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A glimmer of hope for Windows 10 

Editor's Corner

This week's newsletter is one again about Windows 10 only this time we're going to try and focus on the positive instead of the negative. To assist us in this regard we've invited an IT professional named Pete from the Midwestern USA to share his story of a successful large-scale Windows 10 deployment and offer some tips for readers who may be facing a similar challenge.
I love success stories, especially when they involve myself <grin>. So what's the big secret to being successful? Listen to what Wally says in the following Dilbert comic strip:


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A glimmer of hope for Windows 10

A few weeks ago a reader named Pete emailed us with the following comments:

I'm very disheartened to read the past few emails about all the issues with Windows 10, as administrators are rolling out. Your articles seem very one-sided. I don't mean to minimize the frustration for those that are having issues, but I feel you have neglected to quote those that have had great success with rolling out Windows 10 and would never even consider going back to Windows 7. Not telling the other side of the story seems irresponsible as many are already disheartened and don't need more negative wood on the fire. I think it is only fair that you provide a holistic view and shine some light on a situation that many seem to see as dark.

I thanked Pete for his comments and told him we would be quite happy to quote readers who share success stories of Win10 deployment/adoption if only some would send such stories to us! I then asked Pete if he would put his money where his mouth was, and he graciously obliged--yay, Pete! Let's now hear from Pete as he tells shares a bit of his story and provides some advice for those of us who may be dreading the idea of having to roll out Windows 10 for the users in our organization...

A ray of hope

I have read many articles lately of fellow IT Professionals having a hard time upgrading to Windows 10. Many of which seem hopeless as they site numerous issues when making the jump. I assume this leaves many others that are starting to look at Windows 10 feeling like they have a daunting task ahead of them. I just want to shine a bit of light on the subject and bring in "A ray of hope" that may set your heart at ease. Because the truth is that with a few key steps Window 10 is actually the best OS to date from Microsoft and is by far the easiest to upgrade to and maintain.

I've been an IT Professional for 20 years now and I've been focused on workstation administration for the full duration. My first OS upgrade was from Windows NT to Windows 2000 on over 800 nodes. Since then I've performed upgrades to Windows XP and then Windows 7 on over 1800 nodes. I've recently completed the rollout of Windows 10 and I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that Windows 10 was the smoothest OS deployment to date. With each upgrade I learned a few things. I apologize if these seem like obvious points to many but from what I've read lately I believe these could help many.

Point #1: If you want to get started with a solid foundation and a big confidence booster, do yourself a favor and purchase a one-month subscription to PluralSight. Then go and find the session called "Deploying Windows 10 Using MDT and ConfgMgr" from Johan Arwidmark. In this quick tutorial, Johan walks you through step-by-step how to create a perfectly repeatable image. There is no need to go to some expensive offsite course. Johan spells it all out and he is the expert.

Point #2: Speaking of Johan Arwidmark, go bookmark his website:


There is so much vital information on the site. Don't forget to follow him on Twitter too. And also don't forget to bookmark his colleague Mikael Nystrom's site too:


[EDITOR'S NOTE: Check out the Recommended for Learning section of this issue of WServerNews for a terrific book from Johan that can also be of help if you're planning a Windows 10 deployment.]

Point #3: Separate your Group Policies and make a clean break from all previous GPOs. This is your chance to start fresh. My suggestion (because it worked so well) is to use WMI filtering and separate your GPOs by OS. For example, if you have a GPO called "Internet Explorer", rename it to "Windows 7 Internet Explorer" and then use a WMI filter so it only applies to Windows 7 PCs. Then do the same thing for Windows 10. Make sure that not a single policy from previous GPOs makes it to your Windows 10 PCs. I also highly recommend that you start small. What I mean by that is don't bring over any policy from previous GPOs unless you know exactly why it was set and that you will need it on Windows 10 as well. As you start to test your image, you will find what policies need to be set. Setting too many policies before you even start testing can lead to a lot of frustration.

Point #4: Don't even consider upgrading an existing Windows 7 PC to Windows 10 via the upgrade route. This will only lead to pain as you bring all the issues you had with Windows 7 over to Windows 10. I highly recommend following Johan's full imaging process and starting new.

Point #5: There are lots of issues that Windows 10 introduced like the scaling of windows and the setting of file associations back to Edge. While these issues are new to Windows 10, having issues like these is not new. Every OS Microsoft has released has had its issues and the community has found a fix for it. When I first tackled Windows 10 a year ago, there were already a lot of solutions to these issues posted. By now there are many solutions to these issues and some have been addressed by Microsoft in newer builds. So don't let those little tweaks scare you.
I hope these points provide some light on the subject and a bit of hope to those that are just getting started with Windows 10. I admit that this is simplifying the process and there is much more to consider but these are the foundations to a solid start. Embracing Windows 10 is easier said than done, but I can attest that once you get there the right way, you will never want to go back.
--Pete from the Midwestern USA

[EDITOR'S NOTE: That was some terrific advice from Pete, especially the bit about implementing Group Policies with WMI filtering and about building new images instead of doing upgrades. If any other readers would like to share positive suggestions about how to smooth Windows 10 deployment/adoption, please feel free to email us at [email protected]. Meanwhile, next week we'll go back to bashing Windows 10 by airing some new complaints we've received from readers over the last few weeks...LOL]

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Recommended for Learning

Deployment Fundamentals, Vol. 6 - Deploying Windows 10 Using Microsoft Deployment Toolkit

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• Install and configure MDT 2013 Update 2 for production deployments
• Build the supporting infrastructure
• Use the script repository included with this book in your own environment
• Create production-ready reference images for Windows 10
• Build a real-world deployment solution for Windows 10
• Add and deploy applications
• Perform real-world driver management
• Apply advanced configurations for CustomSettings.ini and deployment automation
• Extend MDT using application wrappers, userexit scripts, and PowerShell
• Prestage deployment settings using the MDT databases
• Perform advanced configuration using web services
• Deploy Office 2016, including the Click-to-Run Office 365 version
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Factoid of the Week

Last week's factoid and questionwas this:

St Lucia is the only country in the world named after a woman. What other interesting stories are there about how countries got their names? Or states? Or cities? Let's see who can come up with the weirdest, strangest story...

This one didn't seem to interest too many of our readers and the only response we thought was strange/weird enough to include here is this embarrassing example which we received from a reader named Susan:

From my home state: Embarrass, MN. With an average annual temperature of 34.5 degrees, Embarrass is notable as the coldest place in Minnesota. Its name was derived from the French word embarrasser, based on its meaning of "to hinder with obstacles or difficulties." It was given this name by the French fur traders who were some of the first Europeans to visit the area.

Now let's move on to this week's factoid:

Fact: Franz Kafka liked to exercise naked in front of the window.

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Until next week,
Mitch Tulloch

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