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Citrix and the Mobile Workstyle

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Editor's Corner

This week's newsletter describes some of the latest developments in Citrix platforms for enabling the mobile workstyle with a guest editorial from Jarian Gibson, an expert in application and desktop virtualization technologies based in Kansas, USA. Mobility is important for today's professionals, but as this Dilbert comic shows it sometimes comes with a cost:

Try clipping *that* to your belt.

And now on to our guest editorial from Jarian Gibson...

Citrix Synergy 2013 -- Empowering Mobile Workstyles

Citrix Synergy 2013 in Anaheim, CA had plenty of great announcements around the Citrix product offerings.  The messaging and focus for Citrix Synergy was Mobile Workstyles.  Citrix enabling users to work anywhere from any device at any time, is focusing on mobility.  With acquisitions of companies such as ShareFile and Zenprise, Citrix has a complete end to end offering for a complete mobility solution.


What started off as the Cloud Gateway product suite and changing to XenMobile with the Zenprise acquisition, Citrix has offerings for both corporate owned and bring your own (BYO) mobile devices.  Before Synergy, Citrix had two product editions in the XenMobile family.  XenMobile Mobile Device Management (MDM) Edition and XenMobile Mobile Solutions Bundle (MSB).  XenMobile MDM for corporate owned mobile devices came from the Zenprise acquisition.  The XenMobile MSB for a mix of corporate owned and BYO mobile devices includes the MDM edition and what used to be Cloud Gateway Enterprise that includes the newly announced Worx suite along with MDX technologies for that life and work separation on BYO mobile devices.

Announced at Synergy, XenMobile has changed to three editions.  XenMobile will have the MDM Edition for corporate owned mobile devices, the App Edition for BYO mobile devices, and the Enterprise Edition which will include both MDM and App Editions along with entitlements for ShareFile on premises follow me data and GoToAssist for remote mobile device support.  The newly announced App Edition is what the Cloud Gateway Enterprise Edition used to be including for the Worx suite of applications and MDX technologies. 

The Worx suite is the renaming of the @Work applications that Citrix announced with Cloud Gateway Enterprise and Enroll application from XenMobile MDM Edition.  Worx suite will have the following applications:

The Worx App Gallery was announced and live today with over 65 Worx-enabled mobile apps from Citrix Ready Worx-Enabled Partners.  Citrix also announced SDKs to allow enterprises to Work-enabled applications from internal storefronts or from public app stores such as the Apple AppStore or Google Play with the Worx App SDK.  The Mobile SDK for Windows Apps allows you to mobile your Windows applications for touch friendly applications that can leverage the local mobile device capabilities like GPS, sensors, cameras, audio and video capture, phone/SMS, and device buttons.

You can find the Worx App Gallery here:


ShareFile being a solution having secure data sharing, sync, and editing with the option to have data in the cloud or on premises also had several new features announced.  ShareFile with StorageZones was announced with connectors for existing file shares, SharePoint with native file check-in/checkout and editing, and Windows Azure support.

ShareFile mobile apps will have new features such as:

The Mobile Content Editor for ShareFile will allow users to:

The XenMobile integration will allow ShareFile to be used for the underlying storage for the Worx App suite along with Work-enabled apps.  Users will be able to store, sync, share, and edit documents directly from Worx-enabled apps which can be securely vaulted on BYO mobile devices for the life/work separation.

ShareFile integration in the Citrix Receiver with the Docs tab is being retired and will be replaced by a Work-enabled ShareFile mobile app.  Look for these changes in an upcoming ShareFile mobile app update.

ShareFile desktop apps will have new features such as:

ShareFile Office 2013 integration will include plugin support for Outlook where users will be able to send and request files directly from emails.  Policies can be set to always use ShareFile for attachments or use ShareFile for attachments over a specified size to save space in Exchange server mailbox stores.

ShareFile also has plugins for Windows Explore and Mac Finder integration to provide access to ShareFile content directly.  Selectively sync which folders from ShareFile are automatically synced to the desktop including favorites and team folders.

ShareFile AD integration will now have the following features:


NetScaler being the service delivery network for performance, security, reliability, and scalability with full integration for XenMobile, ShareFile, and XenDesktop has new 10.1 release that provides many new features.

New features for NetScaler 10.1 include:

HDX Insight will allow for full application level visibility for XenDesktop 7 virtual desktops and applications.  Combined with Director in XenDesktop 7, admins will have full end to end visibility for troubleshooting users' issues.  Note that HDX Insight for end to end visibility will require NetScaler Platinum and XenDesktop Platinum.

XenMobile NetScaler Connector (XNC) now allows for mobile device control of corporate email, calendar, and contacts with no longer having to install a component on Exchange Client Access Servers when using XenMobile MDM.  The XNC can be installed on the MDM server or any other server. 

The Access Gateway line is being renamed to NetScaler Gateway.  This will be the consolidation of Standard Edition, Advanced Edition, and Enterprise Edition into a single product.  The NetScaler Gateway which is Access Gateway Enterprise Edition renamed, will allow license key upgrade from Access Gateway only features to full featured NetScaler editions without having to swap any hardware.  Now Citrix will focus on developing on a single gateway platform.  One gateway for virtual application and desktop delivery, web and SaaS resources, and native mobile application delivery.  Hopefully this means OPSWAT support for NetScaler Gateway will be coming soon.        


XenDesktop 7 was announced which brings the convergence of XenApp and XenDesktop into a single product and architecture.  XenApp 6.5 will be the last edition of XenApp and IMA architecture that has been around since MetaFrame XP.  A new edition was also announced to replace XenApp.  Prior to XenDesktop 7 there was the VDI, Enterprise, and Platinum editions.  With the release of XenDesktop 7 there is a new App Edition.  The App Edition is the replacement for XenApp and XenApp Enterprise and Platinum licensed users with a current Subscript Advantage will be entitled to it.  XenApp Advanced licensed customers except announcement for going to XenDesktop 7 when it's generally available sometime this month.

XenDesktop 7 is based on the FMA architecture that was first introduced in XenDesktop 5.  The FMA architecture will allow for higher scale deployments along with updating Delivery Controllers and Virtual Delivery Agents (VDAs) independent of each other.  IMA architecture has a limit of 5,000 objects and rollup packs have to apply to infrastructure farm components before applying to application workers.

New features in XenDesktop 7 include:

Depreciated features in XenDesktop 7:

XenDesktop 7 brings lots of changes and new features, especially for XenApp only environments.  The simplified installation is very nice having one media for Delivery Controller, Studio, Director, StoreFront Services, License Server, VDA, Profile Management, Personal vDisk.  Only separate media is needed for Provisioning Services.  Since now Machine Creation Services can be used for virtual desktop and server operating systems, why use Provisioning Services unless doing physical?

All management is now done from Studio which is very similar to XenDesktop 5.x management with new features of configuration logging, delegated administration, StoreFront management, Profile Management, and App-V 5 integration.  In Studio the application publishing now queries the VDA for installed application and App-V 5 streamed applications to be able to select multiple applications to be published at once.  Remote PC is now fully integrated in Studio where previously the service was separate install and PowerShell script had to be modified for automatic configuration.  StoreFront is management directly from Studio along with Profile Management.  No more separate console for StoreFront or adm template import for Profile Management.  Configuration Logging can be seen directly in Studio along with Director.  Another nice and welcomed feature is Configuration Testing to test the deployment after the XenDesktop site has been configured.

All monitoring is now done in Director.  Director along with HDX Insight will be the full end-to-end monitoring replacement for EdgeSight.  Director is much usable than EdgeSight and no longer requires a separate agent install since it is built into the VDA.  Plenty of information can be easily viewed to find information for issues going on in the XenDesktop deployment.  Director includes monitoring for troubleshooting, performance management, and advanced analytics.

Local App Access is a nice feature that allows local applications to be nested and viewed inside a desktop session.  No more having to switch back and forth between a desktop session and local apps when working on multiple things.  This feature also allows for local hardware to be utilized for things like GoToMeeting HD Faces, audio, etc. 

Features mentioned above will vary by which edition of XenDesktop you are licensed for.  Check the XenDesktop 7 feature matrix for this information.


XenApp 6.5 will have feature pack 2 released bringing some of the HDX features in XenDesktop 7 to XenApp environments.  HDX features such as the mobile enhancements, 3d pro and OpenGL, Lync 2013 optimization pack, upload/download performance, and Local App access will be available to XenApp 6.5 deployments with feature pack 2.  Full support for XenApp 6.5 on Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 virtual machines running on Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V along with System Center 2012 support will also come in feature pack 2.

XenApp Platinum customers will get an entitlement to AppDNA.  The AppDNA entitlement will include analyzing applications giving a green, yellow, or red result for the application compatibility along with the effort calculator.  The remediation information for yellow or red results will require AppDNA licensing not including with XenApp platinum.


XenClient Enterprise is getting new release with Project Thunder.  Project Thunder will bring enhancements to the XenClient Synchronizer, interoperability with other Citrix products, and expanded hardware capability.  Project Thunder is available for download today.

Desktop Player for Mac was announced bringing XenClient to Mac.  Desktop Player for Mac will allow delivery of Windows desktops to Mac OSX Mountain Lion MacBook Pros and Airs.  This is a type 2 hypervisor that installs a player on top of an existing OSX operating system.  Desktop Player for Mac will allow for the same XenClient controls through the Synchronizer for corporate owned and BYO MacBook Pro and Air laptops.  Desktop Player for Mac will be a separate license and not included in XenDesktop Enterprise/Platinum or XenClient Enterprise.  Hopefully Citrix removes the separate license for this along with bringing a Desktop Player to Windows or integrating with Hyper-V on Windows 8.

Wrap Up

As you can see from the information above Citrix had plenty of exciting announcements at Synergy this year.  Citrix is focusing on mobility and empowering mobile workstyles for any user, on any device, from anywhere.  Three product suites can get you the full mobility solution -- XenMobile Enterprise, NetScaler Platinum, and XenDesktop Platinum with integration between each other.  The combination of the three solutions will empower you to mobilize your workforce while still having control of devices, applications, and/or data whether they are corporate owned or BYO devices.  If you look at products from other vendors, it would take several vendors products to deliver what Citrix can with XenMobile, NetScaler, and XenDesktop. 

About Jarian Gibson

Jarian Gibson is a Virtualization Practice Manager for Choice Solutions focused on application and desktop virtualization technologies based out of the Kansas City area.  He works with his team architecting and deploying solutions throughout the US central region.  With more than 15 years of experience in the IT industry, Jarian has worked on numerous assessment, design, and implementation projects for application and desktop virtualization and delivery.  Jarian is an active contributor in the Citrix Support Forums, the Citrix IRC channel, ITVCE community blog, and has his own blog at jariangibson.com.  Jarian has presented at BriForum and Citrix Synergy along with contributing to the Desktop Virtualization Deployment Insights eBook published by Citrix.

Jarian's Blog:

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Choice Solutions:

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Tip of the Week

This week's tip comes from reader Bruce Millar who shares some tech support experience that might help those who support users whose PCs are running various versions of Windows:

Mitch, the Control panels can be easy to access. I have no experience with win 8 but I have found that making a folder full of shortcuts to the control panel programs is a useful way to get things done in a hurry.

Go to the C-Drive and search for *.cpl and sort by location. Select all the ones in the system folder and right click - create shortcut. Create a folder on the desktop for them and holding CTRL click on each til all are selected and drag to the folder.

Clicking on each one you can change the names on the shortcuts, to Bluetooth from bthprops.cpl for instance, so it is easier to remember what they do.  This makes it quick to access by a few clicks or taps.

When I was doing tech support by phone the one that got the most awesome response from people was instructing a right handed customer how to make a shortcut on the desktop to main.cpl. When the left handed person in the house had changed the left right button mode it always seemed to infuriate the 'righty'. A couple of click on the shortcut opened the mouse control panel and two clicks got the buttons changed back.

Inetcpl.cpl  and appwiz.cpl are my most frequently used shortcuts to activate internet options and add remove programs.

I sincerely hope Microsoft never does away with mouse and keyboard since a touch screen would be impossible or very difficult for a handicapped person such as a Thalidomide survivor or such to use in most cases. The freedom of access that computers has given these people is phenomenal and I would hate to see it compromised. Anything that makes it necessary to add another level of outside support or more expensive work by a tech to allow them to use their computer is adding unfair expense to their lives.

I forgot to include the suggestion to select the .cpl's in the system folder since in win 7 they appear many times. In win 7 you can invoke them by clicking start - run - enter cmd and type in the cpl you want. In XP and earlier you just had to start - run  and type it in.

Recommended for Learning

Here's a quick announcement from the Microsoft Virtual Academy:

Jump Start July 18: Getting Started with PowerShell 3.0

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Quote of the Week

"To think is easy. To act is hard. But the hardest thing in the world is to act in accordance with your thinking." -- Johann von Goethe

Kinda makes you think, doesn't it?

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