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Cloud, outsourcing, and the IT industry

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Editor's Corner

This week's newsletter is all about the cloud with a guest editorial by Ratish Nair, a Microsoft MVP for Exchange Server since 2010. Why about the cloud? Because in the reader survey we conducted last October, we discovered that cloud computing was the number one topic our readers were interested in hearing more about. You want it, you got it.

It's nice to get your wishes granted, right? Of course as this Dilbert comic shows, wishes can sometimes mean different things for different people:

And now on to our guest editorial by Ratish Nair...

Cloud, outsourcing, and the IT industry

There has been an increased adoption rate of Cloud by enterprises. Businesses are moving towards a service centric organization with Cloud by capitalizing on its unique capabilities like agility, on-demand scalability and cost. In a recent study conducted by leading research firm McKinsey & Company titled "Disruptive technologies: Advances that will transform life, business, and the global economy", cloud is touted to be an influential technology making an economic impact between $1.7 trillion to $6.2 trillion annually by 2025, out which 85% revenue will come directly from cloud service delivery and the rest from increased productivity resulting from Cloud. Read the report here:

The paradigm shift for IT operating model

The mantra today is "Do More With Less". While enterprises are enjoying the unprecedented benefits that Cloud offers, they are also realizing that IT is undergoing a paradigm shift demanding a new Cloud Operating IT Model.

Gone are the times when outsourcing used to be the "in-thing" and offshore deals meant less labor cost. Emerging markets capitalized on technical skills and boomed at a rapid rate. With cloud, it is highly likely that outsourcing may indeed become obsolete.

The traditional IT operating model has been to own and operate massive datacenters internally. The major functions of system development, administration and support were off-shored to increase revenue margins. With cloud, the model is more towards a service oriented set-up encompassing increased automation, compliance, business reengineering, workflows and management. The cloud transforms an organization's IT department from a "cost center to a profit center" by bringing on table a more scientific approach for IT spend. What also is highly evident is that organizations will undergo the inevitable shift towards a decentralized operating model where cloud will rule.

The primary objective of organizations to embrace Cloud is to reduce CAPEX and OPEX along with quicker time-to-market capability. An organization can typically achieve this in the initial phases through virtualization, on-demand scalability and finally by transferring the maintenance (support, upgrades, and licenses) of the cloud environment to a cloud service provider to reduce underutilization.

Gen Y

In McKinsey's study mentioned above, it is found that the present internet users will grow from 2.5 billion to 5 billion by 2025. This indicates the amount of digitization that is happening presently directly increasing the IT market for workload and optimization. It is a testimony to the digital enterprise that end users and customers look forward to add more value. IT Workforce are using more and more mobile devices, smartphones, work from home flexibility, Bring your own device (BYOD) desiring personalized and seamless user experience through sophisticated technology. Extending, integrating and modernizing infrastructure at the same time is a big ask for any organization. The next generation IT seems much more inclined on automation, sustainability and mobility.

Cloud will indeed pave the wave for rethinking our working styles. The next point of focus for an organization is to consider the requirement for more employees to work on the powerful technologies?

Cloud and the New IT Roles

Cloud is as complex as it can get, it's panoply of technologies with multiple cloud vendors and service providers. Few decades ago workforce in the developed countries feared the outsourcing phenomenon. With Cloud, organizations can now do the same geographically functioning anywhere. Cloud is empowering organizations to garner increased capabilities. It is also transforming the skills that will be required to be in the IT Workforce. The service providers with traditional skills will indeed be endangered species as organizations have realized cloud requires skills towards integration and management of infrastructure and application holistically. Not only are organizations undergoing a dramatic change but traditional roles too. Roles like system admin, network engineer no longer are enough to sustain in the cloud world. Dynamic roles like data scientists, cloud admin, cloud developers, cloud architect, cloud infrastructure managers are gaining momentum. To be able to seize opportunities employees will have to be multi-skilled. While enterprises are embarking on their cloud journeys, employees too will have to do towards skills across systems, networks and storage in addition to their traditional expertise. In short, cloud demands a blend of traditional IT skills with cloud based delivery model.

To Conclude

While the sophistication and proliferation of cloud services will indeed make enterprises rise to amazing heights, they will all together demand unique skill sets with a hybrid and holistic approach for employment opportunities in IT. Cloud fuels sustained growth beyond costs and agility fostering great opportunities for innovation. Leveraging cloud's full potential depends directly proportional to the workforce capabilities an organization has. Cloud's automation capabilities will result in less manual efforts resulting in more elastic resources with easier consumption. With easier consumption, the demand for cloud supported services will boom rapidly. Cloud jobs with specific skills will be more where only the fittest can survive.

About Ratish Nair

Ratish Nair is a Microsoft MVP for Exchange Server since 2010. He is an active blogger on Exchange server related articles and tutorials.

Find out more about Ratish at MSExchangeGuru.com:

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Tip of the Week

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Issue #941 Security Auditing had a tip from reader Quentin Gurney on how to clean up device manager after a P2V Migration. By mistake I left out a step from Quentin's explanation, but another reader named Antonio noticed the omission and sent us the missing step which we included in the Mailbag section of Issue #943 Rapid Release. And now another reader named Ben has contacted us with an alternative way of performing the missed step:

Thanks for all of the great newsletters. For people that are lazy or can't type (like me), Microsoft has a FixIt that shows the disconnected hidden devices. Just download the MSI on this page, throw it on a share, and double click it whenever you need it:

Device Manager does not display devices that are not connected to the Windows XP-based computer

Microsoft Fix it 50606

Recommended for Learning

Here's another announcement from the Microsoft Virtual Academy.

September 13: Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Jump Start

If you're familiar with database fundamentals and have worked with SQL Server, this free, live online Jump Start will help you take your skills to the next level, and can help prepare you for Microsoft Certification Exam 70-461. You'll learn about data manipulation and how to alter tables, and you'll see it all in action in the demos presented by the experts: Brian Alderman, CEO and Founder of MicroTechPoint, and Tobias Ternstrom, Microsoft Program Manager in the SQL Server division. Register here:

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"The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up." - Paul Valery

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Tech Briefing

This section is organized topically by platform/product and provides you with links to tips, tools, information and other resources that can help you in your job role whether you're an IT professional or an IT decision-maker.  

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Other cloud computing

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Other stuff

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We'd like to thank the following individuals for contributing items for this section from time to time:


Windows Server News

If IT had a hammer: Choosing among IaaS, PaaS and SaaS

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The very best pickpocket in the entire world: Apollo Robbins - The Gentleman Thief.

A compilation of some incredible lucky or alert people - pedestrians, drivers, motorcyclists, golfers, skiers, pilots and animals.

An excellent tutorial from the 1930's on the principles and development of the 'differential gear'- an essential part of your car:

And here's one from a reader named Mark about a camera that sees like the human eye:


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