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Vol. 12, #14 - Apr 10, 2007 - Issue #620
Here is your Second Life Invitation

  1. Second Life Invitation
    • Here is your Second Life Invitation
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Second Life Invitation

Here is your Second Life Invitation

Sunbelt Software Building in Second Life Like I said in the last newsletter, I'd send you a separate invite to register at the Sunbelt website for Second Life. It's free.

Now, why did we create a presence in Second Life? Well, really because we thought it is such a cool environment. You can do a lot more there in the sense of new product presentations, surveys, lectures, parties, BOF-type meetings, and other community related activities.

It's not to replace our existing forums, but to extend out the functionality and services and provide a high-tech hangout where you can shoot the breeze with colleagues about any topic you'd want to discuss. Also, some of you might be interested in looking at our building in Tampa Bay which we recreated in Second Life.

We are going to organize regular events in the SL Sunbelt Auditorium, and would like to know which kinds of events you'd like to see there. For instance, we could invite your favorite Sci-Fi author for a lecture, ask Mark Minasi for a discussion about a new Service pack, or, or,... You tell me!

First though, here is the page on our website with a short description and a link to the registration page:

PS, If you are behind a corporate firewall, you should read this FAQ:

Good luck in your Second Life! Warm regards, Stu Sjouwerman  |   Email me: [email protected]