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Vol. 11, #45 - Nov 6, 2006 - Issue #601
Redmond In Bed With Novell And SUSE Linux!

    • Redmond In Bed With Novell And SUSE Linux!
    • Microsoft Moves Into Third Party Markets; Good or Bad?
    • Exchange 2007 Adoption: How Fast?
    • Quote Of The Week
    • Admin Tools We Think You Shouldn't Be Without
    • Spam That Delivers A Pink Slip Installs Keylogger
    • Getting Started With VMware On Windows
    • Top 10 SQL Server Downloads
    • Dissecting The AD Architecture: SID Filtering And More
    • Phishing Secrets Revealed
    • Is Domain Controller Virtualization Really A Good Idea?
    • Security Scan Results: Take A Closer Look
    • Vista, Office 2007 Launch Nov. 30 - Pothole Warning
    • File-Rescue Plus 4.0 Network Enterprise Edition Released
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    • This Week's Links We Like. Tips, Hints And Fun Stuff.
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    • Running Just One Single AV Engine, Company Wide?
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Redmond In Bed With Novell And SUSE Linux!

One week after Oracle throws its support behind Red Hat Linux, the earth moved and Redmond did something unheard of. Microsoft and Novell announced a set of agreements to improve the compatibility and interoperability of Windows and SUSE Linux around virtualization, system management and document formats. The companies will also work together on sales and marketing initiatives, which includes Redmond (yup you heard that right) recommending SUSE Linux to customers. You have to wonder about the timing of this announcement though, so close after Oracle.

How's this going to work? Microsoft will help sell SUSE Linux along with Windows, pushing SUSE to mixed environment sites. They will distribute coupons good for a year of SUSE maintenance and support, and pay Novell for the coupons. They plan to have Microsoft sales people give away 70,000 coupons every year to get customers on to SUSE, but stay away from physically shipping Linux bits, those will come from Novell.

The new deal sounds great on paper, but I remain somewhat skeptical if this really will accelerate enterprise adoption of SUSE Linux. A healthy measure of suspicion is warranted with these kinds of deals, Microsoft apparently sees this as an opportunity to drive sales of more Windows, by continuing the uncertainty around other Linux distros, particularly around IP infringement by making SUSE Linux the only "version" of Linux that ships with MSFT patent covenants.

Per the new deal, you will be able to run Office on Linux and Linux apps on Windows. They are also making noises about ways to improve how Office and OpenOffice share documents and improve interoperability between OpenXML and the OpenDocument format. It will be easier to federate Active Directory with Novell's eDirectory. And to make this "deal with the devil" more palatable for the open source community, Redmond will actively contribute to several open source projects. But there is an interesting twist: they've got Novell paying the main closed-source company a percentage of their open source revenues. The Press Release is here, and let me know what you think about this?

Microsoft Moves Into Third Party Markets; Good or Bad?

We're interested in your opinion! The new SunPoll wants to know: "If Microsoft is increasingly successful in moving into more third party markets, what will the third party marketplace look like in 3 years? (Select one.)"
  • Fewer companies with less choice
  • A market that is much more niche oriented and ultimately better for customers
  • A market that is much more niche oriented and ultimately worse for customers
  • A market where third parties have been forced to innovate, which is good for customers?
Vote here, bottom middle column:

Exchange 2007 Adoption: How Fast?

Gartner claimed adoption of Exchange 2007 will only begin in 2008, with the installed base reaching 40% in 2010. The last SunPoll asked if that was true. Here are your plans, from 500 votes:
  • We plan to adopt right away after release in 2007: 31.5%
  • We are going to roll it out in 2008: 28.2%
  • We are going to roll it out in 2009: 14.9%
  • We are going to roll it out in 2010: 25.3%
So these numbers tell a whole different story from Gartner!

Quote Of The Week

"We are all victims of mythology in one way or another. We are the inheritors, and many times the propagators, of a desire to believe what we want to believe, regardless of whether or not it is true." -- J.V. Stewart

Hope you enjoy this issue of WServerNews! Warm regards, Stu Sjouwerman  |   Email me: [email protected]


Admin Tools We Think You Shouldn't Be Without

If you're building or rebuilding a system from scratch, a utility called InstallPad can save time needed to download and reinstall applications.

Must have FREEWARE from Namescape. Web Active Directory + Self Service GAL. Download Now:

Aberdeen Group 2006 Messaging Security Benchmark Report. You have more to worry about than email and spam.

NEW: Sunbelt Kerio SERVER Firewall allows you to protect ALL your servers. A top-notch server firewall for a rock bottom price:


Spam That Delivers A Pink Slip Installs Keylogger

Targeted spam or "spear phishing" took a vicious twist last week in Georgia, where a handful of medical center employees received e-mail claimed they'd been laid off. When they followed a link in the e-mail for details, they unwittingly downloaded a keylogger onto the network. ComputerWorld had the story first:

Getting Started With VMware On Windows

VMware Server: As with many free products, there is some assembly required. Expert Andrew Kutz provides you with this new eight-part series on how to successfully install VMware on Windows. In the first installment, Kutz sets the stage for the deployment guide and describes how VMware server works. At SearchServerVirtualization:

Top 10 SQL Server Downloads

From security tools to developer utilities, you'll find a mix of downloads in this top 10 including: SQLPing, SQL Backup, PromptSQL, and SQL Server 2005 Express Edition. Some are entirely free while others are a limited-time free trial. (free registration required)

Dissecting The AD Architecture: SID Filtering And More

Expert Dean Wells continues his analysis of the Active Directory architecture by breaking down the behaviors and configurations of SID filtering, usage scenarios and configuration. At SearchWinIT: (free registration required)

Phishing Secrets Revealed

Get an overview of how phishing threatens Exchange Server from leading authority on phishing technology, Lance James, and learn what you need to do to protect your data. At the SearchExchange site:

Is Domain Controller Virtualization Really A Good Idea?

As virtual application servers continue to grow in popularity, many IT managers are beginning to explore the idea of virtualizing domain controllers as well. Expert Gary Olsen tackles some of the many unanswered questions involving DC virtualization. The story is at SearchWinIT:

Security Scan Results: Take A Closer Look

Your security scan results may be flagging "issues" that don't need your immediate attention. Read how you can decipher what's really a threat and what's not in this tip by Kevin Beaver.


Vista, Office 2007 Launch Nov. 30 - Pothole Warning

After years of patching XP, system admins will finally be able to get their hands on Vista and O2K7. Redmond sent e-mail invitations to the New York launch event, called "Microsoft New Day for Business". They will also release Exchange 2007 that same day. Steve Ballmer will show up for the event, together with the usual suspects; Microsoft partners and showcase customers.

There will be more roll-out events in other cities until end Jan 2007. Microsoft hopes customers will deploy Vista and 2007 together, and is going to promote the benefits of this. General consumer release of Vista and Office 2007 are still planned for January 2007.

Some licensing news: relenting under pressure from frequent hardware upgraders, Microsoft has changed the retail license terms for Vista. Customers now may uninstall the OS from one machine and install it on another as many times as they want.

There are some problems though. The upgrade path to Vista seems to have a few potholes. There are two kinds of OEMs; the big names like Dell, HP, Lenovo and on the other hand the system integrators that build no-name boxes or special high-end systems. Microsoft will issue coupons to the vendors. In turn, the vendors will issue coupons to their customers. Nothing difficult there.

But here are two nettlesome issues. First, not all XP and "Vista capable" computers sold between now and the promo expiration date of March 15, 2007 will be eligible. Every vendor will independently determine which of their machines are eligible for either the free upgrade or the "reduced price" one. You can bet your boots that cheap machines will not give away Vista upgrades.

Second, (and pay attention here) the price of the upgrade will be determined not by Microsoft but by the hardware vendor. You could get it for free, perhaps only shipping/handling or maybe a discounted upgrade price. And to make it more complex, the very same physical upgrade could cost more one vendor compared to another.

Last but not least, the XP flavors do not have a direct "map" to the five Vista flavors. And from what it looks like you cannot upgrade from anything to either Vista Home Basic or Vista Ultimate. Looks to me that you guys are right, and ignore Vista for a while, wait for SP1, and only kick it in production when you have a killer app that needs Vista right away. The recent SunPoll on Vista Rollout shows your plans clearly!


File-Rescue Plus 4.0 Network Enterprise Edition Released

File-Rescue Plus 4.0 Network Enterprise Edition allows an Administrator to Remotely scan, view, and undelete files, and folders on other machines, or attached devices to those machines on the network, directly from their own workstation. Also allows the Administrator to Clean Free Disk Space Remotely!

What's New in the Network Enterprise Edition?
  • QuickScan Option - Remotely Shows deleted files from the current format of the partition or media type.
  • ClusterScan Option - Remotely Shows all files on the volume whether deleted or not. Useful for Damaged, Reformatted, or Corrupted Drives. Allows recovery from CDRW formatted CDs.
  • Device Detection - Remotely Detects any drive type such as, any Hard Drive, Removable Drives, CD Drives, Handhelds, or any Device attached to the computer.
  • Clean Free Disk Space Option - Remotely Allows you to securely wipe all free disk space on your computer to Department of Defense Spec 5220.22-M.
  • Sorting and Search Options - Remotely Allows full search on all files by keyword. Tab sorting by files types for Documents, Images, Audio, Video, and the Recycle Bin. Allows modification of file types in the sorting tabs.
  • File List Options - These include saving your file list as a Text, CSV, or an XML file. Allows for printing of your file list and viewing you list with Details, List, Icons, and all Image files as Thumbnails!
  • eUpdate Options - Full electronic updates and upgrades of the product can be obtained by just clicking the eUpdate option on the interface.
Version 4.0 Highlights:
  • Remotely Rescue any File Type
  • Remotely Rescue from any Media incl. CDs
  • Remotely Rescue Directory Structures
  • New Search and Sorting Features
  • Remotely Wipe Free Disk Space Option
  • Electronic Updates
  • Runs on NT/2000/XP/2003
Download the 2 File-limit Full Functional Eval here:

WServerNews 'FAVE' LINKS

This Week's Links We Like. Tips, Hints And Fun Stuff.

  • Halloween is always a wild day at Sunbelt:
  • Terrible day at work. There you are, innocently minding the shop...
  • Flying the Canadian Grand Prix Track with a Video Controlled R/C Airplane A camera in the cockpit of a remote control plane transmits the video to a headset worn by the flyer. The camera turns as the pilot moves the headset.
  • OK, this is a few days old but you may have missed it. The Eepybird guys are at it again with coke bottles and mentos. It's a whole new level!
  • Kind of addicting games while you wait for backup to complete (full screen mode)
  • 14 year old crashes his dad's new 2007 Ford Mustang Cobra minutes after it's bought: Video at YouTube
  • I ran across this site; inviting folks to submit their short video (2 to 8 minutes). "Create a video that has a Science Fiction, Fantasy or Horror Theme, or some other element of the fantastic."
  • This is a weird site that monitors what postings have been censored.
  • How to Hack a Window XP Admins Password. This is a really fast hack:


    Running Just One Single AV Engine, Company Wide?

    In that case you need to take five minutes and watch this Flash presentation. We have come up with all the ammo you need to convince your boss to get some extra budget allocated to multi-engine AV on Exchange. It's worth the time. It's on the Ninja page in the left column, but here is the direct link (Flash):