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Catching up on Windows 10

Editor's Corner

This week's newsletter is all about Windows 10 with ten headings covering our topic, so we could have called this issue "Ten things about Windows 10" but we thought that too trite <grin>. We also have some helpful tips, recommended resources, links to technical articles, and fun videos on Flixxy for your entertainment. Enjoy!

Ten is a truly fascinating number, don't you think? Here are three classic Dilbert comic strips that confirm the amazing Power of Ten:




Ask Our Readers - Redirected search page hijack (solved)

Several weeks ago we posted the following question sent to us by Dave, an IT veteran in Perth, Australia:

I am seeing a number of client machines with browser hijacks. Many of these respond quite well to the usual adware or malware removal tools but there are equal number that seem to have no way to remove them. For example, tech-connect.biz redirected search page hijack is a real problem. I have run dozens of programs, Reg edits, to remove but it is stubborn and persistent. If I run IE (11) with no addins or in safe mode the hijack does not load. This should be a clue but nowhere in addins list or registry can I find this entry. Just wondering if any readers have found a method for manual removal or via some tool?

Dave later reached out to us to let us know that he found a solution called UnHackMe that successfully deleted all the offending registry entries. You can find more info about UnHackMe on their website:


Ask Our Readers: WServerNews has almost 100,000 subscribers worldwide. That's a lot of expertise to tap into. Do you need help with some issue or need advice on something IT-related? Got a question you'd like us to toss out to our readers to try and answer? Email us at [email protected]

And now let's take ten quick peeks at some Windows 10 miscellanea...

Latest specs for Windows 10

Thinking of upgrading that PC, laptop or tablet to Windows 10? Or maybe performing a clean install of Windows 10 onto your device? Read the latest specifications outlining the requirements, editions, and languages available for Windows 10:


Prepare your organization for Windows 10 deployment

Microsoft has assembled together a collection of videos, documentation, tools, and other collateral you can use to help prepare your IT staff, corporate management, and end users for a deployment of Windows 10. The content is based on what Microsoft IT itself learned from its internal rollout of Windows 10 to their global workforce. IT Showcase has more info here:


Managing application compatibility for Windows 10

If your business has a lot of applications that are critical for the success of your enterprise, you clearly want to ensure all of those applications will run under Windows 10 before you consider migrating to Windows 10 from your current version of Windows. Chris Jackson, the App Compat Guy at Microsoft has an excellent article on his MSDB blog that outlines in detail a strategy for planning how you should approach the whole matter of application compatibility during a client OS migration:


I recommend that IT staff spend time reviewing Chris's article in detail before they begin investigating whether any application compatibility issues may exist between their organization's LoB apps and Windows 10.

Using Windows Defender Offline in Windows 10

In previous versions of Windows if you wanted to run Windows Defender Offline to boot your machine into a trusted environment to scan it for malware, you had to download Windows Defender Offline, install it to bootable media, restart the computer you want to scan, load the bootable media, and perform the scan. This is now a lot easier in Windows 10 as you can simply open Windows Defender and click to launch an offline scan of your machine. This article by Iaan D'Souza-Wiltshire in the Windows IT Center explains how to do this:


Using mandatory user profiles in Windows 10

"Mandatory user profiles are roaming user profiles that have been preconfigured to provide a consistent desktop environment that the user cannot modify. When a user account is configured to use a mandatory user profile, the user downloads the profile from the network share during logon. When the user logs off, any changes made to the user's desktop environment are not uploaded to the profile stored on a network location, and the changes made are overwritten during the next logon when the roaming profile is downloaded from the server."

That little blurb is from Chapter 15 of the Windows 7 Resource Kit from Microsoft Press, a book for which I was the lead author. Mandatory user profiles are common in certain environments such as kiosk machines, labs, and classrooms.  Windows 10 still supports mandatory user profiles but not so well it turns out--see this article by J. Decker in the Windows IT Center on TechNet:


Using Remote Credential Guard in Windows 10

Remote Credential Guard was introduced in Windows 10 v.1607 as a tool to help you safeguard your user credentials when working over a Remote Desktop connection. Brian Lich has a good article on Windows IT Center explaining how this feature works and how to configure it:


Using Quick Assist in Windows 10

Quick Assist is a new feature introduced in Windows 10 Anniversary Update that lets two people share a computer over a remote connection. This allows one person to help solve problems on the other person's computer. Think built-in TeamViewer. Olav Tvedt, a Microsoft MVP in Cloud and Datacenter technologies based in Bergen, Norway, as a nice little article about this new feature here:


I haven't tried this feature yet, but if any of you readers out there have you can email me with your comments here: [email protected]

Two more Windows 10 updates are coming in 2017

Ars Technica describes the current state of Windows 10's servicing branches and how these branches are expected to diverge further in the coming year:


What I don't understand is how the Long Term Servicing Branch (LTSB) can be tied to Windows Server releases when the next LTSB release of Windows 10 will be next year while Windows Server 2016 itself is scheduled for release before end of this year. Can anyone in our community explain this to me? Email me at [email protected]

And if you're confused about the different Windows 10 branches and servicing options, this article by Sam Lewis on EndpointFocus explains everything clearly including when you can expect each Windows 10 release to reach end-of-life (EOL):


Yes, even Windows 10 will pass one day. At least v.1507...

Windows 10 is still meeting resistance from business customers

BetaNews has an article saying that one year after Windows 10 was released, many business are still reluctant to adopt the new platform:


What about the business you work for? Send us an email at [email protected] and let us know how many seats (Windows client machines) your company has and where you currently stand in your client refresh cycle and why.

Windows 10 continues to frustrate me occasionally

We're currently running Windows 10 on several PCs and laptops in our business. We haven't migrated everything for the user reasons e.g. older peripherals not supported by Windows 10, application compatibility issues, and potential negative impact on user productivity. I use Windows 10 daily on my own HP Envy laptop but it continues to frustrate me from time to time.

For example, the other day I woke my machine up from sleep and the following dialog appeared:



My reaction was, "Wait a minute--there are no applications currently running on this machine, only the operating system."

I clicked OK and everything seemed fine and the dialog hasn't reappeared. Still, that doesn't answer why it appeared in the first place.

Then there's my ongoing issue involving waking the machine from sleep. About every tenth or fifteenth time I wake my laptop by opening it up, nothing happens when I click on anything--I can't open the Start menu and I can't launch programs by clicking on their pinned taskbar icons. This happens regardless of whether I'm using the trackpad or my Bluetooth mouse. My only recourse is to hold down the power button and hard power it off and then power it back on again. Why?

It's also strange that when I wake the machine by opening it up, it sometimes displays the lock screen and other times displays the logon dialog. Why?

Other than these minor but still troubling annoyances, I've been quite happy with Windows 10 and am getting used to using the Settings app instead of Control Panel for making configuration changes to the system. 

What still annoys you about Windows 10? Email me at [email protected]

Since misery loves company, I'm glad I'm not the only tech writer who feels frustrated with Windows 10. The recent Anniversary Update installed fine on my machine but annoyingly reverted my Start menu to display all apps after I had previously taken the time to hide or remove all of the apps I wasn't interested in. That was annoying but I got over it. But Randall C. Kennedy has a stronger opinion about the Anniversary Update which he expresses on BetaNews here:


Read the comments too, it's quite something to behold.

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Quote of the Week

"Don’t struggle! You’ll only sink faster." --Homer Simpson

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Mitch Tulloch

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Windows 10 and Lenovo - Blackscreen after installing Anniversary Update

If you have a Lenovo machine and you experience a blackscreen after the system reboots once Windows 10 Anniversary Update has been installed, you can read the following Lenovo Support article for instructions on how you can try resolving your problem:


Windows 10 and Microsoft Intune - Understanding enrollment

Microsoft IT Showcase has a PDF guide you can download that walks you through how the Microsoft Intune enrollment process works for Windows 10 devices being used for remote work:


Windows 10 and ConfigMgr - Enable Ubuntu Linux during OSD

SCConfigMgr.com has a cool post on how you can get a Linux subsystem running on Windows 10 machines you'll be deploying using System Center Configuration Manager:


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Microsoft blasted over blatant disregard for Windows 10 user privacy

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Why Windows 10 fired Mr. Fix It

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Microsoft’s new Windows 10 readiness tool

Enterprises looking to upgrade to Windows 10 now have a readiness tool that can help assess whether they're able to handle the upgrade.


How to fix Windows 10 commonly known privacy issues

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Windows Defender Offline in Windows 10 (Windows IT Center)


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These Gymnastics Moves Are No Longer Allowed At The Olympic Games

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