return to real time. For example, while watching live sporting events, you can replay the last eight seconds of the action. You can then return to the live broadcast at any time. And with the remote, you can rewind and fast-forward pretaped programs and easily skip through recorded commercials. Setup was about an hour and really easy to do.

    It comes with all the necessary cables for setting up the HDR612, including a 50-foot phone line and splitter. You don't need a separate phone line; simply connect the splitter to the wall, connect your phone and receiver cable to the splitter, and you're in business. The phone line is used for downloading TV listings, recording shows, and receiving TiVo's Suggestions feature and TiVolution Magazine, which offer guidance and recommendations on the best programs to watch. After the initial download, the receiver spends about five minutes updating your programming data each night, or you can do it manually once a week. This thing looks at what you like and starts recording stuff that it thinks you may want to watch. It's this week's "Stu's Warmly Recommended". Here's a link to Amazon where they sell this thing:


    Here is a link to WIRED that discusses the differences between Tivo and SonicBlue's ReplayTV.