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Vol. 11, #21 - May 22, 2006 - Issue #577
What Is Everyone Doing With Virtual Servers?

    • What Is Everyone Doing With Virtual Servers?
    • Symantec Sues Microsoft To Stop Vista
    • Quotes of the Week:
    • Admin Tools We Think You Shouldn't Be Without
    • Learning Guide: Group Policy
    • Managing AD Users Gets Easier Once You Figure Out Who They Are
    • Program Provides GUI Front-end For Microsoft's HFNetChk
    • Resetting The Windows XP Unread Mail Count
    • Microsoft Buys VPN Vendor
    • Gates Shows Off SharePoint Server 2007
    • More About The Compute Cluster Server (CCS)
    • Winternals Recovery Manager V3.0
    • Does Your Antivirus REALLY Protect You Against Spyware?
    • Radmin V3.0 Beta Now Available
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    • This Week's Links We Like. Tips, Hints And Fun Stuff.
  7. WServerNews - PRODUCT OF THE WEEK
    • Double-Take Software Rocks at Tech.Ed
Add McAfee to Kerio WinRoute Firewall for a virus-free network

Isn't it better to block viruses and worms BEFORE they enter
your network? Instead of buying the latest trendy appliance,
check out Kerio WinRoute Firewall. ICSA Labs-certified on
Windows XP, Kerio WinRoute Firewall gives network admins
the ability to scan all email AND web traffic to ensure that
viruses are not embedded in web pages or email. Starting at
just $499 for the 10-user base license. Continues...


What Is Everyone Doing With Virtual Servers?

It's Virtual Server Survey Time! Lots of you are now using Virtual Server technology, and lots of others are either getting their feet wet with testbeds or are asking themselves if they -should- use this technology. So, here is another Yankee Group / Sunbelt survey that will provide you with what the current status is regarding virtuali- zation and what your peers are up to. You are invited to fill out this web-survey, it's going to take you about 3-4 minutes max, and we will report back with the Executive Summary in a coming issue. Looks like an exciting area to dig into! Here is the survey:

Symantec Sues Microsoft To Stop Vista

This one is rich, it's all over the place. Read all about the next spat between software titans. Symantec has asked a U.S. court to order a halt to the development of Vista, claiming that Redmond is wrongfully incorporating Veritas storage technology in it.

So last Thursday, Symantec hit Microsoft with a federal suit in Seattle, charging it with patent and copyright infringement, and misappropriation of trade secrets, breach of contract, unfair competition and unjust enrichment. Whoa. All guns blazing!

Symantec claims that for almost 10 years Microsoft has "deliberately and surreptitiously" misappropriated Veritas' data storage tech; arm-twisted the Patent Office into giving it patents based on Veritas technologies; and that Microsoft tried to weasel out of it's obligations to Veritas with a mere "business relationship".

It wants Vista development to stop, -and- its sale or distribution, (!) until the offending technology is removed from Vista. Symantec also wants major damages and interest. And to pile up some more, Symantec wants to own the patents - that Redmond received based on Veritas' work. Oh boy, the press is going to have a field day with this one! I'm betting on a counter suit within 30 days.

Quotes of the Week:

"The chief obstacle to the progress of the human race is the human race."
- Don Marquis

"If you think you?re too small to make a difference, try going to bed with a mosquito in the room"
- African proverb

Hope you enjoy this issue of WServerNews! Warm regards, Stu Sjouwerman  |   Email me: [email protected]


Admin Tools We Think You Shouldn't Be Without

Extend Active Directory to UNIX/Linux/Mac to enable single sign-on, set global password policies. Free white paper.

Freeware for Microsoft AD & ADAM. Web Employee Directory + Self Service.

Barts PE is one of the most useful tools that a tech can have in their arsenal. Read NTFS drives without having to boot, and repair registries:

Need to spec out a server for Exchange 2003? Here is one of the sizing tools that are popular and help to do this:


Learning Guide: Group Policy

This guide introduces you to Group Policy, explains best practices and pitfalls to avoid, and provides troubleshooting help and advice. You'll find Group Policy articles, tutorials, tips, tools, white papers, expert advice and more to pump up your Group Policy know- how quickly. At

Managing AD Users Gets Easier Once You Figure Out Who They Are

Part one of this two-part series delves into some of the issues IT managers face and identifies some ways to get around them. Over at

Program Provides GUI Front-end For Microsoft's HFNetChk

Admins use the command-line program HFNetChk to audit a list of SPs and hotfixes installed in Windows computers. A new program gives admins all the commands for the app in a GUI. SearchWinSystems has the story:

Resetting The Windows XP Unread Mail Count

Outlook 2003, and other e-mail clients that work with Windows XP, supports a feature that displays a count of any unread e-mail messages on the XP logon screen. This is a handy way to tell at a glance if you have e-mail waiting. However, the feature sometimes gets out of sync and requires manual maintenance. contributor Serdar Yegulalp explains three options for resolving this issue:


Microsoft Buys VPN Vendor

Microsoft plans to acquire virtual private network vendor Whale Communications, a move that will add new capabilities to Microsoft's Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server product. InfoWorld has more about this story:

Gates Shows Off SharePoint Server 2007

Microsoft Chairman and Chief Software Architect Bill Gates on Monday touted the capabilities of the company's upcoming Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. EntMag wrote the best summary of this news:

More About The Compute Cluster Server (CCS)

The Release Candidate is pretty interesting. Redmond states that they want CCS to run in cheap machines, to get the maximum compute power for the buck. However, they are also talking about 64-bit. I think in a few years we can get 64-bit hardware for the price of low-end machines now, so that might not be entirely off the mark.

When you install CCS, you start with a so called head node. It's a single machine that leads the rest of the nodes in the cluster. You want the hardware it runs on to be robust, as there is no fail- over available for it...yet. Then, you can add a bunch of machines that can be cheap, and even second-hand stuff. They have a wizard that helps you set up the rest of the stuff, and there are MMC snap-ins to manage the cluster nodes. All pretty easy stuff.

Where it gets hard is when you need to tweak apps to run on this monster. It is expected that the commercial version will be released this summer.


Winternals Recovery Manager V3.0

You may have received a separate mailer from us this week about Winternals. Here is more data. Recovery Manager is a enterprise recovery suite that gives you customized protection for the OS, apps, user data, user settings, and more. Having this data allows you to restore multiple remote systems simultaneously. All from your desk, or your vacation destination.

New stuff in V3.0:
  • open file support,
  • 64-bit system support
  • bare metal recovery
The last one is very handy if you need to rebuild corrupted drives, without having to reinstall the OS! This obviously saves a lot of time. Other new cool stuff is the ability to take snapshots of open files, without having to dismount them. More new features:
  • MOM Integration
  • Lockable Recovery Points for rollbacks
  • Offsite file store locations
  • Encrypted file recovery
  • Support for tablet PCs
You can use their SmartBind technology to link AD OU's to Recovery Point schedules so that newly added computers are automatically protected, which is pretty cool. Check it out at Winternals:

Does Your Antivirus REALLY Protect You Against Spyware?

You know you need antispyware. Your AV-vendor touts they have it. This is not always the case. Do you know if your antivirus REALLY protect you against spyware?

In the current marketplace, antivirus vendors are including some type of antispyware functionality into their applications, but over the last year, their products have only attempted to counter the adware and spyware problem. According to several leading authorities, antivirus vendors are failing to keep up with the new and ever-changing landscape of adware and spyware threats.

While most antivirus tools partially succeed in identifying and defending against spyware, they unfortunately tend to look at these threats through the lens of past experience ? they look for threats that look like "viruses" and not like adware or spyware. These tools tend to only target files and processes, and not complete groups of items typically innate of spyware - including registry keys that need to be removed.

This lack of aggressive spyware detection can have a significant impact on how protected your organization is from spyware. With deficiencies in blocking and system cleaning of these threats, your best defense against spyware may not exist with your current Antivirus solution.

When you consider that dedicated antispyware software developers make protection against the "non-virus" forms of malware their specialty, it is essential to include best-of-breed antispyware as part of your security posture. In fact, several independent tests have shown that stand-alone antispyware products have been proven to be the most effective. You can?t afford to have a false sense of security. If you want top-of-the-line spyware protection, stand-alone antispyware does a better job ? PERIOD. There is a brand new CSE demo you can watch here:

Radmin V3.0 Beta Now Available

RADMIN 3.0 Beta is now available. Previously presented on CeBIT 2006 in Germany, the beta version of Famatech's RADMIN 3.0 remote control is now available to the registered Radmin users. As most of you know, Sunbelt's Remote Administrator is a licensed OEM version of the original product, and Sunbelt will soon release it's own Radmin V3.0 when the beta has been completed. However, we did not want to let you wait, so we'll give you access to the original beta to play with!

Please read this notice before installing RADMIN 3.0 Beta

RADMIN 3.0 provides new enhanced features, smarter interface, faster speed and tighter security. It is the most powerful and up-to-date remote control solution for network management, remote support and helpdesk.

New Features of RADMIN 3.0 Beta:
  • RADMIN 3.0 new video hook driver for Win2K/XP offers faster speed and consumes less data traffic, and smooth scaling options.
  • Remote screen toolbar and many other improvements.
  • RADMIN 3.0 uses AES 256-bit encryption for all data streams.
  • Multi-user text and voice chat functionalities.
  • The viewer and server modules are divided.
Radmin V3.0 has been designed to ensure maximum security. The security features of RADMIN 3.0 Beta are:
  • RADMIN can't be used with weak passwords.
  • 256-bit AES encryption.
Numerous up-to-date security measures are applied at the log-in and authentication. (As of April 17, 2006 Symantec antivirus lists Radmin 2.2 as a secure remote control/access product. This is another independent approval that Radmin received, proving it's secure. As of now Radmin is trusted as a secure remote control by all other antivirus products.)

Please fill out this form for the Radmin V3.0 Beta:

WServerNews 'FAVE' LINKS

This Week's Links We Like. Tips, Hints And Fun Stuff.

Think of a motorcycle display team that looks like Dad's Army has just collided with Mad Max and combines the slapstick of the Keystone Cops with the humor of Tommy Cooper and Benny Hill... and you've got something approaching the Purple Helmets!

Microsoft's Office of the Future Gets a Makeover The CIW is designed to show how individual productivity can be enhanced using software and tools developed at Microsoft.

What's Al Gore up to these days? A movie about global warming. They have a trailer and a lot of other stuff on this site:

Check this site out. Legit, right? Now click on "Investing"... GOTCHA!

This 80's ad for a car shows some really cool driving tricks!

OK, we have seen backflips with supercross bikes, but with SNOW SCOOTERS??? A few guys in Norway have pulled it off. Video:

Your IP being RBL'ed because a machine was compromised by spyware and started sending spam? Go to dnsstuff, plug your IP into the 'DNS Blacklist' box, and visit each site in turn that pops up on the results. They all have different requirements.

The 10 weirdest robots. Videos and all!

Interesting video on water based fuel source, in our own backyard! (wmv)

How to get on a 5-story building in 2 seconds? The 'Man Slinger' is the brainchild of Dean Kamen (of Segway fame)

BBC - Science & Nature - Human Body and Mind - Body - Senses Challenge

Gadgets for Gangstas:

Fave HOAX of the week. Hotel keys having all kinds of personal data?


Double-Take Software Rocks at Tech.Ed

Microsoft TechEd is Double-Take Software?s largest trade show initiative of the year. Double-Take Software will have a strong presence at the show and will also be hosting an exclusive customer event on Wednesday night, June 14th. This party will be held at a local Boston hot spot, Hennessy?s Pub, and will be featuring Double Take Software's very own employee band ClusterFunk! If you are going to be in town for the event, please join by following the link below and registering to attend: