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    • Can you afford an open source cloud platform?
    • How Microsoft’s Nano Server could shake things up
    • How to print from a remote desktop on an iPad
    • Choosing between software-and hardware-based replication
  9. WServerNews FAVE Links
    • Amazing Ladder Act by Uzeyer Novruzov
    • Shin Lim's Incredible Magic Fools Penn and Teller
    • The Magic Mirror
    • First Microwave-Powered Space Shuttle Under Development
  10. WServerNews - Product of the Week
    • Deep Packet Inspection for Quality of Experience Monitoring


Deep Packet Inspection for Quality of Experience Monitoring

Read this whitepaper to get a detailed description of packet analysis techniques to measure high network response times, network delay, server processing times, client processing time, traffic distribution, and overall quality of experience.

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Editor's Corner

This week's newsletter is all about Amazon Web Services and provides you with some resources you can use to learn more about how you can use Amazon's popular cloud computing platform. Amazon is an amazing company but sometimes I wonder whether it might be an outpost for a future Borg invasion of our planet, especially when I consider the following Dilbert comic strip:


Actually I can't wait to be assimilated...


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Free AWS course for WServerNews subscribers!

Pluralsight, a global leader in online training and assessment for technology professionals, is offering free access for all our newsletter subscribers to their online course Amazon Web Services (AWS) Fundamentals for System Administrators. This course introduces Amazon AWS cloud capabilities to administrators, engineers, and architects looking to design and deploy on the AWS cloud. It covers core AWS skills and concepts needed to begin working with AWS and to achieve AWS certification. Once you sign up for this course you'll have free access until September 30, 2015. Sign up here for this terrific free offer:


From the Mailbag

Last week in Issue #1039 Systems Management Briefs, we included a blog post from Raymond Chen remembering the launch of Windows 95. It turns out a few of our old-time readers still remember the event and also Windows 95 itself:

Does anyone else remember the Windows 95 launch event? Or any other significant launch events of Microsoft software? Email your reminisces to us at [email protected]

And now on to the main topic of this week's newsletter...

AWS resources

A few of us have been piloting both Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure for some time now for a cloud initiative we've been considering, and I have to say I'm really impressed with both platforms. They both have a terrific assortment of development tools available and have varied and robust management tools. Ultimately it'll probably boil down to cost if we ever get this thing off the ground. For those of you who aren't familiar yet with AWS, the lists of resources below should help you get started as we've included a selection of both Amazon and third-party blogs on the subject including some terrific articles from our own TechGenix site InsideAWS.com. And we'll also do something similar for Microsoft Azure in a future issue of WServerNews.

Official AWS resources

First, here are some "official" resources from Amazon concerning their cloud platform:

AWS home page


What's New from Amazon Web Services




AWS Free Tier (try out AWS for free!)


Getting Started with AWS


Articles from InsideAWS.com

Next let's look at some TechGenix articles from our own InsideAWS.com website:

Getting Started with AWS


Improve IT Governance with AWS


Security Best Practices for AWS (IaaS) EC2


Importing a Virtual Machine into Amazon EC2


Microsoft + AWS: A Winning Combo


Doing your Database on AWS


AWS blogs

There are also a bunch of different "official" AWS blogs that contain both useful technical information along with the usual marketing fluff. Below are some of the more useful ones you might want to add to your newsfeed:

AWS Official Blog


AWS Architecture Blog


AWS Security Blog


AWS Compute Blog


AWS Partner Network (APN) Blog


AWS Startup Collection


Other blogs

Next, here are some third-party blogs that focus on AWS technologies in various degrees, some of which you may find helpful in your AWS journey:

Flux7 (AWS topics)


Cloudability Blog


CloudAcademy Blog


RightScale Cloud Management Blog (AWS topics)


Puppet Labs Blog (AWS topics)


Threat Stack Blog (AWS topics)


Kloud Blog (AWS topics)


AWS best practices

Finally, we'll end with a few articles that detail various best practices for AWS rollouts, especially in the area of security:

Top 10 AWS Security Best Practices (Evident.io Blog)


IAM user management strategy (NCC Group Blog)


AWS Tips I Wish I'd Known Before I Started (Rich Adams)


AWS Best Practices - Enterprise Perspective (DevOps.com)


25 Best Practice Tips for architecting your Amazon VPC (Cloud, Big Data and Mobile)


Send us your feedback

Found any other hot resources on AWS our readers should know about? Email us at [email protected]

Recommended for Learning

Like to learn stuff from books? Here are five well-reviewed books/ebooks on AWS you may want to check out:

AWS Scripted: How to Automate the Deployment of Secure and Resilient Websites with Amazon Web Services VPC, ELB, EC2, RDS, IAM, SES and SNS (CreateSpace)


AWS Development Essentials (Packt)


AWS System Administration: Best Practices for Sysadmins in the Amazon Cloud (pre-order from O'Reilly)


A Developer's Guide to Reducing Your AWS Bill (PragTech)


Pro PowerShell for Amazon Web Services: DevOps for the AWS Cloud (Apress)


Choosing the Right Tool to Provision AWS Infrastructure (ThoughtWorks)


The story of Yamaha should terrify HP, Dell, Cisco, and anybody else who sells hardware (Business Insider)


Microsoft Virtual Academy

Getting Started with Azure Security for the IT Professional  

IT Pros and other IT community members with an interest in cloud security options will want to watch this new on-demand course.  Get the information and the confidence you need, from Rick Claus and the pros who know, as they demystify security in Microsoft Azure. Be sure that your cloud solution meets (and exceeds!) your own personal and your organization's bar for security, including industry standards, attestations, and ISO certifications.  Watch here:


Virtualization CON 2015 Sessions On Demand

Recordings of VirtualizationCON 2015 Sessions Available On Demand

Available until August 31, 2015

View the recorded sessions from Virtualization CON 2015, hosted by VirtualizationAdmin.com, at your convenience. This annual, online gathering of Administrators and IT Professionals joining with Virtualization Experts presents the latest virtualization technologies, challenges and solutions. The recordings of all sessions will be available through August 31, 2015.

Register Here

Keynote Address by Brien Posey:  The Present and Future of Virtualization - Join Microsoft MVP and freelance technology writer Brien Posey who reviews the latest trends, technologies and challenges in virtualization.

Focus Session sponsored by Veeam: Item Level Recovery for Tier-1 Applications – Learn how you can recover your critical applications and enable the Always-On Business with the help of Free tools from Veeam.

Focus Session sponsored by VMTurbo:  Keeping the Lights Bright in a Virtual Environment! – Find out how the industry is shifting towards a more SLA focused and policy-driven operations strategy an why this is important.

Capstone Session: Has Virtualization Met Expectations? –  Join Brien Posey, Veeam’s Jason Acord and VM Turbo’s Eric Wright as they discuss leading questions many organizations face when considering, planning or implementing a virtualized environment.

Sign up for on-demand access to this informative live event

Quote of the Week

"This is the whole point of technology. It creates an appetite for immortality on the one hand. It threatens universal extinction on the other. Technology is lust removed from nature." --Don DeLillo

Until next week,
Mitch Tulloch

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Admin Toolbox

Admin Tools We Think You Shouldn't Be Without

Operations Manager is a unified control system. The software assures workload performance while utilizing the infrastructure as efficiently as possible. Download the Free Trial today.

Browse, search and export items directly from Veeam backups of your Exchange 2010 and 2013 VMs with new Veeam Explorer for Exchange. Free Dowload!

The AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell lets developers and administrators manage their AWS services from the Windows PowerShell scripting environment.

Terraform is a tool for building, changing, and combining infrastructure safely and efficiently.

AWS CloudFormation lets you create and manage a collection of related AWS resources by provisioning and updating them in an orderly and predictable fashion.

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This Week's Tips

7 tips for protecting your AWS cloud

This article from NetworkWorld is a bit dated but still has useful information for beginners to AWS:

AWS Tips, Tricks, and Techniques

Though over a year old, this article from Launch By Lunch still has lots of useful information on AWS security, billing, troubleshooting, and using provisioning services like EC2 and S3:

Amazon AWS tips and hacks

Quora can be a terrific source of peer-generated learning content, and this page on Amazon AWS tips and hacks is worth browsing through (and adding to if you have any tips of your own to share):

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Tech Briefing

Amazon AWS

Archiving Data to Amazon AWS (Part 4) (CloudComputingAdmin.com)


Amazons EC2 (ECS) Container Service Supporting Docker (Part 1) (InsideAWS.com)


Cloud computing

The Discriminatory Dark Side Of Big Data (Chirag Mehta)


Saying Goodbye to On-Premises Exchange (Part 3) (CloudComputingAdmin.com)


Microsoft Exchange and Office 3065

Match Office 365 Mailbox with New On-Premises User in a Hybrid Deployment (MSExchange.org)


Security in Office 365 White Paper (Microsoft Download Center)



IPv6 for Windows Admins (Part 4) (WindowsNetworking.com)


Wi-Fi Security Myths (WindowsNetworking.com)


Windows PowerShell

Best Practices for PowerShell Scripting (Part 1) (WindowsNetworking.com)


Registration is Now Open to Publish on PowerShell Gallery (Windows PowerShell Blog)


Recommended TechGenix Articles

Creating a Cloud Data Location and Jurisdiction Policy (Part 2)

Getting Started with AWS (Part 9)

Video: Windows Service Account Finder and Reporter: FREE!

What’s New for Hyper-V in Windows Server Technical Preview 2

Hybrid Network Infrastructure in Microsoft Azure (Part 3)

Windows Server News

Can you afford an open source cloud platform?

Many businesses today assume that open source cloud is cheaper than proprietary models, but its true price tag could actually be much greater than expected due to frequently overlooked costs. Learn about the hidden costs of open source cloud computing and decide for yourself which cloud truly aligns best with your needs.

How Microsoft’s Nano Server could shake things up

Container technology is rapidly evolving as this new technology finds a place in the data center. The Nano Server is an even more slimmed down operating system, and it could have a big impact on how future applications are deployed. Learn more inside.

How to print from a remote desktop on an iPad

Citrix's X1 Mouse makes accessing a remote session from an iOS device possible, but ThinPrint solves an entirely new problem: printing to local printers at home from a remote session accessed from an iOS device.   Learn more about how ThinPrint's Mobile Print feature drastically simplifies what was once a multi-step process.

Choosing between software-and hardware-based replication

Disaster recovery and backup within a new VMware infrastructure is often the very last thing to be addressed when setting up the environment, but it should really be a top priority. Is hardware-based replication or software-based replication the better fit for your company? Discover which replication option is right for you.


WServerNews FAVE Links

This Week's Links We Like. Tips, Hints And Fun Stuff

GOT FUN VIDEOS or other fun links to suggest you'd like to recommend? Email us at [email protected]

Amazing Ladder Act by Uzeyer Novruzov

The amazing ladder act by Uzeyer Novruzov impresses the judges and audience of America's Got Talent 2015:

Shin Lim's Incredible Magic Fools Penn and Teller

Shin Lim performs magic in a way that is beyond anything you have ever seen before:

The Magic Mirror

Tim Silver amazes the audience of the French television show 'The World's Greatest Cabaret' with his magic mirror:

First Microwave-Powered Space Shuttle Under Development

Escape Dynamics has successfully tested an engine for a reusable spaceplane that will be powered by beams of microwaves to launch into space:

WServerNews - Product of the Week

Deep Packet Inspection for Quality of Experience Monitoring

Read this whitepaper to get a detailed description of packet analysis techniques to measure high network response times, network delay, server processing times, client processing time, traffic distribution, and overall quality of experience.

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WServerNews - Editors

Mitch Tulloch is Senior Editor of WServerNews and is a widely recognized expert on Windows administration, deployment and virtualization. Mitch was lead author of the bestselling Windows 7 Resource Kit and has been author or series editor for almost fifty books mostly published by Microsoft Press. Mitch is also a ten-time recipient of Microsoft's Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award for his outstanding contributions in support of the global IT pro community. Mitch owns and runs an information technology content development business based in Winnipeg, Canada. For more information see www.mtit.com.

Ingrid Tulloch is Associate Editor of WServerNews and was co-author of the Microsoft Encyclopedia of Networking from Microsoft Press. Ingrid is also manages research and marketing for our content development business and has co-developed university-level courses in Information Security Management for a Masters of Business Administration program.