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Vol. 13, #49 - Nov 28, 2008 - Issue #703
Exclusive Black Friday Special Offer

  1. Black Friday Special
    • Add Our Firewall for just $9.95
    • The Press Loves VIPRE
    • Already have VIPRE? Everybody Wins!
    • Need More Than One License?
    • Availability and Licensing

Black Friday Special
While most of you are recovering from a traditional Thanksgiving feast, Sunbelt would like to kick off your holiday season with an incredible Black Friday Special.

During the holiday season, invariably the bad guys get even more active. The risk of cyber attacks goes up with increased online shopping activity during this time. Sunbelt offers you this one-day-only, unbelievable Black Friday Special to encourage you to protect your PC and personal information against more complex and malicious spyware threats. VIPRE's powerful anti-malware protection eliminates the performance headaches of many older, traditional antivirus products. And make sure to tell your friends about this special right away, it's only for 24 hours!

The offer is only valid on Friday November 28th, be sure to click on the link to buy tomorrow!

BLACK FRIDAY ONLY - Sunbelt Software is practically giving away this special, so save almost 70% on VIPRE Antivirus + Antispyware. Get a single license of VIPRE for only $9.95 instead of 29.95! Get your Black Friday Special here:

Add Our Firewall for just $9.95

And, as a VIPRE Customer, you can add the award-winning Sunbelt Personal Firewall (SPF) to your cart for just $9.95! With VIPRE and SPF together, your PC Security is fully covered for just 20 bucks, with only -one- company to call for toll-free, U.S.-based Tech Support! Just put VIPRE in the cart, click on checkout and you will see the special 50% discount offer appear.

The Press Loves VIPRE

A good example is ZDNet security specialist Adrian Kingsley-Hughes who said a few days ago: "I've no hesitation or reservation in recommending VIPRE. I like it because it's lightweight, no-nonsense and does what it says. If there's a better antivirus / antispyware scanner out there, I've not found it (and I've been actively looking)." Full story here:

Already have VIPRE? Everybody Wins!

Just because you already have VIPRE doesn't mean you can't take advantage of these awesome savings. You can purchase a license of VIPRE for your friends or family for only $9.95. VIPRE makes a great stocking stuffer. And today you can buy a VIPRE Key that will extend your subscription when it expires. How does this work? VERY EASY. You buy the Black Friday special now. You get the confirmation email with a new key. Save that email and enter your new key when your VIPRE expires. (Yes, the key only gets activated when you put it in VIPRE so you get the full 12 months out of it.) Extend your VIPRE License; add another year for only $9.95 instead of $29.95.

Need More Than One License?

If you need more than one user license, you can also take advantage of a flat $20 discount on any other VIPRE licensing option. For instance, get an unlimited home site license of VIPRE which will cover every PC in your home for only $29.95, instead of the normal $49.95. Another example: Get a 3 Computer license of VIPRE for only $19.95, also 20 bucks off. Here is another option. Get a 2 Computer license of VIPRE for only $14.95 instead of $34.95. You get the idea.

Availability and Licensing

The VIPRE Black Friday Special is available for $9.95 and includes all of the features, U.S.-based toll-free support, and updates of a standard subscription. Special pricing is available from midnight through 11:59pm on Friday, November 28, 2008.

Get your Black Friday Special Right Now. This offer expires at midnight.

Sunbelt Software wishes you Happy and Safe Holidays!