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Vol. 12, #3 - Jan 22, 2007 - Issue #609
Yankee Survey: Comparing Windows To Linux Servers

  1. Editor's Corner
    • Yankee Survey: Comparing Windows To Linux Servers
    • Upcoming Seminars
    • Quote Of The Week
  2. Admin Toolbox
    • Admin Tools We Think You Shouldn't Be Without
  3. Tech Briefing
    • New Mark Minasi Newsletter
    • Fast Guide: Top Virtualization Tips
    • Vista Migration: What IT Managers Need To Consider
    • Microsoft's Next Big Product Push: Systems Management
    • FAQ: Exchange Server Information Store Issues
    • Top Client Security Tips Of 2006
  4. Windows Server News
    • Data Cleansing Techniques In SQL Server
    • Save Up To $430 Per Year Per PC With Best Practices
    • 'Longhorn' To Be Officially Dubbed...
  5. WServer Third Party News
    • Ninja Named to 'Products of the Year'
    • Shadowcaster Double-Take for Small Business Server
    • Event Archiver Helps Compliance
  6. WServerNews 'Fave' Links
    • This Week's Links We Like. Tips, Hints And Fun Stuff.
  7. WServerNews - Product of the Week
    • You Told Us: Blended Malware Is 2007 Top Issue
Messaging Ninja: HALF The Admin Time

A recent independent (Osterman) survey shows that Ninja Takes HALF
the time to administer, and has significantly lower cost per user.
Combined with extremely high spam filter rates, and more than 5,000
business installations of Messaging Ninja in less than 9 months, Ninja
is the system admin's favorite for antispam, antivirus and advanced,
policy based attachment filtering. You can get a 50% discount when you
upgrade to 'SearchExchange's Product Of The Year' Ninja from your
existing Exchange antispam or antivirus, making Ninja super attractive.

Editor's Corner

Yankee Survey: Comparing Windows To Linux Servers

We are redoing our yearly major survey comparing Windows to Linux together with the Yankee Group. We'd like to invite all of you to participate and see how your peers are currently managing both Windows and Linux servers. We will make the Executive Summary of the survey available in a coming issue, and at request will provide participants with the full survey results! There are 21 point-and-click questions that should take you less than 3 minutes to complete. This really is an important survey and I'd appreciate it a LOT if you could make those 3 minutes available, the results will be very interesting for all!! Thanks in advance. LINK:

Upcoming Seminars

We'd like to invite you to attend the following seminars that we are hosting:

"Recovery Made Easy for Exchange, SQL, and other Critical Applications" -
Join Sunbelt and Double-Take Software as we discuss strategies for implementing high availability, remote availability and offsite disaster recovery solutions for SQL, Exchange and other mission critical applications using Double-Take.

Hosted at Microsoft in San Diego, CA on Tuesday, January 23rd. Register here:

Hosted at Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel in Toronto, ON on Thursday, February 8th. Register here:

Hosted at Microsoft in Vancouver, BC on Friday, February 23rd. Register here:

Quote Of The Week

"We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools". -- Martin Luther King Jr.

PS: Some one asked me what "cyber" actually means. I had no clue, so I looked it up. It is a prefix taken from the word cybernetics (Greek kybernan, to "steer" or "govern". Interesting!

UNDO Dept: The Sunbelt VIPRE Antivirus Enterprise (working name) CounterSpy Enterprise 2.0 with the addition of our full desktop antivirus product is not planned for Q2 2006 but Q2 2007. Duh.

Hope you enjoy this issue of WServerNews! Warm regards, Stu Sjouwerman  |   Email me: [email protected]

Admin Toolbox

Admin Tools We Think You Shouldn't Be Without

Extend Active Directory services to UNIX/Linux/Mac to enable single sign-on, set global password policies. Free white paper.

Must Have FREEWARE Custom Web-Based Employee Directory. Download Now!

The Number One 'High-Availability-And-Disaster-Recovery' tool in-one Double-Take is now available for SBS. Read the new white-paper here (PDF):

Everything that has a clock and adjusts DST by itself needs patching! As discussed on Sunbelt's NTSYSADMIN forum, here is the MS page:

Tech Briefing

New Mark Minasi Newsletter

Mark Minasi has a GREAT newsletter this month. It's a full tutorial on the use of the Vista WinPE roll-out tool (which doesn't have to be used with Vista). Read the newsletter online here:

Fast Guide: Top Virtualization Tips

Access's most-clicked quick tips of 2006. These one-stop virtualization tips will let you grab info and go. Topics covered include: understanding virtual hard disk options, blades for server consolidation considerations, managing VM sprawl with a VM library, OpenVZ vs. Virtuozzo, and more (free registration):

Vista Migration: What IT Managers Need To Consider

After weighing the pros and cons of migrating to Windows Vista, expert Bernie Klinder runs through the final factors IT managers must consider before making the move to the new OS (free registration):

Microsoft's Next Big Product Push: Systems Management

From help desk to data protection, Microsoft began taking on systems management in a big way in 2006. The next wave begins in early 2007 with the release of the newest SMS.

FAQ: Exchange Server Information Store Issues

In this collection of frequently asked questions, experts tackle several common Exchange Server information store issues. From fixing configuration and performance problems to copying and recovering information store data, learn something new about managing the Exchange Server information store from this assortment of expert advice.

Top Client Security Tips Of 2006

The biggest threat to your network isn't always the latest malware outbreak or a clever hacker; sometimes it's actually the users themselves! With this scary thought in mind, compiled their top five client hardening tips of 2006. Recap the year in client security and make sure your network is protected from more than just the same old external threats.

Windows Server News

Data Cleansing Techniques In SQL Server

When it comes to decision making, the value of data is in its accuracy. If the data is inaccurate, decision makers can make flawed assumptions, which could have disastrous consequences. In this tip, Jeremy Kadlec outlines a dozen techniques to ensure data accuracy.

Save Up To $430 Per Year Per PC With Best Practices

IDC released a report last October that showed if you optimize your PC deployment and management, you can save up to $430 in IT labor savings per PC per year. It can be achieved from implementing IDC-recommended PC infrastructure optimization best practices from Basic to Rationalized. Many of these benefits can be enabled and maintained more easily and less expensively with Vista. Here are some examples:
  • Centrally managed PC settings and configuration - $190
  • Standardized desktop strategy - $110
  • Comprehensive PC security - $130
Source: "Optimizing Infrastructure: The Relationship Between IT Labor Costs and Best Practices for Managing the Windows Desktop," IDC October 2006, #203482 ComputerWorld has a good article that explains all this in more detail;

'Longhorn' To Be Officially Dubbed...

It's official. Well, sort of. Windows enthusiast site reported this week that an unnamed Microsoft official has confirmed the final name for "Longhorn" server. ENTnews has the scoop! Read more:

WServer Third Party News

Ninja Named to 'Products of the Year'

Messaging Ninja Takes Silver in Exchange Server Security Category

Sunbelt today announced that its all-in-one enterprise messaging security product, Sunbelt Messaging Ninja, has been named to TechTarget's 2006 Products of the Year. In its review of security products, a panel of industry experts, including the editors of TechTarget's editorial staff, a select group of users, and independent industry analysts and consultants, selected Ninja to receive the Silver Award in the Exchange Server Security category.

Judges gave Ninja scores for ease of use, value and performance -- and a perfect score for functionality because of what they called its plug-in architecture and out-of-the-box modules. "Organizations looking for an all-inclusive antivirus, antispam and anti-phishing solution for Exchange Server at an affordable price will benefit from Sunbelt Messaging Ninja Version 2.0," according to one judge.

Built for Microsoft Exchange, the product delivers best-of-breed antispam, antivirus, and anti-phishing along with powerful attachment filtering, wrapped in a plug-in framework that allows additional security features to be added easily. Designed as an MMC snap-in, deployment is simple with a minimum of configuration effort needed. The review can be found on's site:

Shadowcaster Double-Take for Small Business Server

Data replication and recovery software can be daunting for the semi- technical person, yet the need to protect the company's critical data is undeniable. Once implemented, maintaining the secondary server with the same updates and service packs as the production server can take time that a limited staff just doesn't have to spare. Failing over to a secondary server is one of the most critical operations a business may encounter. In a disaster situation, there is no time for a learning curve- the system works flawlessly according to the organizations plan.

Double-Take ShadowCaster(tm) for Small Business Server is a whole-server, local high availability solution designed with small to medium businesses in mind. Whether you are the company's designated IT novice or expert, Double-Take ShadowCaster makes protecting your server's data, applications and operating system a breeze. Read this new white paper here (PDF):

Event Archiver Helps Compliance

Event Archiver revolutionizes the way that an organization collects and manages critical log files. Important for HIPAA and SOX. After installing Event Archiver, you can start analyzing event log entries instead of just trying to save and store them manually whenever a free afternoon is available. In fact, collection and retention of log files is a required component of regulatory compliance efforts anyway. If your organization is facing HIPAA or Sarbanes-Oxley requirements, make sure that you have a process in place for routine and reliable collection of critical log data - one that doesn't rely on one or more people to simply remember to do it.

WServerNews 'Fave' Links

This Week's Links We Like. Tips, Hints And Fun Stuff.

WServerNews - Product of the Week

You Told Us: Blended Malware Is 2007 Top Issue

A whopping 41% of you said that blended threats are the greatest security threats to your networks for 2007. You need a tool that is able to fight off those blended threats! CounterSpy Enterprise is that tool. It has the largest and most complete threat database, and is being morphed into an anti-malware product that fights both spyware and viruses integrated 'in-one'. Imagine, no longer having to buy enterprise-wide anti-virus separately from industrial strength anti-spyware! Check out CounterSpy Enterprise now, 30 days free: