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Midsummer link blowout

  1. Editor's Corner
    • Turn off that smartphone if you want to save your eyesight!
    • Microsoft lottery payola
    • The end of privacy (at least in Europe)
    • JAaaS (Just-Another-as-a-Service) offering from HP
    • Can I have your attention NOW?
    • Will Java EE survive?
    • The evolution of Windows Management
    • Apple wants us all to buy new earbuds
    • Quake still rules!
    • So much for going where no man has gone before...
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    • Recommended for Learning
    • Microsoft Virtual Academy
    • Quote of the Week
  2. Admin Toolbox
    • Admin Tools We Think You Shouldn't Be Without
  3. This Week's Tips
    • Microsoft Word - Where did those funny e's come from?
    • Windows - Uninstall Flash Player
    • Windows - Storing backup files in a standalone VHD
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  5. Tech Briefing
    • Azure
    • Certification
    • Enterprise IT
    • Hyper-V
    • Security
  6. Recommended TechGenix Articles
    • Recommended articles from websites in TechGenix Network
  7. Other Articles of Interest
    • Establishing Network Security Groups For The Cloud
    • Changes to software licensing models may put buyers at risk
    • "Peak VMware" leads to decrease in demand for VMware skills
    • How VDI seems like the perfect fit for single sign-on technology
  8. WServerNews FAVE Links
    • DIY Mannned Multicopter
    • Magician Blake Vogt Rips and Eats the Judges' Money
    • Volley Ball Dog
    • 'The Clairvoyants
  9. WServerNews - Product of the Week
    • One Solution To Monitor Your Entire Network

Editor's Corner

This week your Editors are on vacation so this week's issue of WServerNews is just going to be a mixed bag of links to various articles and news item's we've been tracking for the last few weeks. We also have some tips, tools and other stuff to keep you from getting bored as you sit on the beach sipping whatever it is you like to enjoy during the summertime...
Speaking of summer vacations, this Dilbert comic strip from only two years ago seems already dated in a cloud-connected world where IT pros have their smartphones chained to their wrists:


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Turn off that smartphone if you want to save your eyesight!

From EuroNews.com comes this real eye-opener:
Too much smartphone in bed could make you go blind:


Microsoft lottery payola

From The Guardian newspaper for anyone who knows a lawyer:
Microsoft pays out $10,000 for automatic Windows 10 installation


The end of privacy (at least in Europe)

From The Verge comes this story about Facebook's latest win in its efforts to conquer (or at least track) the whole world:
Facebook wins Belgian privacy case over tracking logged-out users



JAaaS (Just-Another-as-a-Service) offering from HP

From eWeek comes this story of HP's latest idea on how to keep the revenue flowing in in a predictable way:
HP Rolls Out Device-as-a-Service for PCs, Printers


Can I have your attention NOW?

From Microsoft Support comes this Knowledge Base article that explains why your Windows 7 or 8.1 computer has suddenly SHOUTED at you:

Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 SP1 end of free upgrade offer notification


Will Java EE survive?

This article from Ars Technical may be of interest to all who love (or hate) Java:
How Oracle's business as usual is threatening to kill Java



The evolution of Windows Management

Check out this WindowsNetworking.com interview I did recently with a well-known System Center expert concerning the past, present and future direction of managing enterprise Windows-based networks:
INTERVIEW: Evolution of Win Mgmt


Apple wants us all to buy new earbuds

This article on The Verge appears to be geared to raise some heat towards Apple, but I have to admit their arguments seem pretty sound to me:
Taking the headphone jack off phones is user-hostile and stupid


Quake still rules!

From Paul Thurrott's website for all you gamers out there (and what IT pro isn't a gamer?):
20 Years Later, We Still Game in the Shadow of Quake


So much for going where no man has gone before...

Finally, from the non-IT but still nerdy department, comes an interesting article from The Washington Post. I loved watching Star Trek the original series as a kid. But this article suggests that exploring the frontiers of space might not be so easy for us humans:
The mysterious syndrome impairing astronauts' sight


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Recommended for Learning

Are you planning on pursuing an IT certification? Check out the books, ebooks, video training, simulators and practice tests available from Pearson IT Certification:


Microsoft Virtual Academy

Securing Privileged Access

How can securing privileged access help your IT Admins protect the enterprise against attacks on privileged accounts and hosts? Find out with a step-by-step roadmap, in this short but extremely helpful course, complete with practical tips and prescriptive guidance based on proven, real-world experience from Microsoft Incident Response teams.  Watch here.


 Quote of the Week

Extended warranty? How could I lose? - Homer Simpson

Until next week,
Mitch Tulloch

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Admin Toolbox

Admin Tools We Think You Shouldn't Be Without

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With PRTG Network Monitor you only need one solution to monitor your entire network including applications, software, hardware, cloud & virtual environments. Simplify your monitoring now with PRTG.


Microsoft Junk E-mail Reporting Add-in for Microsoft Outlook lets you easily report misclassified e-mail to Microsoft and its affiliates for analysis to help us improve the effectiveness of our e-mail protection technologies:


This Outlook 2013 add-in adds extended appointment calendar to see events for several upcoming days, and enhanced new email notification system to delete/flag incoming emails:

Excel Code Documentor automatically documents the vital statistics of your VBA project:


This Week's Tips

GOT TIPS you'd like to share with other readers? Email us at [email protected]

Microsoft Word - Where did those funny e's come from?

This actually happened to me recently. I was typing something in Microsoft Word recently and suddenly whenever I typed an apostrophe it displayed as the letter "e" with acute accent over it. Argh!
Fortunately some quick searching turned up the following helpful thread in the Microsoft Answers forums:

My apostrophes turn into e's! WHY!?


The fix described in this thread worked. I initially thought my keyboard had gone bonkers and might need to be replaced!

Windows - Uninstall Flash Player

Hate seeing Flash ads in your web browser on your Windows computer? Try uninstalling Flash Player as described on this page of Adobe's Help site:


Windows - Storing backup files in a standalone VHD

Joseph Yedid has an interesting article on myITforum where he explains in detail how he created a standalone VHD in Windows 8 to store backups of his files before he tried upgrading his machine to Windows 10:


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Tech Briefing


Export Azure resource group template (Peter Drougge)


How to Use Azure MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) (CloudComputingAdmin.com)



INTERVIEW: Directions in IT Training (WindowsNetworking.com)


Announcing the Microsoft Professional Degree (MPD) Program (Born To Learn)


Enterprise IT

Product Review: Vembu Backup 3.5.0 (VirtualizationAdmin.com)


Deploying Group Policy Security Update MS16-072 \ KB3163622 (Ask the Directory Services Team)



Docker and Containers (Part 5) - Implementing Hyper-V Containers (VirtualizationAdmin.com)


How to Setup Android 5.1 RC1 on Hyper-V (myITforum)



How SIEM Software Can Enforce an Information Security Policy (WindowsSecurity.com)


Security challenges presented by microservices (WindowsSecurity.com)


Recommended TechGenix Articles

Application security redux: It’s All about the Apps (Part 7)


Deep Dive Into Office 365 PowerShell Cmdlets (Part 5)


Exchange Server 2016 and Microsoft Cloud (Part 7)


Configure VPN in Windows Server 2012 R2


Other Articles of Interest

Establishing Network Security Groups For The Cloud

Network security groups control the lines of communication between network traffic and cloud instances. How do I set them up in AWS or Azure? Senior storage and cloud computing consultant, Jim O’Reilly, explains:


Changes to software licensing models may put buyers at risk

“With the advent of virtualization, major software vendors are moving away from the per CPU licensing model toward the core licensing or per user model.” In this complimentary whitepaper, find out the major changes to software licensing models and why many vendors are migrating to a per user model.


"Peak VMware" leads to decrease in demand for VMware skills

The decline in vSphere revenue has many VMware specialists re-evaluating their future and turning their attention to up-and-coming technologies. Discover why VMware may have peaked and is now in a “state of decline”, and why you’re better off planning ahead so that the decline doesn’t affect your prospects.


How VDI seems like the perfect fit for single sign-on technology

As more VDI shops deliver virtual desktops separately from applications, single sign-on provides a way for IT to reduce users' burdens when it comes to multiple logins and remembering passwords. Click below to find out some of the other benefits of single sign-on.


WServerNews FAVE Links

This Week's Links We Like. Tips, Hints And Fun Stuff

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DIY Mannned Multicopter

First successful test flight of an amazing do-it-yourself manned multi-copter built by a DIY enthusiast in Sweden:


Magician Blake Vogt Rips and Eats the Judges' Money

Master magician Blake Vogt amazes the judges and audience of America's Got Talent with a magic trick that has never been done before in the history of magic:


Volley Ball Dog

This dog is awesome!  Look at him...  He did not miss the ball one single time!


'The Clairvoyants

The Austrian duo 'The Clairvoyants' impress the judges and audience of America's Got Talent with their amazing performance:


WServerNews - Product of the Week


WServerNews - Editors

Mitch Tulloch is Senior Editor of WServerNews and is a widely recognized expert on Windows administration, deployment and virtualization. Mitch was lead author of the bestselling Windows 7 Resource Kit and has been author or series editor for almost fifty books mostly published by Microsoft Press. Mitch is also a ten-time recipient of Microsoft's Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award for his  outstanding contributions in support of the global IT pro community. Mitch owns and runs an information technology content development business based in Winnipeg, Canada. For more information see www.mtit.com.

Ingrid Tulloch is Associate Editor of WServerNews and was co-author of the Microsoft Encyclopedia of Networking from Microsoft Press. Ingrid is also manages research and marketing for our content development business and has co-developed university-level courses in Information Security Management for a Masters of Business Administration program.