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Mon, Jul 22, 2002 (Vol. 7, #51 - Issue #382)
New Security Baseline Standard
  This issue of W2Knews™ contains:
    • MS Avoids Tech Gloom - Announces .NET Architecture Center
    • Need To Scan For Holes In Windows and Unix/Linux?
    • Win2000/NT Essentials: AD, Exchange, .NET and more
    • New Security Baseline Standard For W2K WS
    • Active Directory "Light" Version
    • Print Manager Plus (PMP) Slashes Network Printing Costs
    • Dirt Cheap Special: QuotaAdvisor 5-pack for $2,495
  5. W2Knews 'FAVE' LINKS
    • This Week's Links We Like. Tips, Hints And Fun Stuff
    • Configuring IPv6 for CISCO IOS
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MS Avoids Tech Gloom - Announces .NET Architecture Center

Redmond provides a sliver of hope in the current tech carnage as they said the revenues grew 10% in their fiscal Q4, and 12% for their fiscal year that just ended. Expect the stock price to go up again as investors flee to the few safe spaces left in this market. Revenues were coming mainly out of core desktop-software products, Server-related software, XBOX titles and MSN.

The new MS 6.0 licensing plan has definitely helped with these new figures. Total revenues rose from 25 to 28 Billion year over year. A slight improvement in the PC industry and the strong position MS has, allow it to make money even in tough times.

They have also created a center to evangelize the new .NET stuff. It's an Architecture Center that gives developers online resources that cover building blocks and operational best practices to build secure and strong apps. You can find it over here:

Warm regards,

Stu Sjouwerman (email me with feedback: [email protected])

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Need To Scan For Holes In Windows and Unix/Linux?

Well, many people do not know this, so here is a little tech briefing on a product that actually does this.

Retina runs on Windows NT/2000 and XP platforms, but, unlike other scanners, it is not limited to scanning only Windows networks. In fact, Retina has the ability to scan all types of operating systems for vulnerabilities, including Unix-based operating systems (Solaris, Linux, *BSD, etc.) as well as networked devices (such as routers and firewalls) that run "home-grown" operating systems. Retina includes vulnerability auditing modules for many systems and services such as NetBIOS, HTTP, CGI and WinCGI, FTP, DNS, DoS vulnerabilities, POP3, SMTP, LDAP, TCP/IP, UDP, Registry, Services, Users and Accounts, password vulnerabilities, publishing extensions, and more. Retina also supports the auditing of wireless networks.

Retina currently has more than a 100 checks that are Unix specific. These include audits for multiple Sendmail vulnerabilities, as well as for SSH, Apache, and other stock and optional packages which users may have installed. Check it out at:

Win2000/NT Essentials: AD, Exchange, .NET and more

If your job involves Windows and network administration, Active Directory, Exchange, security, .NET, or all of the above, then the SearchWin2000.com service is designed for you. Activate your free membership TODAY to gain access to a library of useful and relevant Windows 2000 resources such as:

  • Live Webcasts with industry experts.
  • Searchable Windows 2000 White Paper Library.
  • Ask the Experts with 952 questions answered. Get your questions answered today.
  • Windows 2000 Technical Newsletters, and more!
Don't miss this useful, free industry resource. Click here now for more information:

New Security Baseline Standard For W2K WS

A bunch of U.S. government organizations and security companies have put together a set of criteria that they think is the absolute minimum security level. The outfit that publishes these is called the Center for Internet Security. They recently wrapped up the W2K WS platform. CIS put together about 500 tests, which you can run on any box and will show you if that machine complies with the minimum security baseline. They hope to make their customers run this and create a "security barrier" for themselves and their business partners. More platforms will be announced in the future, like the Cisco IOS. You can download the analysis tool over here:

Active Directory "Light" Version

Well, well. MS will start selling AD separately from Windows. It will of course stay part of the OS, but will be available next year as 'Active Directory in Application Mode'. It's the LDAP flavor of AD, and it is tailored for webapps. With this puppy you do not have to go through the hassle of building a whole server, make it a domain controller and services like Kerberos, DNS or PKI.

And believe it or not, the AD in APP mode can be synched up with AD on your LAN. For obvious reasons [grin] it will not run on other OS-en but only supports Win .NET server or WinXP Pro. (nice gesture from MS for developers). Competitive products from Novell and SUN will start feeling the heat now. And in APP mode will become available 30 days after Win .NET server will be released. And we expect that one before the end of the year.

Another juicy tidbit is that MS said it is inevitable they will merge their directory and database to form a 'universal data store'. Early next year we will see Microsoft Metadirectory Services (MMS) as the first iteration of this concept. MS sees the future as AD and SQL being ONE. Better put your seatbelts on.


Print Manager Plus (PMP) Slashes Network Printing Costs

The PMP developer announced that they received Windows XP Logo Certification. Additionally, a new suite of reports has been added to the award winning product, including key reports which show the total cost of printing/savings in detail. These reports are vital in helping reduce the cost of printing that has gone up wildly over the last few years.

Print Manager Plus 4.0 audits and reduces the cost of printing in the corporate, government and education markets. Version 4.0 is a major upgrade of this tracking, accounting, and quota setting software for enterprise printing. Print Manager Plus supports printing from most operating systems through a Windows print server or workstation.

Gartner calculates the cost of acquiring a printer is only 20% of the total cost involved. 70% of companies are unaware of their printing costs because they don?t have a means to effectively audit these costs. Print Manager Plus creates a detailed audit trail of the cost of printing so these costs can be reduced.

PMP lets you enter a different page cost per printer (such as for more expensive color printers) and account for exact printing costs per user or printer. The interface contains built-in reports showing how many pages each user or printer printed over specific time periods and the actual cost.

You can customize report and can print or export them to most accounting databases or billing systems. Print Manager Plus supports SQL, Access, and ODBC compliant databases. One can limit job sizes by user to a specified number of pages. Printing jobs can be restricted based on file type, application, or by key words in the document title.

Print Manager Plus installs in seconds on a print server. In an average organization of 1,000, it pays for itself in saved paper and toner every ten days. It includes an e-Update function that automatically downloads upgrades and updates as they are released.

Print Manager Plus is used in organizations around the world. The previous version 2.8 won the year 2001 W2K News Target Award for #1 Print Management Product of the Year. Customers of PMP include Yale University, University of California, New York University, CNN, NASA, Microsoft and more.

Pricing and Availability
Print Manager Plus 4.0 is licensed per print server. One license including annual maintenance is $795.00. Academic pricing is steeply discounted. More information and a fully functional trial version can be downloaded at:

Dirt Cheap Special: QuotaAdvisor 5-pack for $2,495

Yes, storage gets so cheap that you can just throw more at it, and a couple hundred more Gigs storage is no big deal anymore. Tomorrow you'll get a 1 Gig drive for free with your detergent.

But... managing that storage still costs time and money. Your time is not getting any cheaper and neither are the dedicated storage management staff if you have any. More over, who really -wants- to do any of these disk grooming chores anyway. Let the users do that themselves! Teaches them a lesson about not keeping trash on their user directories.

QuotaAdvisor is the leading tool in this space. It allows you to fully automate disk management and offload it to the users. And now it is only $495 per server in this 5-pack. The payback will be fast, you can spend your time doing more interesting things, and your users will clean up their own mess. No-brainer. Get your 30- day full function eval here. You'll like what you see.


This Week's Links We Like. Tips, Hints And Fun Stuff

  • Tiny Remote control desktop cars: how they enhance office productivity. I want one!

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  • Interesting utility. Software tools to test CD-ROM drives! 14 day eval period. Check it out...

  • http://www.w2knews.com/rd/rd.cfm?id=020722FA-cdrom_test
  • Check your Outlook or Outlook Express from anywhere on the planet. Free.

  • http://www.w2knews.com/rd/rd.cfm?id=020722FA-fastmail
  • You can't make this stuff up. Rinkworks.com presents warning labels you may need. A riot, how stupid do they think people really are?

  • http://www.w2knews.com/rd/rd.cfm?id=020722FA-warning_labels

    Configuring IPv6 for CISCO IOS

    IPv6 offers many advantages over IPv4 including larger address space, hierarchical addressing, security, and mobility. IPv6 will eventually replace IPv4 in next-generation carrier networks, and adaptation of IPv6 to next-generation wireless networks is already under way. Configuring IPv6 for Cisco IOS reviews the IPv6 architecture and features while focusing on the practical aspects of IPv6 implementation, which include addressing and routing. This book explores several approaches to IPv6 transitioning since IPv4 networks will continue to exist for some time, requiring efficient and stable IPv4 / IPv6 internetworking. Order over here: