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Vol. 11, #31 - Jul 31, 2006 - Issue #587
The Biggest Network Threat A Year From Now

    • New SunPoll: The Biggest Network Threat A Year From Now?
    • Special Academic Pricing
    • August Seminars
    • Quote Of The Week
    • Admin Tools We Think You Shouldn't Be Without
    • Patch Management Learning Guide
    • Choosing A Virtualization Approach
    • Top 10 Best Practices For E-mail Archiving
    • Discover The 'Hidden' User Control Panel in Windows XP
    • Find And Fix Resource-intensive SQL Server Queries
    • So, What Exactly Is SOA?
    • Key Features Of Virtual Server 2005 R2
    • TechMentor Conference, October 9-13, Las Vegas
    • Exchange Server 2007 Beta 2 Released
    • CounterSpy Enterprise 1.8 Beta Released
    • File-Rescue Plus 4.0 Released
    • Double-Take Recovery System Gets High Marks
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Turn a Windows PC into an ICSA Labs-certified gateway firewall

If you are thinking about a flexible firewall solution that
can adapt to your ever-changing needs, think Kerio WinRoute
Firewall. This ICSA Labs-certified network firewall for
Windows 2000, XP and 2003 will turn your Windows PC into a
secure firewall on par with the industry heavy-weights.
You can assign granular access rights to different users and
use Active Directory for user management. Continues...


New SunPoll: The Biggest Network Threat A Year From Now?

Last week many of you looked in your Crystal Ball and told me what you expected to be the biggest threat to your networks 12 months from now. I did some tabulation and the items below were the most mentioned. Now you can VOTE which one you think is the winner! Here are the 5 most mentioned threats:
  • Phishing/Spam over VOIP
  • Network sabotage at the hands of terrorists
  • Known Vista exploits posted on the web
  • Blended malware, using a variety of technologies
  • Spam will be so bad it really impacts bandwidth
Vote here. Bottom middle column:

Special Academic Pricing

Are you the system admin of a University, School, or related non- profit? Our Director of Sales asked me to tell you that we have extremely competitive academic pricing. Even if you already have an anti-spyware/anti-spam solution be sure to contact your Rep or Reseller for the special competitive upgrade program.

August Seminars

We'd like to invite you to attend the following seminars that we are hosting in August:

"Winning the War on the Spyware Battlefield" - Join renowned spyware researcher and Sunbelt's Director of Malware Research, Eric Howes, for an engaging discussion on the scope of the spyware problem, as well as outline how CounterSpy Enterprise can help better protect your organization from spyware threats.

Hosted at the Microsoft office in Issaquah, WA on Thursday, August 24th. Register here:

"What Every IT Manager Should Know About Protecting Microsoft Exchange and Centralized Backup" ? Join Sunbelt and Double-Take Software as we discuss strategies for implementing high availability, remote availability and offsite disaster recovery solutions for Exchange and other mission critical applications using Double-Take.

Hosted at the Marriott Las Vegas Suites in Las Vegas, NV on Friday, August 25th. Register here:

Hosted at the Microsoft office in Boston, MA on Tuesday, August 29th. Register here:

Quote Of The Week

"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves." -- Abraham Lincoln

Hope you enjoy this issue of WServerNews! Warm regards, Stu Sjouwerman  |   Email me: [email protected]


Admin Tools We Think You Shouldn't Be Without

Freeware for Microsoft AD & ADAM. Web Employee Directory + Self Service from Namescape.

The filehippo site has a bunch of popular downloads that might come in handy for some admin tasks:

System Admins can deploy Windows Defender definitions with WSUS as per Steve Dodson. You can find this KB at:

Is your filter only looking at file extensions instead of looking inside the file and see what it really is? Check out Ninja!


Patch Management Learning Guide

Network hacks, malware infections and even simple human error can prevent your operations from running smoothly. But a patch can provide you with a solution to these problems, as it offers a quick repair job for a piece of programming. In this learning guide, access a collection of tips, expert advice, webcasts, downloads and more that will ensure you are properly prepared to handle all of your patch management issues. At SearchWindowsSecurity:

Choosing A Virtualization Approach

In this article, Anil Desai distinguishes among virtualization at the hardware, server and application levels and provides guidelines for evaluating which works best. At SearchServerVirtualization:

Top 10 Best Practices For E-mail Archiving

With today's compliance, legislation and legal discovery rules, it has become necessary for many IT departments to manage the entire company's e-mail archiving in bulk so specific messages can be located in minutes, not weeks. In this tip, expert Bill Tolson provides the top 10 best practices for e-mail archiving.

Discover The 'Hidden' User Control Panel in Windows XP

Most folks who have used Windows XP are familiar with the Users section of the control panel which exposes some user controls but not others. There is in fact another user account panel in XP which isn't directly exposed through the control panel interface, but which can be accessed manually and provides some more options that normally aren't available. At SearchWinComputing:

And here is how to access the true Administrator account in Windows Vista at ComputerWorld:

Find And Fix Resource-intensive SQL Server Queries

Running certain queries in SQL Server 2000 can severely drain system resources. Edgewood Solutions' Jeremy Kadlec explains how to identify and resolve resource-intensive SQL Server queries, from cursors to table scans. At SearchSQLServer:

So, What Exactly Is SOA?

You must have been running into this buzzword the last few months. Well, it stands for Service Oriented Architecture. An article in the Wall Street Journal described it as follows: "SOA represents a new approach to building software, especially larger business automation systems. For example, in an accounting application, an "invoice service" might be written that would be responsible only for processing invoice-related information. Instead of many different programs containing portions that handle invoices, all of the applications in the enterprise, whenever they needed to know anything about invoices, would make use of the one invoice service."

Sounds familiar? Yup. This concept has been in existence for quite a while. But now they are trying to take it one step further and create a "library of business functions" that can be pulled from. So if your boss (or his boss) starts to suddenly talk about pushing SOA, now you know where they got it, and how to approach the subject.


Key Features Of Virtual Server 2005 R2

With Microsoft's Virtual Server 2005 R2, administrators can manage multiple virtual machines at a glance without having to be physically present at the host server. This article will provide a brief overview of some key features of Virtual Server 2005 R2 (VS2005R2), including how virtual servers are managed and accessed through the system and some implications of those features. At SearchServerVirtualization (free registration required):

TechMentor Conference, October 9-13, Las Vegas

Strongly recommended if you live within a reasonable distance of Vegas. Redmond magazine's TechMentor provides focused training - by expert instructors - on integrating, managing, securing and trouble shooting Microsoft Windows server systems. Join IT fellow managers and network admins in Vegas for 100 sessions and 6 tracks on:
  • Exchange/SQL Server
  • Security
  • System and Network Troubleshooting
  • Scripting and Automation
  • MCSA - Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator
  • MCSE - Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
Experienced instructors like Mark Minasi and Todd Lammle lead content-rich sessions on hot topics such as Active Directory, disaster recovery, Group Policy, wireless security, Vista and more. Their presentations contain PRECISE descriptions, STEP-BY-STEP procedures, diagnostic TIPS, and a wealth of information that can be applied immediately. Register by September 1 and save $200. For more information visit:

Exchange Server 2007 Beta 2 Released

This week, Redmond released public Betas of Exchange Server 2007 and the first beta of Forefront Security for Exchange Server. The latter really is Sybari's existing Antigen but now MS-integrated.

What was new in E2007 Beta 1 were the Exchange System Manager (ESM) console and Exchange Management Shell. Then there were the new handy dandy roles-based deployment options, and the new version of OWA. It got voice access and the antispam was improved a bit.

With the feature complete E2007 beta 2, you get a more polished product that looks like what we'll get shipped in 2007. Beta 2 adds a bunch of new features:
  • local continuous replication,
  • cluster continuous replication, which copies data to a passive node
  • Automatic Server Updates
Among the enhancements in E2007 are the ability for mobile users to search for messages that they have deleted from the handheld but still reside on the server. Another will be improved meeting handling, self-service remote device wipe through Outlook Web Access, support for HTML e-mail and the ability to flag messages. Exchange 2007 will also allow improved collaboration through a feature called Calendar Concierge and out-of-office improvements, (which depend on O2007) Also, mail inside your organization will be encrypted by default.


CounterSpy Enterprise 1.8 Beta Released

CSE goes into Public beta this week. Below is a list of features that will be included in the CSE 1.8 release. This release is currently planned for late August. This list doesn't include any bug fixes, rather it is only areas that have enhancements or new features. System Admins that have been testing it have been extremely positive about the enhancements:
  • Deployment Wizard Improvements
    • Ability to run pre and post install actions
    • Ability to be configured by Support as well
  • Performance and Scalability
    • Support up to 10000 Agents on a single server basic server (over 3x perf increase)
    • Performance monitors at key locations in the Services
  • Console
    • Persist some UI config and grid settings
    • UI Enhancements to Agents Grid
    • Massive speed increases when managing agents and viewing history
    • UI changes for new AP settings, simplified configuration
    • Display version threat was added/changed in database
  • Reporting
    • New database layout so that custom reports could be written directly from the database
    • Allow user to export to HTML
    • Large increase in speed of reports
    • Fix reports for new schema
Get in touch with your Reseller or Rep if you want a product walkthrough with one of our SE's that will show you CSE via WebEx in a live demo.

If you would like to participate in the beta, send an email to [email protected] with "CSE 1.8 Beta" in the subject. You will get a response back with details of how to participate.

File-Rescue Plus 4.0 Released

Software Shelf announced the release of new security and data recovery technology with its File-Rescue Plus 4.0. This technology recovers or undeletes lost or deleted computer data of every kind including photos, audio and video from every kind of device including Hard Drives, CD's, cameras, floppies, Jazz drives, Zip drives, Flash media, Smart media, and others. Its features surpass all earlier technologies.

This new File-Rescue Plus contains a "shredder" for extreme security. This is the Clean Free Disk Space Option allowing one to securely wipe all free disk space on the computer to Department of Defense Specs 5220.22-M. Key features include:
  • Rescue Options - Will allow you to recover and undelete, Files, Directory Structures, Cluster Sizes, Compressed Files, Heavily Fragmented Files, Files of any Size.
  • QuickScan Option - Shows deleted files from the current format of the partition or media type.
  • ClusterScan Option - Shows all files on the volume whether deleted or not. Useful for Damaged, Reformatted, or Corrupted Drives. Allows recovery from CDRW.
  • Clean Free Disk Space Option - Allowing one to securely wipe all free disk space on the computer to Department of Defense Specs
  • Device Detection - Detects any drive type such as, any Hard Drive, Removable Drives, CD Drives, or any Device attached to the computer.
  • Sorting and Search Options - Allows full search on all files by keyword. Tab sorting by files types for Documents, Images, Audio, Video, and the Recycle Bin. Allows modification of file types in the sorting tabs.
  • File List Options - These include saving your file list as a Text, CSV, or an XML file. Allows for printing of your file list and viewing your list with Details, List, Icons, and all Image files as Thumbnails.
  • Help Options - Full electronic help function takes you to the online user guide, which can be viewed in html or downloaded.
The tool includes a Live Electronic Update Option to automatically download the latest updates and upgrades in seconds by the click of a button. Try it out at:

Double-Take Recovery System Gets High Marks

Bob Czeizinger, of the Delaware Department of Education, knows that keeping his pupil accounting system up and running is critical. After experiencing a catastrophic database server failure several years ago, Czeizinger knew he had to find a way to keep the system running. Czeizinger also knew he had to do something to improve recovery time, and he learned about disaster recovery software while having a conversation with his Dell account manager, Annette Perry. According to Czeieinger, "When we were discussing how we had recovered from [the catastrophic database server failure], we came to the realization-especially with our pupil accounting system-that 3 to 4 hours was too much time to take to recover from a database failure.

At [about the same time], I had a talk with our Dell sales rep. I remember saying, 'It's nice we do backup and we have redundant servers, power supplies and stuff on servers, but the one thing we don't have is an easy way to recover from server failure,'" Czeizinger said. According to Czeizinger, Perry suggested that he try Double-Take, a product that other Dell customers were using successfully to keep critical systems in operation. To read the full article please go to: Double-Take Recovery System gets High Marks.

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