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Vol. 11, #22 - May 29, 2006 - Issue #578
Sunbelt Messaging Ninja Released!

    • Sunbelt Messaging Ninja Released!
    • Server Virtualization
    • New SunPoll: Desktop AV Protection
    • Quotes of the Week
    • Admin Tools We Think You Shouldn't Be Without
    • What's The Hap At WinHEC?
    • Tutorial: How To Protect Exchange Server From Spam Blacklists
    • Microsoft Defines Virtual Server Strategy
    • Managing AD users: Getting from Point A to Point B
    • Securing your Office
    • Vista Still, Well, Beta
    • Ballmer: "Vista May Be Late, I'll Take The Blame"
    • OS Performance Booster Add-on
    • iHateSpam For Exchange User? Upgrade To Ninja Now
    • What makes the Ninja Attachment Filtering (AF) so "SMART"?
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    • This Week's Links We Like. Tips, Hints And Fun Stuff.
  7. WServerNews - PRODUCT OF THE WEEK
    • The Very First Third-Generation Messaging Security Tool
Block unproductive browsing and costly file downloads

Kerio WinRoute Firewall with OrangeWeb Filter will block
access to up to 72 categories of web content on a per-user
basis. Most IT managers have enough problems to deal with
without worrying about where users are surfing on the web.
The Orange Web Filter's biggest-in-class database has over
60 million URLs which Kerio WinRoute Firewall can block or
log access to. Continues...


Sunbelt Messaging Ninja Released!

After more than 2 years, and millions of dollars invested, we are really excited to announce that Sunbelt has released the successor of iHateSpam for Exchange. When we started, we looked at the existing products out there and talked to a lot of admins. You told us that what you needed was -one- product that would give you everything you needed for Exchange messaging security in -one- console. You told us it better be super reliable as Exchange is mission critical. And, oh, just one minor thing, "it needs to be cheaper than what we currently are running".

This was a tall order. Essentially we had to create a whole new architecture that would support all this, a new third-generation policy-based security tool for Exchange that includes dual-engine antispam, antiphishing, dual-engine antivirus, antispyware, powerful SMART attachment filtering to protect against zero-day attacks, and more functionality following shortly after. All this utilizing plug-ins, so that the product is future-proof. Well, it's finally here now, and we are living up to everything you asked for and then some, at a no-brainer price!

The existing iHateSpam for Exchange customer base has already started upgrading. When you read this, Ninja is already running on more than 500 production servers. At this moment, the largest user is a University that runs an Exchange Server with 5,000 busy mailboxes and Ninja runs without a hitch.

There are MANY reasons why you should seriously consider switching to Ninja. You will hear more about these in the future, but for the moment, the most important one is this. We are giving any system admin that downloads and installs Ninja now, TWO YEARS of the FULL SMART ATTACHMENT FILTERING FREE. No more renaming of the extension to bypass the filter! That alone makes running Ninja worth it. Check it out, and then install Ninja!

Server Virtualization

WOW. That was a hot topic. Many hundreds of you responded. We will have an Exec Summary in the next issue, there is a lot of exciting stuff happening in that space!

New SunPoll: Desktop AV Protection

New SunPoll: "Which feature do you think is the most important for desktop antivirus protection? - Protection of email - Protection of Instant Messaging - Mobile/plug-in devices protection - A good end-user GUI - Scheduled on-demand scanning Vote here, middle column:

Quotes of the Week

"It does not take a majority to prevail... but rather an irate tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men."
- Founding Patriot Samuel Adams

"We contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle."
- Winston Churchill

Warm regards,
Stu Sjouwerman

Hope you enjoy this issue of WServerNews! Warm regards, Stu Sjouwerman  |   Email me: [email protected]


Admin Tools We Think You Shouldn't Be Without

If you have AD, you need rDirectory. Web Employee Directory + Self Service.

Sunbelt Messaging Ninja. Two years full-function SMART Attachment filtering at no cost. This is a limited time offer. Benefit NOW:

Winternals Protection Manager allows you to precisely define how users can (or can't) do things with applications.

CounterSpy Enterprise with award-winning functionality and features protects your network better against spyware than antivirus 'add-ons':


What's The Hap At WinHEC?

WinHEC is a conference where hardware experts that use MS products as a platform for their own stuff get together to hear about all the new plans and products that Redmond has in store. There's always a lot going on, and Redmond usually releases and gives out Betas to the attendees. Microsoft created a virtual press room, where you can see all the things that happened in one fell swoop:

Tutorial: How To Protect Exchange Server From Spam Blacklists

It is sometimes possible to get blacklisted by various antispam companies, even if your organization has never sent a spam message. In this four-part tutorial, expert Brien Posey explains how to keep your Exchange Server off spam blacklists, and how to get off them if you' ve already been unfairly singled out. At

Microsoft Defines Virtual Server Strategy

Microsoft's roadmap adds some dates for its hypervisor and Virtual Machine Manager. Microsoft fleshed out its server virtualization strategy today in hopes of shucking off its reputation as a latecomer when it comes to this emerging technology. But the company's roadmap doesn't really hasten the delivery of virtualization technology, and it doesn't hasten the previously announced delivery date. Microsoft said it will have a beta release of its hypervisor by the end of 2006 and will make it available within six months of the Windows Server Longhorn release to manufacturing. The technology will require 64-bit hardware from Intel Corp. or AMD Inc. Microsoft executives said the software will be delivered as a free download and not necessarily as an R2 or service pack. Next issue we will release the results of the big survey we ran last week, tons of you answered. More at

Managing AD users: Getting from Point A to Point B

This is the second in a two-part series on the use of multi-platform management tools to unify heterogeneous environments under Microsoft Active Directory. Good article at

Securing your Office

Microsoft Office vulnerabilities are not uncommon and most of your company's sensitive data is stored in an Office document. Contributor Tony Bradley recommends these best practices to make sure your Office is secure. At


Vista Still, Well, Beta

Alex wrote in his Blog: "Of course, it?s beta and a bit of hell is to be expected. Experiences generally are mixed. We?re running Vista on various test systems here and I?ve personally been running it on in a VMWare. Eric Sites, our head of R&D, has been putting it on his home machine and his experience has been a mixed bag". Here is his write-up, warts and all:

Ballmer: "Vista May Be Late, I'll Take The Blame"

The launch of the consumer version of Vista could be pushed back past the stated January launch date, CEO Ballmer said this week. The OS was planned to be released in 2006 but in March they said it wouldn't get its "consumer release" until January 2007. Ballmer said the planned January launch may slip further based on feedback from a beta release program and the product road maps of hardware vendors.

"We think we are on track for shipping early in the year. We've talked about the month, but we get a chance to critically assess all of the feedback we'll get from this beta release then confirm or move [the launch date] a few weeks," he said at a news conference in Tokyo.

Oh, BTW, WinFS will be released in its Beta 2 incarnation during Tech.Ed in June. And it's been rechristened to "Windows File Store,"

OS Performance Booster Add-on

Microsoft announced an add-on for Windows designed to improve networking performance and scalability for such tasks as storage and backup when coupled with specialized hardware. The technology is from the mainframe world and this interesting story is over at NetworkWorld:


iHateSpam For Exchange User? Upgrade To Ninja Now

Version 2 of iHateSpam for Exchange, now called Ninja, has been publicly released. Below are the upgrade instructions for Ninja: Please read the install notes carefully before installing the upgrade.
Upgrade link:

For questions or problems upgrading contact: [email protected]

Product Information Page and 45 min Livemeeting Ninja Demo:

Ninja comes with the anti-spam and attachment filtering. Ninja also has an anti-virus plug-in feature that you can purchase at a 40% discount until June 30th. Please contact your sales rep or reseller if you are interested in purchasing this incredibly cheap dual-engine anti-virus upgrade.

We also host a Ninja Users Forum where you can discuss Ninja's features, specs and any questions you may have with other Ninja users and Sunbelt's Tech Support Team:

What makes the Ninja Attachment Filtering (AF) so "SMART"?

There are several different reasons why it is so powerful:
  1. It is the only attachment filter that checks inbound, outbound and internal attachments.
  2. It looks beyond many types of file extensions, delving into the actual file headers as opposed to just the file extension itself. This means that simply renaming a ".exe" file to a ".txt" will not fool the attachment filter and functions as an important zero-day attack protection.
  3. It is policy-based so Admins can create different setting for users and groups of users so you have a 100% detection and removal of possible malicious attachments while at the same time allowing policy level exceptions for outbound and internal traffic. The AV and AF plug-ins together are highly effective, with extremely low overhead.

WServerNews 'FAVE' LINKS

This Week's Links We Like. Tips, Hints And Fun Stuff.


The Very First Third-Generation Messaging Security Tool

Let's have a 30-second look at the history of messaging security. Stand-alone antivirus products that just protect your email and do nothing else, are first-generation tools. They are implemented on either a mail server or a gateway, are "doing their thing", without you as an admin having much flexibility at all.

Second-generation tools provide more functionality, for instance where the same product allows a system admin to filter both viruses -and- spam. Mostly these were originally AV solutions where the antispam functionality was bolted on as an afterthought, with the resulting problems in both the GUI and flexibility.

Third-generation tools are called that way because they approach the whole messaging security problem from a new, 100% policy-based perspective. After a good look at the existing products out there, Ninja, the first 'third-gen' tool was designed from the ground up as a framework, where 'best-of-breed' plug-ins can seamlessly work together in an easy to use, 'all-in-one' MMC environment. This allows you as an admin to create policies for the different groups in your organization, and provides you with the means to rule with an iron fist but be super flexible at the same time. A product like this saves significant admin time and IT budget. 30-day eval here: