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Vol. 11, #27 - Jul 3, 2006 - Issue #583
Microsoft Sued For Spyware Laws Violations

    • Microsoft Sued For Spyware Laws Violations
    • New SunPoll Results - You Don't Trust Microsoft Security
    • Source For Last Week's Quote
    • Quote of the Week
    • Admin Tools We Think You Shouldn't Be Without
    • Server Virtualization: Getting Started Guide
    • The Microsoft Outlook Toolbox
    • 64-bit Watch
    • How Virtualization Can Improve Security
    • More on Killing Processes
    • Why Centralizing Microsoft Servers Hurts Performance
    • How To Destroy A Hard Drive In 5 Seconds
    • Microsoft Unified Messaging Announcement
    • Office 2007 Delayed - "Needs Improvements"
    • Is WinFS Dead?
    • System Admin Installs Ninja: Read His Experience!
    • Double-Take Application Manager makes protecting your Exchange and SQL servers simple
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Explore the alternatives to Microsoft Exchange

Switching to a different mail server is always an involved
process, but Kerio MailServer makes it less painful. Clients can
keep using Outlook or Entourage. Its powerful WebMail delivers an
Outlook-like experience, and you will be able to transfer email,
events and contacts from Exchange to Kerio MailServer using the
included Exchange Migration Tool. Specially designed for SMBs,
Kerio MailServer starts at $499 for 20 users. Continues...


Microsoft Sued For Spyware Laws Violations

The irony of it all! Redmond is facing a class-action lawsuit over its infamous WGA-tool that is gathering data on a user's computer in an effort to detect pirated copies of the Windows OS. The suit, filed in U.S. District Court in Seattle last Monday, alleges that the Windows Genuine Advantage code while it collects hardware and software data and delivering it to Microsoft servers, violates consumer protection laws in California and Washington state laws against spyware -- invasive programs that surreptitiously collect data. To confuse things even more, security analysts have detected a new piece of malware that looks like WGA, but is a worm spreading via AOL's IM. This is rich. I can't wait how it will end! [grin]

New SunPoll Results - You Don't Trust Microsoft Security

The results are in, and they are telling indeed!

Microsoft still has a long ways to go to get your trust. A whopping 65% of you do not trust Microsoft with your security at all. Another 25% are iffy. Only 10% have no reservations. This is of course good news for third-party security vendors like Symantec, McAfee, Trend and Sunbelt. Question: "Would you trust Microsoft client security to protect your endpoints vs. the traditional AV companies?" Here are the results, a whopping 761 people voted on this one, any double votes were nixed.
  • Sure!: 10%
  • Perhaps: 11%
  • Not sure: 11%
  • No: 21%
  • Hell, no!: 44%

Source For Last Week's Quote

Wow, a LOT of you have tried to come up with the source for this quote: "The mind sees what it wants to see". Many different (close) versions of it have been attributed to Buddha, Emerson, Naidu, Davies, Julius Caesar, the Bible in Jeremiah 17.9, Asimov, Paul Simon, the Beatles, Thoreau, and many others. Thanks for all your input. I think we can conclude that since so many (famous) people seem to agree, that this quote is deemed a universal truth!

Quote of the Week

"I think the world's largest bank heist will soon be committed using malware" -- Mark Sunner, MessageLabs.

Hope you enjoy this issue of WServerNews! Warm regards, Stu Sjouwerman  |   Email me: [email protected]


Admin Tools We Think You Shouldn't Be Without

DiskView helps you find big files at a glance, and visually shows how disk space is organized - on your computer, and network shares:

Freeware for Microsoft AD. Web Employee Directory + Self Service + Password Reset from Namescape.

Sunbelt's Messaging Ninja now runs on 1,474 production servers. You do not have to buy it to get the free SMART attachment filter!

The latest Version 2.6 of the free Exchange Server Public Folder Distributed Authoring and Versioning, a.k.a. PFDAVAdmin Tool:


Server Virtualization: Getting Started Guide

This guide introduces you to server virtualization, explains best practices and pitfalls to avoid and provides troubleshooting help and advice. You'll find virtualization articles, definitions, tips, white papers, expert advice and more to pump up your server virtualization know-how quickly. SearchServerVirtualization (registration required):

The Microsoft Outlook Toolbox

Discover over 20 must-have tools and add-ins that will boost Microsoft Outlook's security and performance capabilities and fix its feature flaws and shortcomings. At (registration required):

64-bit Watch

No longer a futuristic technology, 64-bit technology is what's happening right now. So, to show you which 64-bit products are available now for your Windows network, has put together these easy-to-read tables as a reference guide. They've organized the tables into three sections: processors, operating systems, and software and drivers.

How Virtualization Can Improve Security

Virtualization technology's potential extends far beyond just cost savings. Author and Microsoft MVP Alessandro Perilli sheds some light on how companies might use virtualization to improve enterprise IT security. Over at the SearchServerVirtualization site:

More on Killing Processes

Peter George from New Zealand sent this in:

"How to Eliminate a Process That Is Not Responding Without Restarting the Computer. Very useful item on the KBalertz site"

Re your reference to this tip for stopping a process that is not responding to any normal controls - not even, one presumes, via methods such as a right click on the task bar entry and Close (which would hopefully bring up a 'not responding end now' dialog if the process was indeed locked up) or using the task manager and killing the process. Not news to me as I have used the old resource kit kill program for some time now. Nifty in batch files when combined with tasklist, sleep so on.

The point I would like to raise is that handy though it is it does not always seem to work under Windows XP from at least some update after SP2. However Windows XP does already come with its own handy utility TASKKILL.EXE which works much better. Not sure if it works on any prior O/S as I've never tried it. Cheers, Peter

Why Centralizing Microsoft Servers Hurts Performance

In this research report from analyst firm NetForecast, Peter Sevcik and Rebecca Wetzel explain why performance of CIFS (Microsoft file services) and MAPI-based (Microsoft Exchange) applications degrades as distance to users increases, and how you can overcome these challenges and enable server centralization without fixing-or even touching-the affected applications. At ComputerWorld:

How To Destroy A Hard Drive In 5 Seconds

You are on a U.S. military aircraft, transporting hard drives with important, classified information, when you collide with another plane and are forced to land near an enemy intelligence agency. There is no time to delete the files, and the drives are in heavy- duty steel cases so that they are difficult to destroy. You have a few minutes before someone finds you, grabs the drives, and searches them for even the smallest trace of useful data. What would you do? Here's the article at NetworkWorld:


Microsoft Unified Messaging Announcement

Redmond made some interesting announcements this week. They were kind of "future direction" statements. You will not see any of this stuff until earliest next year, but they are focusing on tying together all styles of messaging like email, calendaring, contacts, telephony, presence information, and communications services. If you want to know more about Exchange Unified Messaging, Here is the Microsoft page that explains a lot more:

Office 2007 Delayed - "Needs Improvements"

About 2.5 million people have downloaded Office 2007 beta 2, and it looks like the feedback has been loud and negative. No wonder, as everything you knew where to find is now somewhere else. Now there's a productivity killer if you ask me. Anyway, citing a need to improve performance and design, Microsoft Veep Antoine Leblond announced yesterday that Office 2007 will not be released to businesses until the end of the year. Redmond's bundle of Office products, was previously scheduled to be released in October. Leblond mentioned that the Office 2007 will be available in stores in January as planned.

Is WinFS Dead?

WinFS, the new File System that we have been hearing about for years, also known in the past as Cairo, looks like it's been axed. It seems to have become somewhat of an dead weight and it was not clear what to do with it. WinFS was pulled out of Vista a long time ago and BillG's pet project has been rudderless ever since.

We can only assume Ray Ozzie bit the bullet and nixed it. WinFS has always had a positioning problem. It was hard to define, and was described alternatively as "rich storage", and "packaging technology". Redmond has not publicly announced the funeral, but one of their bloggers said they will not be "pursuing a separate delivery of WinFS, including the previously planned Beta 2 release". Parts of it will be lumped into future SQL and ADO.NET versions. Oh well. Bye Bye!


System Admin Installs Ninja: Read His Experience!

Carl Barnes wrote: "Hi Gang, Just a note of thanks! I have been using your products and reading your news letters for a while now, years in fact, and I've always been impressed with what I've seen. Counter Spy is one of the latest products I've used, and it works great. Well, here lately we have been overwhelmed with spam. I'm the IT manager for a group of small companies located in Oklahoma, California, England, and China. We've been using the Junk Mail filter built into Outlook 2003 and still having to sort thru a lot of junk mail. So I was reading the news letters and watching the web site about your Ninja product, looking forward to the products release.

I also checked the Ninja user forum to see how well the product was working for other companies and what issues they were running into. After seeing the exchange between users and how quickly your support team answered questions, I figured it was my turn to get into the fray. So yesterday after watching the online webinar, I downloaded the trial version of the Messaging Ninja software for Exchange 2003 to install at the Oklahoma office that has 21 Email user accounts.

It took about an hour to install and configure the software. The process was painless. I looked over the documentation and configured the software. Immediately we were being protected from annoying spam. In the last 24 hours, everyone has noticed the difference in the amount of spam they receive. The spam levels in their inboxes have dropped to 2 or 3, or even down to none. In my inbox alone, there where just 2 spam messages and in the quarantine folder there where 873 spam messages. Ninja is catching 99.77 percent of the spam, where Outlook 2003 would catch maybe half of the spam.

The easy installation, quick configuration, reporting functions, your Rep's quick call, and the near perfect spam filtering makes this product a winner. I didn't even have to talk the general manager into buying Ninja, it sold its self after he saw the results. In fact, I had time to day to write this email to you instead of sorting thru my email. We will be purchasing this product in the next few days and looking at purchasing it for our other facilities that use MS Exchange. Keep up the great work." -- Carl Barnes, Slaughter Test Systems.

Test Ninja for yourself, and get actual full-function attachment filtering that will continue to work after the 30-day eval expires:

Double-Take Application Manager makes protecting your Exchange and SQL servers simple

Protecting yourself against disastrous losses is easier than you might think. Double-Take(r) Software offers the leading data protection and availability solutions - providing you with a continual, up-to-the- second copy of your data that you can access the instant an outage occurs, with little or no loss of data or productivity. And we make it easier to manage. Double-Take Application Manager (DTAM) is a unified console where you can manage all of your application protection options. Double-Take Application Manager currently supports Microsoft Exchange and SQL Server. For More Details click here:

WServerNews 'FAVE' LINKS

This Week's Links We Like. Tips, Hints And Fun Stuff.


Sunbelt July Seminars: Get That Data!

We'd like to invite you to attend the following seminars that we are hosting:

"Winning the War on the Spyware Battlefield" - Join renowned spyware researcher and Sunbelt's Director of Malware Research, Eric Howes, for an engaging discussion on the scope of the spyware problem. Hosted at the Microsoft office in Denver, CO on Tuesday, July 25th. Register here:

"What Every IT Manager Should Know About Protecting Microsoft Exchange and Centralized Backup" - Join Sunbelt and Double-Take Software as we discuss strategies for implementing high availability, remote availability and offsite disaster recovery solutions for Exchange and other mission critical applications using Double-Take.

Hosted at the Microsoft office in San Francisco, CA on Tuesday, June 27th. Register here:

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